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  1. You can easily beat Strads in one category: bang for the buck (or just price).
  2. I have just tried this. Indeed it is tricky. If the tempo is very slow and bow changes are not allowed, it's nearly unplayable. Before you try to play both notes, first check how fast your bow needs to be to make the harmonic sound right. Then practice playing on the G string with the same bow speed close to the bridge. You'll probably need a lot of bow weight for this. Once you can get the G to sound properly, add the harmonic as well. You should have a decent sound on both notes. EDIT: The dynamic marking must be ignored.
  3. It is a well-known trick by organists to simulate very low notes by combining certain stops.
  4. I can easily generate some files with and without a high pass filter set at 200Hz. Give me some time.
  5. I thought the G string fundamental is too low for the violin box and what you hear as the G fundamental is a combination for the lower overtones.
  6. Where can one buy Amber Forte E in North America?
  7. "The sum is greater than the parts."
  8. Many times "yes". Otherwise, it's very hard on the fingers.
  9. With so many outstanding modern instruments, there will probably be no need for Strads two hundred years from now.
  10. The La Stravaganza looks like a three-piece back. The La Primavera looks definitely one piece. Three-piece backs with two small pieces on the wings are actually not that unusual.
  11. Tartini Corelli Vieuxtemps Rode Kreutzer Dont Dancla Wienawski
  12. I didn't like the Karneols I had. I have also tried Amber and Brilliant. I can only say that the Amber E is great. Somehow, Warchal strings have a metallic sound for a long time before they start to sound natural. One good thing about Dominants is that they are low tension. But I prefer Vision Solo. Cantiga and Kaplan Amo have sounded great on my violin. Cantiga is cheap and does last forever, unlike Dominant.
  13. Indeed, my FBs have a little bit of scoop on the sides.
  14. If it sounds like a Strad, who cares how the arching looks.
  15. One can always start with making a fractional cello first. If it doesn't fall apart, at least it can be used by a child.
  16. How do brass instruments manage to sound so loud? Efficient energy conversion?
  17. The process of carving and setting the neck is a pain in the neck.
  18. Gowan beat me to it. I would also suggest making a viola first. Even though there is more wood to carve, there is a much wider range for what is considered acceptable. So if you make a mistake, there could still be a chance to alter your plan and say it was by design.
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