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  1. That does look very nice. Well done
  2. Thank you for all your suggestion. Sorry not to have done so before now. I didn't have the space in the garden for luxury of North light but managed to get 2 East facing and 1 south with views into our small garden which is nice. The plugs are many in each corner and at worktop height, timber frame construction with 70-100mm board insulation. I've been using an electric oil radiator to heat it and it's barely cost a thing over the last winter, result! I'd a loved a meditation corner, we all need that. Having worked in the space and getting use to it I'm about ready to start adapting it with extractors in the attached shed and so on. Cork floor sounds like a good call as it's a bit rumbly in there wheeling my chair about. Love the varnish jig Don Noon! Anyhow the workshops still a work in progress!
  3. Lovely looking work Neil. Which Del Gesu have you been basing it on?
  4. Hello all Violin makers Im new to this forum stuff so bare with me. I am soon to be building a new outside workshop approximately 3.5 x 4 meters in the back garden due to having enough of it being in the house. I would be interested to hear from anyone that has done similar and would be happy to share anything from your experience of having done so, what you felt worked and what you feel could have been better. I am keen to know how to maximize a reduction of dust especially for when it gets round to varnishing. Weather or not to somehow put in a separated perspex box in the corner that can be sealed from day to day workings Edward www.edwardgautviolins.co.uk