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  1. Having had a chance to (very briefly) play the Chanot-Chardon and hear it at close range and in a concert hall, I would say it definitely does NOT sound like a 'Normal' Strad. It had a much richer/gutsier sound than most Strad's I've played.
  2. I hope you haven't taken me seriously here...
  3. As I was staring recently at tables of measurements of some rather ‘Nice’ Cremonese instruments, it struck me that the numbers that make up a violin are (or could in theory be) prime. For example: Body length: 353 Upper bout width: 167 Center bout width: 109 Lower bout width: 211 Distance between upper eyes of FFs: 41 Distance of lower lobe of FFs from edge: 13 Mensure: 193 (if you’re Del Gesu), or 197 (if you’re making the ‘Soil’) Width of scroll: 41 Narrowest point of scroll: 11 Length of scroll: 103 Neck length: 13 (cm) Coincidence? I think not! Is it a coincidence that the moon is made of cheese? Is it a coincidence that the Sun is the center of the galaxy, nay, universe?! I think not!
  4. I once dreamed I misplaced 'Le Messie' during a private viewing.....
  5. Really though, when you break down the design of Strad FF's vs. Amati FF's, they're the same thing.
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