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  1. Evan, please don't try that with platinum! In High School, I poured part of a beaker of 30% hydrogen peroxide down a lab sink that had a bit of platinum from a test rod in the trap. The explosion blew the trap to pieces.
  2. Oxalic acid is pretty safe to use so long as you don't ingest it or use it in very hot water. If you get 30% hydrogen peroxide on any platinum (like a wedding ring) it will explode into steam. The Budwiser car that broke the sound barrier was basically an engine that sprayed hydrogen peroxide through a platinum nozzle. The explosive steam reaction turned it into a rocket with wheels!
  3. The cost of university in America is completely off the charts these days due to decades and decades of tuition raises that were many times the rate of inflation. It has been an exponential growth. Unless they are from a rich family, I couldn't advise anyone to attend one. I know people who graduated 20 years ago and are still paying off their student loans. Post secondary education in the US needs radical change. This is a real peeve of mine. OK, off the soapbox now.
  4. I bought one of those new Chinese ones that began appearing on ebay about a year ago. Similar to the Stewmac ones but quite a bit smaller. They run about 40 bucks without a motor but you can also buy them with a motor for about 70. My teacher used it to demonstrate and she liked it very well. She uses the foredom with the expensive attachment. I will grind down the corners before my next use but that won't be a problem because they are brass. As it, those corners dig in a bit on a high arch violin when doing a c bout. I also bought some 1.3mm carbide bits from China at about a buck each and they work every bit as well as the expensive bit from IV. You just have to make sure the flutes are such that they life the wood out of the channel, forget the exact terminology on this.
  5. yancypup

    F hole saw

    I first bought a 12" Eclipse fret saw from Amazon and it was horrible. The clamps on the saw would not grip a blade well (they were actually painted black) and the thumbscrew stripped out on my second use. I finally got a used Sanvik on ebay that's actually decent. I was a jeweler and am used to fine quality German jewelers saws which can't be beat in my opinion. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a German saw with a 12" throat.
  6. I was taught to dry fit everything first and leave it in place. I use thinned down titebond 3 with a glue injector. I begin by prying up one edge about halfway down, applying glue, hammer in and keep going in the same direction around the violin. I've only made three violins so far but this works well for me. I put a wet paper towel down on the purfling before I hammer it in to keep glue from squirting out on other parts of the violin and use wet paper towels to completely clean off any excess glue.
  7. Dave, I've heard people mention creep when using tightbond and similar glues but I don't know what it means. Do the glued parts actually move in relation to each other? If so, how much?
  8. I know they aren't expensive but D'Adderio (sp) Pro Arte are dark sounding strings for me.
  9. I have the Chinese planes and they work OK. You will need toothed blades (the ibex blades will fit) for the maple. I also bought a couple of ibex planes and they are a bit better. No matter which planes you buy, prepare to shape the blades to a more round profile. I also shape the bodies with a file followed up by buffing on a wheel with either bobbing compound or green rouge. One of the Ibexs I bought was the 8mm with just a straight blade used strictly for grooving the purfling. I reworked the plane body to make it rounder from side to side and from front to back. The Chinese all brass 8mm planes could also be reworked that way but you'll have to take off much more material. The ibex already has much of the shape I needed. Hope this helps.
  10. I think KNO3 would make the wood much more flammable. Soaking paper in it is one way to make flash paper.
  11. I would never go into a shop that would have me as a customer.
  12. There are people out there making violins out of cigar boxes. Of course, the Cuban boxes sound the best.
  13. Marty, I believe with gamma ray treatment you run the risk of the violin turning green and morphing into a bass from time to time (when it is pissed).
  14. I have to wonder. The masters used the most advanced technology of the age they lived in. Would they not have done the same had they lived today? So much has been lost in history as time has gone on. New technology (and Chemistry) has superseded old technology. Trying to duplicate a varnish with materials and methods that haven't been around for a couple of centuries is daunting. Wouldn't it be better to develop the best varnish using today's technology? Just thinking.
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