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  1. A reasonable and true point but I think the irritation is with the emphazizing by this new company of its long history, exceptional expertise etc and using quotes from a period long before the present directors were any part of the firm. The analogy of the car industry is very apt but there we find open discussion about the merits of this company or that. When a great car company, indeed an institution like Rolls Royce is 'taken over/merged' there is much discussion in the professional press, Jeremy Clarkson will have his say (sorry Jeffrey, he is another British institution). If a great designer, engineer, leaves a company and is replaced by someone inferior (or better) then that is a matter of open discussion and it is not secret. So the Silver Ghost Rolls Royce was considered the best car in the world, many years later the same company produce a car reviewed as follows below: If this were a violin business being discussed would the 'thread be closed' or would people say do not write this, it might damage the business, surely it is constructive criticism? Certainly the cars they make today have improved. 37. Sbarro Rolls-Royce Camargue Year Introduced: 1980 Why It's Terrible: It took all the class, pomp, and circumstance out of the Rolls, and simply replaced it with disgusting excess and hideous door rails. Franco Sbarro, a Swiss coach builder, transformed this Rolls-Royce Camargue into a hunting car for an Arabian aristocrat. Its considered unholy by anyone with taste. Proof that money can't buy everything.
  2. Dear stradbergonzi, why do you doubt what I am telling you? Here is the proof…. 16 years old! Why not be proud of being such a new company? Why hide who is signing certificates? Why keep Charles Beare’s name on foreign websites when they are removed from the English version? A few of many questions that have still not been answered. J & A BEARE LIMITED 03487761 Registered Address: 30 Queen Anne Street, London, W1G 8HX Accounts Filed up to 2013 Type Private limited with Share Capital Age 16 years (Incorporation date 02/01/1998)
  3. I do not completely agree that there is a definitive correlation between tone and price but I do agree that there is a correlation between what a violin is worth and the certification it bears. As has been stated before and confirming what stradbergonzi implies, an early Hill , a Rembert Wurlitzer, a Charles Beare paper are still the gold standard for expertise and there are other younger experts today who are also making their name. They are not valuablet because the certificate has an intrinsic worth but simply because all other violin experts i.e. their peer group, recognize these experts knew what they were talking about. Many other certificates are useless, misleading, even deceitful. The question is whether a Beare paper signed by another person whether from 1940 or 2014 is worth as much as one signed by Charles Beare, especially if one is not told who signed it, or who is doing the expertise (assuming it is 'out of house' as some people seemingly in the know have asserted) is surely a reasonable topic for debate? Incidentally a check at Companies House will confirm that the present company trading under the name J&A Beare is 16 years old. Started on 02/01/1998. This company is not over 120 years old.
  4. Thought that the wonderful 'Rumour has it....' was slowing down so here is a new one to hopefully provoke a similarly lively discussion. Themes being: Is it ok for a new auction house to be so disparaging about well established ones? Attic rummagers etc Is it ok to claim the best expertise based on a previous expert's reputation as a certificate writer? Are claims of violins being almost 'completely risk free investments' ludicrous? Is anyone impressed with a dealer who can recognise an instrument hanging up in their shop as a Guarneri copy (albeit with a hesitation)? Are comments about Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc musicians '..... excelling at the violin is a way of demonstrating that you've reached the West's level in cultural terms'...offensive and patronising? Jamie at Amati apologised for unrivalled, the Beares advertising uses the identical word. Still no word as to who signs certificates? Please help start a new thread, hopefully as good as the last one on this topic.
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