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  1. I find Tarisio to be the most successful violin auction to have ever existed. I think partially because their pedigrees are some of the most accurate in the industry. Bidders tend to bid more when they know what they are getting.
  2. How interesting! I stumbled across this viola at T2 with a Moennig style neck. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199076864&cpid=3569680384 Thick/heavy fingerboard, slightly V-shaped neck, no apparent reason for neck grafting. I don't know how true this is, but I heard that one of the reasons the Moennigs closed shop was because their certificates and fake labels were finally coming back to them.
  3. I find an odd amount of instruments sold by the Moennigs that have neck grafts for no obvious reason, which makes me wonder if the Moennigs were responsible for this one too.
  4. JRyn

    The Water Cellos...

    I saw a post where the artist (I believe a cellist in the CSO?) responded to the comments about the destruction of all these cellos. I believe they deemed them unrepairable, but some, if not most, I see with very superficial damage... This is disheartening to see considering there are kids in South America, literally making instruments out of garbage. I'm sure it would mean the world to a number of them, to receive an "unrepairable" cello.
  5. What are the reasons a back like that would be asymmetrical, I mean, the right side of the joint looks bigger than the left? Too small of a piece of maple? I typically see this on old factory instruments and always wondered why.
  6. I quickly counted 119 of 255 lots being sold. That's less than 50% of the lots sold!
  7. This makes me think of the Guarneri that sold at the Skinner auction for 15k. What is a Guarneri really worth without the pedigree? I feel in a way that we are all inherently xenophobic, judging based on origin rather than quality. Are we just paying based upon what the auction houses estimate, and if so do we trust them too much? What is the real worth of an instrument, and why are we willing to pay what we do? Players can't tell the difference, and even experts sometimes struggle.
  8. Is it just me, or are the f's a little off kilter on lot 249....
  9. Thanks for clearing this up!
  10. I asked Potters Violins about it and the response: "To the best of our knowledge, they’re produced for us from the Violin House of Weaver for the past ten years or so"
  11. I'd hate to speculate, but I am almost certain that "Sean Peak" is some sort of pseudonym. Does anyone know where these instruments are being wholesaled from? I've seen similar looking instruments from William Harris Lee, some even with the name "Jean Pique" ?!?!?! Something smells a bit fishy to me... These dealers say Sean Peak is a real person... Well all instruments are made by "real people"... Most of these instruments look very Chinese to me and I would be very surprised if these instruments are more than varnished and adjusted factory instruments.
  12. I occasionally come across violas made by someone named "Sean Peak" supposedly from Chicago. Living in Chicago, I've never even heard of him? His instruments seem to be Tertis models, somewhat crudely done. Does anyone know if this is a real person or just someone sticking an American label into a factory instrument? By the sheer quantity that I come across, my guess in the later.
  13. I own an instrument by Mr. Lanaro and have visited him in his workshop in Padua. This is not made by him. This is an obvious counterfeit as the varnish of this period was a light orange over a yellow base. Also, the label looks like a poorly done copy. The paper is brown and the border is too large. The font is off and the label should be signed. More importantly, this style of label wasn't adopted until later. The scroll doesn't match the long body and small turn of Lanaro's instruments. Lanaro's corners are also very sharp and symmetrical as he used an outside mold. The quality of this ebay violin makes me believe it is by a Romanian copyist.
  14. If anyone wants a share of my anxiety over the topic, this is the case it will be shipped in. I don't know whether this is practical or comedic, but do any postal services have expertise in shipping musical instruments? I know UPS has a pack and ship program....
  15. A tricky situation that I assume someone else has had to deal with... Has anyone ever had to explain how to ship a violin to someone who knows nothing about violins? I'm in that predicament with an old violin thats being shipped to me in a coffin case. How do I go about explaining to them how to get this instrument to me in one piece? They dont know any terminology associated with the violin.