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  1. Then, what is the meaning of this marks in this bow? Is more plausible now to determine the maker or shop?
  2. What is the meaning of this marks? and of the only 1 pin? I found it marks in the pictures of Tarisio on Lamy and Fetique, but not in Ouchard or JTL. this Martin Swan Fetique https://www.martinswanviolins.com/victor-fetique-violin-bow-1920/#images-2 This Tarisio Lamy has the marks and the heel plate in 2 pieces. This Tarisio Fetique has the two part heel plate and the triangular marks. But this pfretzschner in Martin Swan web has the marks too https://www.martinswanviolins.com/hr-pfretzschner-violin-bow-1920/ thank you
  3. It seems the back of the heel plate has 2 pins 1 pin only and the triangles you said. The pins looks silver too because when I clean the heel plate the pin seems to disappear.
  4. I have take better pictures of the heel plate and it seems two pieces and not one. the Parramon shop now has told me that they haven't register of this bows but they know that Parramon bought to different bow makers in France.
  5. I have measured from the ferrule to the button, in the bottom of the frog, and it seems that the fluctuation is minor, from 13,3 to 13,5.
  6. I don't know that under UV light it becomes white. I have tried and in a part, where there is less varnish, it is white, and in other, where the varnish is more red, it seems like the purflling dissapear.
  7. I have the feeling that the purfling is different material in diferent places. Maybe there is a part of whalebone and the rest, being a repair, is made of dyed wood. upper bout back: bottom bout back: central bout back: corner top:
  8. Sorry, here you have. The bow brand is PARRAMON - BARCELONA. My though was that the bow is not made by him and that it could be made in other place and bought by him and rebranded. If someone know more about who was the maker of the Parramon bows.... I think it could was bought from 1940/50
  9. The marks in the head side are, I think, from the bow holder in the case it comes. The mark in the top of the head looks like the marks caused for the hit with the bow in the music stand to make the "applausse" of the orchestra members. are a photographic illusion.
  10. I don't know, I have try with a magnet and all the parts, except the screw and the button, are not magnetics.
  11. Hope this new pictures could help. Thank you Is round. Maybe the lapping too short?
  12. With the violin in my other post came a bow. I show here pictures to see if you could help me. The bow comes with a stamped name but I will reveal it later to not contaminate the answers. Any help is welcome. Thank you.
  13. No idea; I know what I paid and I hope I have not pay more than its value in this condition But I am really interested to know what could it be its value... someone could help us? I am beginning to think that could be something wrong with the fingerboard, I am going to dress the ebony because it has grooves of the old strings on it. If I finally change the neck I will look for someone who could restore it in the best possible way and, maybe because I love to play in baroque, to make the neck and fingerboard to baroque manner.
  14. Is worse and the soundpost has to move too far. That was my last decision. It doesn't compromise the sound and proyection and is easy to play. Is an strange feeling to play with this short string length and I play a lot of instruments like medieval fiddle, pochette, soprano Gambas, etc. And I always had the possibility to adapt my fingers quickly, so I am thinking if there is something wrong with the fingerboard.
  15. And it is how it looks with the bridge in the position where the string length is 329mm.
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