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  1. Someone paid a lot of money for a Frankenfiddle
  2. Not really. Anything interesting is also interesting to dozens of other dealers. I remember Jacob writing, something along the lines of, most people claiming to find gems are overdrafting their bank accounts.
  3. I find it suspicious how the wear on the violin is so diligently photographed, as if trying to prove something.
  4. Would a chamfered pegbox be unusual for a Mittenwald violin?
  5. JRyn

    American violin

    Thanks for the clarification Bill. I agree that the varying levels of workmanship strongly suggests that this instrument was made by multiple hands, though I don't know if this disproves it being American (or atleast to an extant, finished in America).
  6. JRyn

    American violin

    Can you explain what this means?
  7. JRyn

    American violin

    Widely spaced grain lines, a distinctive curl. Also big leaf typically has a very common and distinctive defect, which many of us across the pond refer to as "snot marks." Streaks, sometimes dark, about 3 cm long and 2mm wide.
  8. JRyn

    American violin

    The back is made of American big leaf maple.
  9. JRyn

    American violin

    I found another bit of label in the violin this morning that says Altoona. I bought it off a man in Cumberland Maryland who gave it to me in exchange for buying a pogo stick from him.
  10. JRyn

    American violin

    A bit of scrap paper found in the violin which I jigsaw puzzled together.
  11. JRyn

    American violin

    I have an American violin with a construction method I'm not familiar with, and was wondering if anyone here could enlighten me. Looking into the violin through the button, a piece of maple runs continuously glued to the ribs, hollowed out to create what resmbles a lining. Anyone ever come across this before or know where it originated? Ive been told it was some sort of "fast" method. The label on this thing was removed, but a scrap was pulled out, first name "James".
  12. These Lanaros are really a dime a dozen https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-Old-Italian-Labeled-Violin-Umberto-Lanaro-1969-in-Case-NO-RESERVE-/264406372879?hash=item3d8fd9120f%3Ag%3AhYgAAOSwrHRdNdol&LH_ItemCondition=3000&nma=true&si=ltMh9B%2FQ7MtGS7coHySE%2FifoS5I%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  13. I'm curious about 165 https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199093248&cpid=3583148032&filter_key= It is the same model and size as the Ferdinando Gagliano here https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/property/?ID=44979 (If this is indeed a Ferdinando Gagliano). The scroll certainly looks later, probably Xaver Kerschensteiner.
  14. Here are a couple photos I took if you are interested.