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  1. Wow, great advice all around. Cheers!
  2. Dear Fellow Members, I will be gluing on the fingerboard soon and was wondering about the finishing. Should I use a wax? Oil? Polishing compound? Any advice would be appreciated. Have a great day.
  3. rabn

    Neck Finishing

    Dear Fellow Members, I am at the stage of finishing the neck. I have 2-4 more coats of varnish, to be applied, and then onto the neck. I know you are not suppose to varnish the neck so I am wondering about raw vs boiled vs double-boiled linseed oil? Any advice would be great.
  4. I was able to remove the back plate and the crack is now glued. Tomorrow I'll be reattaching the back. Cheers for all ideas.
  5. The separation is at the of the lower bout.
  6. Dear Members, I've got a violin in which the center joint has given way by about 1 1/2 inches. Would recommend the removal of the back? Thank you for any response.
  7. Hi Fellow Members, I've just (yesterday) placed a completed violin in the white in the light box. I've been told that I should keep it in there for a minimum of one month with a preference of two months in the light box. This is before applying the ground. So the question, good readers, is what would you all recommend? Cheers for any and all comments. You've all been very helpful with all my previous questions. May the Beat Be With You, Ray
  8. Dear Fellow Members, I am interested in purchasing dried scouring rush or horsetail for the preparatory stage of bare wood. Does anyone know of a company in which I can purchase any dried horsetail? Cheers for any research you do for me. I'll continue with my search and let you all know about my results.
  9. Thank you Davide, As a new comer, both to violin making (I've only made 8) and to the site I just jumped in and asked the question. I will conduct more research, next time, in the site to see if my question has been addressed before. I do agree, with you, about the fingerboard. I do not really like the shape. Thanks again for the tip on researching the site.
  10. I am curious what other makers think about the new tailpiece whose end facing the bridge is on an angle instead of parallel? Has anyone installed this type of tailpiece? Anyone seen research on whether the acoustics improves, stays the same, or other wise? Cheers for any and all help.
  11. Hi All, I was recently and generously given two bottles of an old varnish: "cello-lacquer" Green and Blue. A short description of how apply the varnish and at the bottom of each bottle is: Made by Percy Wadham's Specialtities, Newport, I.W. Would anyone have any information? I've tried but have hit that 'brick wall'. Hoping with the help of like minded souls with a love of research and musical instruments I would receive more information. Apparently the approximate date is from the 1940s but that is really a guess. Any and all help would be a great. Cheers.