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  1. jandepora

    David Furber

    This time I need informationa about David Furber. Where could I see pictures of his work, information about him and his work and what are the prices of his violins. thank you very much for your help.
  2. jandepora

    Help identify this fine tuner

    It is a Hill model fine tuner.
  3. jandepora

    Violin ID Assistance Please

    I could read : ...en Junio del 1845 Vettori Córdoba, República Argentina
  4. jandepora

    Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Really impressive work. Someone knows and could tell me the height of the strings at the nut ? And the measures of the bridge for a viola d'amore? Thank you
  5. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    Birdseye Maple
  6. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    thank you to all... great help. The instrument is a viola d´amore.
  7. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    And now I find that the other symbol is the Pisces symbol!? And that maybe the two symbols are the Trident (of Neptune) and the pisces symbol
  8. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    it looks like a Z rune (algiz) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algiz The other symbol do not seems a rune symbol It has sense...L.E or L.C... but the little marks, like accents?
  9. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    Is true that this symbol could be made with the chisels and gouge but then it has no sense to tapped it twice and move the second try. It looks like you say but nobody knows the maker or institution or whatever it was that use this brand. The instrument look like a Vogtland from 1920 if it could help.
  10. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    It could be a possibility, has sense. But something like this mark or symbol is in the bridge too.
  11. jandepora

    Brand Id.

    Someone see this brand after and know something about it? The brand is on the button. Any help is welcome. Thank you.
  12. jandepora

    Germany or French

    Here pictures of the interior
  13. jandepora

    Germany or French

    I never see a Dutzendarbeit violin with this level of antiquity and that seems like French violins.
  14. jandepora

    Germany or French

    Found: Thank you Jacob. Certainly in the hand it looks better than other dutzendarbeit violins. The varnish and workmanship...the work is neatly made.