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  1. That makes sense but I think the barbs would be most effective on the upbow gravity would assist with the down bow. IMHO I'm just talking out my are. Fan Tao at D'Adarrio (probably spelled that wrong) does a lot of studies on enersia and the strings reaction to different bows or something like that. He would be the best person to ask for real answers. Although it maybe so minute its not audible, but I'd you want to blend every rehair you go right ahead.
  2. We should just learn to be more creative with out cursing such as.... SHhhhatake mushrooms! SON OF A Monkey's uncle! Ffffudge buckets! MOTHER, father! Ppppastrami! Ffffarfegnugen! I think these words can add a lot of interest to the conversation as well.
  3. I saw one of those in the shop in Cleveland! It was cute, it had a field mouse in it and I think the tail was carved into the scroll or something. Is she the only one?
  4. You are right Sunday. That was unfair of me, I assumed that you would treat everyone equally. I felt that by you attacking Rodger's writing style and refusing to read his post because of it that you would have done that to anyone else that posted in that style. Again, I apologize for my assumptions.
  5. Are there any modern makers that paint scenes on their instruments? I thought maybe I saw one withe some filigree painted on it at the last VSA competition.
  6. No, no, no, it was a younger grumpier man that said that. If my dad was on here Sunday would probably say hateful things about his posts because spelling, grammar and punctuation are not his friends.
  7. I was told before I joined that Maestronet was just a bunch of grumpy old men arguing about varnish. I figured it would help me get to know some other people in the business, get some exposure to help with selling bows and it would be nice to make some new friends. Besides, grumpy old men are just down right adorable.
  8. "What is it?" Asked the bowmaker.
  9. We mark it where the top of the knot should be with our pen, pull the comb back through to straighten all the hairs back out, we put the knot around the hair and bend it with a finger and pull the knot tight. It's a lot simpler than it sounds. It's also really easy to tighten the hair if need be (oh how i hate carbon fiber bows, it's like rehairing them twice in order to get the hair the right length because it stretches so much).
  10. For just white hair (unless asked to blend ends) we just tie it straight off the bundle.
  11. We don't use bending sticks in our rehairs... is that a frog to tip thing? For blending we usually just pinch and roll between fingers, split it in half, pinch and roll and split, pinch and roll and split... but it always seems like the black ends up all on the bottom or top. ::Shrug::
  12. Sunday, I understand what you're saying when it comes to the style of how people write. Yes, it can be difficult to read large unbroken blocks of text, especially if you are Dyslexic (which I am, along with 20% of the population.) However, I think what is upsetting everyone is that by your vitriolic criticism of his writing style you in turn devalued Roger's original post and purpose.
  13. You're just saying that because I shave 3/4 of my head! ;-)
  14. Good points Rue. I think everyone has been labeled at one time or another, it's up to us to give them credence. If we ignore them and not let them bother us and not do it ourselves then those comments are discredited. I don't believe that it's helpful to get upset or "wadge war" against a group of people you view as being the perpetrators because if you do you're just as guilty as the original instigators.
  15. One good window is all you need. I recommend something like a picture window. For optimum lighting I suggest north, you will have the most light and you won't have the intense sun rise or set to blind you.
  16. Good catch! You know what, maybe you should sell a Burgette bow with ever Burgess instrument. What do you think? Huh? Huh? **winkwinknudgenudge*
  17. Do you have any more info on the bow/s? There are lots of German bows out there with repairs. If the bow people know what to look for we might be able to locate the thief or viola also.
  18. Thanks Nick! I didn't know you were on here, hope to see you again. Maybe I can make my first bass bow with you.
  19. I'm a new bow maker, actually, I am the first second generation female bow maker in the United States. I did my first rehair last June and made my first bow last November. I have been doing this full time as my career for a little over a year now. I've made 12 bows so far. You can see more of my bows and repairs on my facebook page. Burgette is my son's last name and it is a H&S Hill style bow, I make it and if I get into some trouble my dad will step in and sweeten things up. Most of the time he never has to touch them. This is my latest bow. I just finished it the end of las
  20. Eric! This is a great suggestion for the New Professionals group the VSA has started. This is something we've been considering. As my dad says "It is criminal to die without sharing your knowledge!"
  21. I'm glad you brought this thread forward again. My dad has just started beginner and advanced bowmaking classes, we also teach a rehair class for those who might be interested in learning. Rodney has made over 880 bows, is Hors' Concours with the VSA (meaning he's won gold medals in 3 consecutive competitions), received over 17 certificates, and has been a past judge at the VSA. http://www.rodneymohr.com/bow-making/training/annual-bow-workshops/ I can ask him what books might help with making and which ones to stay away from. I've seen him cringe when certain books are mentioned b
  22. Thanks! My tattoo artist made it for me, it's going to be made permanent in February ;-) Woodland, you could always contact David Warther, he is the one that sells mammoth and tip armor tips. He might buy what you have and resell it. Never hurts to ask.
  23. I recommend a nice wood floor, so if you drop a tool it doesn't break the tool or the floor. And if you have a a chair with wheels at your work bench like we do they make replacement wheels with rubber so it won't mark up your floor.