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  1. Germany or French

    Here pictures of the interior
  2. Germany or French

    I never see a Dutzendarbeit violin with this level of antiquity and that seems like French violins.
  3. Germany or French

    Found: Thank you Jacob. Certainly in the hand it looks better than other dutzendarbeit violins. The varnish and workmanship...the work is neatly made.
  4. Germany or French

    Then, if Germany, what workshop could make this one? Like Caussin in France, who was the makers in Germany?
  5. Germany or French

    Amati brothers label...yes.
  6. Germany or French

    I will be pleased to know your opinion about this violin. The options that I managed are Germany or French. Caussin school maybe?
  7. Early Polish violin?

    Mira Glodeanu plays a 'similar' violin. A Marcin Groblicz (Krakow,1604).
  8. JTL Stentor HH

    The violin is 1/4. I am too thought it was 4 4 .... And the letter after the word STENTOR? is a B? in the JTL catalogues there is not Stentor B, only 1,2,3 or 4
  9. JTL Stentor HH

    I am looking for info about this violin. It has a JTL label, and a Stentor one, but it has another round one over that seems HH. What is the mean of this label? And what model of Stentor is; B?
  10. Are we having Old English Bow week?

    Yes, love the stick too. Looks like your frog and stick are originally married... Mine maybe second married, or an older frog to a new stick in mine. Your stick looks older than mine, maybe 1780. What a pitty the lost button.
  11. DODD bow

    Now I understand you, thank you very much.
  12. DODD bow

    How could someone tell this or this one is a John Dodd or only a Dodd family, or only a Dodd workshop bow? The stick resemblance to Tubbs like @Ben Hebbert point. With this kind of bows, British bows, who could tell me exactly if it is or not a bow with surname or only other workshop bow? Is there an expert in this bows like Raffin in French ones?
  13. DODD bow

    Thank you @Blank face but I don't know if I understand you. Do you mean the holes of the stick mortice? Or the hole of the end of the stick? Or the hole of the frog? Or maybe is the worn of the screw hole?
  14. DODD bow

    Finally the bow is repaired... It is an incredible good bow. it weight is only 45g! it meassure 716mm. and the balance point is 255mm from the back (without meassuring the button) Would you use any type of lapping? but I have a question. The back of the frog that is in contact with the stick, when you put tension in the bow, has a lot of space, like you can see in the pictures. My luthier said it is because the screw is inclined to the back. What is the better way to fix this? Filling the hole of the screw and correcting it or changing the screw to a new one? Here you have pictures of the actual condition:
  15. Deformed bow

    The bow is straight and I think it is not too much flexible, it is more stronger. Someone could post pictures of a frog that could match with this bow? Another question I need answer is that When you use an old frog you search for one that fit perfect or could someone adjust the frog to the bow? And how could you do it?