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  1. Would Salustri be considered amongst those in the Italian violin rennaisance?
  2. JRyn

    Violin Id

    Upon further inspection, I think the linings could be let into the block. What looked to me like the lining stopping short, looks to me now like just a reductive repair.
  3. JRyn

    Violin Id

    Here is a photo of the table under UV.
  4. JRyn

    Violin Id

    Photo of the bitter end from the side.
  5. JRyn

    Violin Id

    Hi BF, as always, thank you for your comment. The violin is fully blocked and lined with the linings not inserted into the blocks. There are two holes in the neck block, and the bass bar looks relatively new. The scroll fluting goes all the way to the end, and the pegbox is carved almost until the end of throat as well. I tried to capture the length of the pegbox in one of the photos, where it looks like it ends only a mm from the fluting. The bottom rib is one piece.
  6. I think Mittenwald as well.
  7. I think it's intentional to keep the supply down while demand is still relatively low.
  8. I take it you're not receiving many Christmas cards this year.
  9. You should start a petition for Tarisio to lower their estimates
  10. The label looks like times new roman, inkjet printer to me. A pretty unsophisticated forgery.
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