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  1. Knife #2, the left beveled Hock 1/2”. I had a left-over hunk of maple from a broken neck set, and...yes...I did read Moby Dick shortly before carving this. (See second picture.) This knife might prove a bit girthy, but I’ll try it as is for a while.
  2. Hock knives arrived. Starting shaping, with a lot of girth yet to remove. Top is Padauk and Ash, bottom block is Birdseye maple and Cherry. Thanks to whoever made their knives with adjustment holes. I”ve borrowed your idea.
  3. Ugh... my response time is pathetic. Thank you all. I read these, back in 2015, and purchased one Ibex, convex bottom, 1/2”. It was a workhorse and while I probably add the toothed blade, I got by. Completed #1 in September 2015. I really could use one smaller ibex for tight spots. Also got a lie Nielsen block plane, and (even as a general woodworker) I don’t know how I lived without it.
  4. Lighting is fine. To me the focus issues seem to be lack of focus, rathwr than motion blur. Check your autofocus function, or manually focus on what you want. That said, more light would give deeper field, so focus would be less critical/dramatic. Beautiful work where it counts: the instruments. :-)
  5. Apparently the violin bug isn’t leaving me, and the community on this forum was invaluable in my completing my #1: A knockoff of the Stradivarius Messie, which I lovingly called the “Schneidervarius Messy” in my signature self-deprecating megalomania. Here are 200+ photos of making #1. I built this without all possible tools, manufacturing a few custom instruments to fit in where I could not justify the exorbitant expense for something I might use once. However, heading into #2 soon (no model picked) I am first filling in some gaps in my tools, buying left and right beveled Hock 1/2” blades. I’ll make my own handles and post results here. In the meantime, as I grow into my amateur/hobbyist luthiery, I hope to learn more from all of you, and I hope something I post here will provide value to someone else. (I built a guitar a while back; have not embarked on #2 violin as I’ve been building jewelry boxes, cribbage boards, and writing a memoir — the bench photo attests to all of that, except the memoir.) In preparation for my knife handles, I replaced the exploding plastic handle on our pizza cutter. More elegance will be applied to a violin knife. ;-)
  6. I built my first at age 48. Had some woodworking background, but I quickly discovered I knw nothing about the meaning of “sharp.” Definitely perfect your tool sharpening. I followed models for the “Messie” Strad, in the book “The Art of Violin Making” and at http://www.makingtheviolin.com/ Interestingly, I had to work through conflicting information (or misreading on my part) which forced me to think. That’s good learning right there. As it was a first, I left some things less than perfect not knowing if the final instrument would even function. But it came out fairly nice, with “surprisingly good tone” (per a local master violin maker who generously played the instrument and critiqued my work.) He also said it was “rustic” and “consistent with folk art,” so you can’t win ‘em all. 200+ photos of the process here... I’m excited to do another!
  7. Slowly filling in the gaps in my woodworking tools, to attempt my first violin. I'd like to get a single (maybe two) finger planes for arching, and even if not ideal they would be "sufficient." What are your recommendations for the one or two arching finger planes I cannot/should not live without? If all goes well, I'll add more during violin two... Thanks.
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