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  1. I recently recieved this certificate from the Lanaro workshop and need help translating it to English!
  2. I am curious about the devaluation caused by a couple of repairs. Removing a frog from a bow stick can be quite a delicate job, and those who do it incorrectly risk the eyelet catching the stick and chipping it. A repair I often see on bows is some sort of epoxy filler to cover up this common mistake. It is not the prettiest of fixes, so does it have any affect on bow value? Another common damage I see is that some bows have warped ferrules due to a tight spreader wedge. How severe is this damage? Also what would be the effect of a bushing to a valuation?
  3. JRyn

    Tarisio Certificates

    That seems like quite an expensive certificate
  4. JRyn

    Violin on "The Bay"

    It's a sea of fake labels, overpriced fiddles, and absolute garbage.
  5. JRyn

    Violin on "The Bay"

    Ok, silly me. After a second look i'm going to say it's definately a Schonbach...
  6. My eyes say French, but may just as well be a Schonbach. Any other opinions? http://www.ebay.com/itm/An-Old-Vintage-Violin-/332334008559?hash=item4d60a688ef:g:CPwAAOSwz3lZeLUg
  7. JRyn

    Violin ID

    Well, cheaper Mittenwald it is then. Thanks.
  8. JRyn

    Violin ID

    The typical Markie?
  9. JRyn

    Pitch, Patch, or Potter?

    It's not near the sound post though.
  10. Especially compared to what dealers are selling today...
  11. JRyn

    Best way to remove old rosin residue

    Simple Green worked surprisingly well for me. Kinda left a weird smell, but I was able to clean most of the "burnt sugar" residue off of an old factory instrument. Wasn't able to get all the rosin off, as some of it was absorbed into the varnish. Thanks for the tip nonetheless!
  12. More like Musical Instruments & Gear > String > Orchestral > Violins> Sports Accessories> Violas
  13. JRyn

    What is this??

    I believe it could be a Nicolas Vuillaume. The purfling in the corners curl towards the inside of the C-Bouts which is characteristic of Nicolas Vuillaume. Also the wide f holes and the varnish seem more characteristic of Nicolas Vuillaume than his brother.
  14. JRyn

    What is this??

    https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=2031 Well, here is a Maggini model by Nicolas Vuillaume.
  15. JRyn

    Late 19th Century French?

    When you say that the purfling travels towards the c-bouts in the corners, do you mean that the purfling comes closer to the edge around the corners?