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    Hi guys, I did my grade 8 violin exam, AMEB, this year receiving an A. I would like to try do my AMEB AMus next year, however my teacher has never taken anyone for Amus and will not take me. The nearest teacher that will take me is approximately 400km away. I would like to at least be able to find some music and look at the pieces and see how difficult they are. However i dont have the syllabus and hence do not no what is required for Amus. I was wondering if someone could tell me the requirements, I know that there are no scales, how many pieces do you have to play, what is the list of pieces to choose from, do you have to play one baroque one classical one romantic one 20th century, do you have to play a study/etude? etc. I would immensely appreciate it if somebody could help me in this regard. Thanks.