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  1. We call the plane with the carving the Sphynx. It is supposed to blow the shavings out but dad works too fast and she gets winded easily. The brass planes started as a solid piece that were milled out. The newest one on the far right was brazed.
  2. As promised, I took some pictures of the planes my dad has made. They are also posted with descriptions on his facebook page. But most importantly, notice how tiny the throat is on the planes.
  3. From what I've learned about baroque bows is that there is no standard. Some bows have no camber, some do. Some are heavier, some are lighter. I highly recommend going somewhere to try some baroque bows so you have an idea of what will benefit you the most. As for anyone buying bows or instruments on eBay... Don't buy it unless you're willing to throw your money away. It might end up being a great find, or it might end up being a complete waste of money. Our policy is "Can't touch it, won't buy it." same goes for giving opinions or recommendations.
  4. According to Strad Magazine's facebook post it will be out January 2015. I watched an incredibly insightful talk about Paganini and the different bows he used and why he used them and the music that was written for each type. It talked about his history, life, inspirations etc. I will try to find it and post a link.
  5. Those are some beautiful pieces of bark. I would recommend someone that does knife handles or gun grips, that is the stuff they drool over. Especially that blue piece right on top to the left.
  6. I'll get my dad to get all of the planes he's made together and post some new pictures tomorrow... Tool Porn... Safe for Work! Promise...
  7. Are you a member of the Violin Society of America? The VSA is starting up a New Professionals group and the focus is in educating, providing training opportunities, mentoring and most importantly listening to the needs of our members and figuring out how to meet them. I will most certainly make a note about this and see what we can do to try and meet this need, although, there are definitely some thoughts/talks already in the works. Have you seen http://www.markneukirchenbook.com/ it is great for German instruments, and very reasonably priced!
  8. I highly recommend lots of nice large north facing windows. Lots of natural light really helps with evaluating color and seeing curves and cracks that may hide in the shadows of artificial light. But then again my family is very traditional with our making, we could easily make our bows without electricity.
  9. Great-Grandma's cello is supposed to be finished some time in May. The only damage prior to it going to the school was from the trolley car. It is a really shame that something like that could happen. Students, parents, teachers... all responsible for the damage. I will make a special post when it's done, I doubt this thread will still be going by then. Not exactly a cheap repair either.
  10. My dad posted pictures of the making process on his facebook page, it was a few months ago but it is in the photos on his page. I believe he just used semi hardened steel from the hardware store. The infill wood is ebony. http://www.facebook.com/RodneyDMohr/
  11. My favorite instrument is my Great-Grandmother's cello. Even in it's current state, because it was hers. Why is it in such bad shape you may ask, well we rescued it from the high school it was loaned to after her death. I'm thoroughly disgusted by the way it was treated... But our good friend Greg Sapp is restoring it for us and the whole family (my grandmother, great uncle, second cousins and of course my dad and myself) are so excited to see it put back to the condition it was when she was playing it. The cello has some history in it's own right, it is the only known cello by C.S. Buc
  12. My dad actually has that plane. He got it as a gift from my mom for Christmas or something. It's cute and more for show, it's not usable for fine bowmaking. I'm sure you could use it if you really wanted to buuuut not sure how bad it really is. My dad it make a new small plane recently, we are talking about making more before his stick making class.
  13. We use the front to back curved bottom for shaving down the facets behind the head. We would use a side to side curved bottom for the sides of the frog.
  14. If you are importing into the US you need to make sure that you have all your Fish and Wildlife import licenses or else your items can be confiscated. For example, you have to have a license if you are importing bows and that have pearl. You could also try and import it them without one but you risk loosing them. I would be careful importing from another country without proper paperwork, and good luck trying to find out what kind and how to get that paperwork. I'm still trying to figure it out so I can import pearl for my bows. Our government doesn't want to make anything easy on us.
  15. I have a similar plane made from aluminum and I Hate it. Hate with a capital H. You can't hone the bottom of the plane (at least you can't with mine, I don't know about yours) and I always seem to gouge the bow with the open corner. All the tools I use my dad has made except for my Stanley #9. We're going to have to make more planes and tools because I keep having to steal my dad's tools.
  16. Hi Ed! Will you be coming to Oberlin again? I'm looking forward to seeing you. Matthew, I'm sure it's called different things in different areas. Just like the a Frog and a Nut... same thing only different. And I've never seen a collar on tinsel/thread or whale bone. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist but it's not standard practice.
  17. I've only done a few collars but have decided that I absolutely love the look of a silver wrap with a black collar. It's just a very sophisticated look.
  18. I would be very careful if you are going to use tape. The adhesive on tape can pull away wood fibers and cause damage to your bow when it's time to remove it. A collar is much, much cheaper than the depreciation your bow would end up with if you were to have a bad experience with tape. We only charge $10 for a collar and it doesn't take long.