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  1. I think Mittenwald as well.
  2. I think it's intentional to keep the supply down while demand is still relatively low.
  3. I take it you're not receiving many Christmas cards this year.
  4. Didn't he just post one yesterday?
  5. You should start a petition for Tarisio to lower their estimates
  6. The label looks like times new roman, inkjet printer to me. A pretty unsophisticated forgery.
  7. They have a second round for things that did not sell.
  8. $14,400 and its 36cm
  9. It's a good day to be a Roth owner!
  10. With the uncertainty involved with the current pandemic it seems two things are for certain, 1) the music buying community is hurting in the pocketbook department, and 2) there are loads of great inexpensive instruments available just about every where you look.
  11. I disagree with this statement. A number of these attributions are quite obvious, and people put instruments in T2 for a variety of different reasons, not just because they don't know what it is...
  12. It was made to look like a real violin, but it's really just a knackered piece of rubbish.