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  1. Don't blame him, but me... go head and shot for any one! A great chance to use a little bit my English and learn some technical terms related to luthiery... Bye, Nicola
  2. HI All, I'm a fairly new member of the "family". I'd like to make little "overture" before going to the main point, so that maybe this would be a first introduction also for future posts. My Name is Nicola Monzino and I belong to the 8th generation of a family devoted to music business (manufacturer, sales, editions, cultural heritage, distributions, etc.) since the 1750 and that always has been based in the very heart of Milan, Italy, with his shop and workshop. So many well known Luthiers have worked in our workshop, that it's not easy to list them all, but to name some of the most important: the Antoniazzi Family, the Guadagnini brothers, Ambrogio Sironi, Paolo De Barbieri, Severino Riva, Gennaro Marino, Innocente Rottola, Gennaro Fabbricatore, Giovanni Battista Fabbricatore, Erminio Farina, Luigi Galimberti and Luigi Baioni. To whom would like to know a little more, you can take a look at our Foundation "Antonio Carlo Monzino" website and gather some info there ('> I've actually just enrolled at the Civica Luthier School of Milan, in order to learn this wonderful and touching work from the basic, since we have lost most of our skills as manufactures, due to the fact that we had stopped all kind of productions in the mid '60. My dream is that all this "past" will not be forgotten and lost in just memories... but could reborn from his ashes, to a new life. I own this to my Grandfather, since it "is" his biggest dream. Anyway, not willing to write down my biography now, I'll be more then glad to answer any kind of questions (if able to...), but I'd like to make you all aware of something that I really fell important. During and for the whole duration of the EXPO2105 event in Milan, supervised by our Foundation, it will take place a side event, named "Arti & Mestieri: Le Mani Sapienti" (Arts & Handcrafts: The Skilled Hands) where luthiers coming from allover Italy and abroad, will be doing their usual jobs and be in direct contact with the visitors, explaining what they are doing and why. There will be also live concerts with ancient instruments, seminars and showcases. This will last for the entire EXPO period, thus 6 months (May 1 to October 31). The place where this event will take place is a big old hall (Sala delle Merlate) in the outstanding Sforzesco Castle, in the very heart of Milan. Please, fell free to watch this preliminary video, that shortly explain what we will do and so... if you plan to be somehow in Milan for the big event, don't miss also this one! Best, Nicola
  3. Ok, I will try and do that... maybe I'll ask you some advices on some "technicalities" I should find hard to translate. About sharpening... what's sharpening, by the way?
  4. Ciao Davide, alla fine sono approdato anche qui! As I already said, your videos are so close to a Pro production, that you really should consider to translate them to English, to spread their visibility... maybe I can volunteer and help you in some of the translations. ... In exchange I just would have a chance to have a sharpening training session in your workshop (if this comply with Italian/Regional/Security/Union regulation) Keep up the good work! Ciao! Nicola