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  1. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Hot-Sale-Carbon-Fiber-Violin_60739706620.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.0.0.332e6a01KAjdVs Ever see a man tap dance to a carbon fiber violin?
  2. Who in their right mind would ever spend 16,000 US dollars on a Juzek? That's like a retail price times two.
  3. Is the term "dutzendarbeit" used specifically as a term for violins or does it also relate to other mass produced/cottage industry items?
  4. The coffee and dollar was a cheap learning experience, and for that it was probably a bargain. Better blowing a few dollars on crap now than many dollars on crap down the line.
  5. This is one by Helisson Cyrillo, it's pine, but the same style heelplate.
  6. I think I've seen a few. I'll try to find a couple examples. After a second look though I'm pretty sure it's not that old. Another thing to look at is the tip plate which is bone.
  7. I like the buyers return policies and I think it's a fair price if it is indeed silver. Why does he think that it's 100 years old though? It looks like it's contemporary, and also I would typically expect to see Germany stamped to the stick which makes me suspect that it's Brazilian/Chinese.
  8. Jacob has a fairly nice dustbin
  9. Read the Hill Stradivari book. It's a book that most of us have read. It's a little dated, but it gives insight on how one of the largest firms surveyed and researched instruments.
  10. Just because a violin is broke doesn't mean that it's baroque.
  11. JRyn

    Oversized violins

    Because 16 is just such a perfectly round number compared to 407
  12. It's not even french
  13. They look quite obviously like low grade Chinese violins that he orders and finishes, quite poorly, in the white. It's about as Italian as a Juzek is Prague
  14. JRyn

    Oversized violins

    I disagree about the importance of "mensur" because if it was so important, then violists wouldn't be able to play in tune when switching between instruments (maybe there's a viola joke in there that violists can't play in tune regardless ). I think it's as simple as violinists gravitate towards what they are used to when purchasing a violin, and over sized violins don't sound any better nor do they play any easier than smaller violins.
  15. Just a question. Why are people saying that John Juzek wasn't a real violin maker? From what I've read, according to the Juzek family, John Juzek was an actual violin maker, despite the trade name. I do admit, I don't know where one could find a "real" John Juzek. Also, I agree that even the "master art" Juzeks look pretty crap for being their highest grade.
  16. Looks like lower grade french.
  17. Think about that statement. How are instruments at Tarisio "better" and "more authentic?"
  18. Is the saddle height measured from the top of the table or from the base of the saddle? Not talking about horses or bicycles here
  19. Could be fake accounts, but I think it is being underestimated what lengths some Ebay experts are willing to go.
  20. https://www.bromptons.co/news/is-this-the-ex-j-s-bach Could it be?...
  21. Someone paid a lot of money for a Frankenfiddle