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  1. Pentabass

    James Carlisle Workshop Film

    Yes. What size is the blade, would you say? I thought for this size bandsaw, and likely resawing, would it not be a wider blade?
  2. Pentabass

    Two Bow Broken Hair Curiosity

    Maybe we have to look further back: Does hair have an easier direction in which it breaks, as it comes from the horse? Could the one bow had the horse hair put on with the tail end to the tip, and the other bow had it attached the other way round??
  3. Pentabass

    300+ year old Spruce

    Thank you for sharing your interesting research. I am trying to get a feel for the graph. To the left and up would be better for sound conduction? Do you use this tool to decide which wood is worth using? Where can I read more about the heat treatments? What about freezing? Here in Canada you can 'freeze-dry' some green wood outside in the winter, but I wonder if that is affecting the wood properties somehow. Pentabass
  4. Pentabass

    The bass book

    My first post on MaestroNet: Thank you, Roger! I have been following the double bass section at to feed my bass building fantasies, but this project of yours, in the form of a nice pdf, has convinced me to register here. Stefan on the prairies.