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  1. Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    Mine has germany ghotic letters... Too dust to read. I am thinking that is extrange that it has no label inside. They bought violins finishes and they only stamp over varnish?
  2. Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    This time I hope I make my homeworks. I think this is a Mittenwald violín imported to UK by John Turner mid 19th c. It is fire branded 3 times, 2 in the top where the bridge must be placed, and 1 down the neck near the scroll. And with 2 more fire stamps in the back and in the neck. The scroll has too fire stamped symbols. Inside it is full blocked and lined and it has a piece of paper in the mid of the back joint. The bassbar seams to be too short and more crude work than the rest of the inside work. It has a notch in the one piece botton rib. What is your opinion?
  3. beyond economic repair ?

    I read that maybe Vuillaume worked for Chanot at the time he was maiking this kind of violines.
  4. beyond economic repair ?

    Like mine, and maybe it has too inside, on the top, a pencil inscription like mine. Fait par Maline a Mirecourt 1831 You could try to see with a mirror or a camera.
  5. beyond economic repair ?

    The lost brother of mine! My Maline has a pencil inscripción saying it was made in 1831. Could you see if tour has the same inscription? I had to repair a line in mine and I open the down bout and return to glue it without problem. To glue back the ivory edge I use strings round the body. One parte of the ivory was deformed and I unglue it, soack it in water and glue it back again. I think it is not as dificult as you think. Try not to open all at one time. could you make a picture of the repaired part where the original strings must be inserted? Your looks like it has not varnish under the ebony piece where the strings were placer with the top.
  6. Aireton violín?

    Thank you. Maybe what you say is the more intelligent option. I will let it as it is. Maybe I change the fingerboard with an all ebony baroque like one. I will think in this violín like a transitional one.
  7. Aireton violín?

    If the screw is not original, how could I return it to its original condition? Is the bassbar original or a replacement? Then you think it could be made by AIRETON junior? Then it could be a rare example. Is there any picture of AIRETON junior work? What kind of work did you do to make it as near as the original condition was? And a more dificult answer, how much could it cost in the market today? I do not want to sold it but I want to know how much it is worh.
  8. Aireton violín?

    Maybe this And what it means?
  9. DODD bow

    What must be the normal length of a dodd bow like this? I do not know if the stick has been cut. The screw is too long and the button do not have space for the nipple. This kind of bow has normally nipple? Do you see the stick mortise too big? Is necessary to rework it and make it shorter? Thank you, I want to repair this bow and let it as original as posible.
  10. Aireton violín?

    Then we could say it is an 18 century English violín? Doing better picture of the stamp it looks AIRETON now. Someone has a pictures of an undiscussed AIRETON stamp? Any example of his work? Could the screw be original? And the bassbar? It has a pencil inscription difficult to read, but the first words says something like Repaired by A....
  11. Aireton violín?

    I never see an Aireton stamp. And it looks like W H I ETON. At least the violín looks XVIII c. English?
  12. DODD bow

    Is this an original Dodd bow? Using Jacob Saunders excellent article about english bows I think it could be from 1780 to 1820. What do you think?
  13. Aireton violín?

    I recently acquired this violín, thinking it could be english... But looking in the back I see letters reading something like **RETON. Could it be an Aireton violín? I need your opinions.
  14. Bow Id

    Thank you Martín. Is really a good playing bow. And the wood looks really good. I hoped it was a better brand or style...
  15. Bow Id

    This time I need help with this one. I think mirecourt XIX c. But what style or school? it is bois d´abeille...true? thnak you.