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  1. Ive always wanted to try the concarbo, as the maker is in ukraine and away from his workshop its not posible to get one right now, but for sure ill get one eventually. I did cut the toothpick leftovers so they are invisible now
  2. The only thing i added were the toothpicks, i could fit 3 in each hole, i didnt release the strings and didnt change anything else, maybe it was just a massive space, it really helped, its not 100% gone but now only growls very rarely and not as hard as before, its a massive change. Maybe its my mind because im extremelly happy, but i do feel my cello sounds fuller and clearer also.
  3. Holy shit, toothpick wedge really really helped, weird wolfs are 95% gone, i would have never thought that could work, thank you so much!!! Im just left with the "natural" E wolf wich i can tame easily with regular solutions. I no longer feel im playing on top of a minefield. Extra wood from toothpicks got cut later on of course. (I also tried adding 35g weight on different tailpiece spots but it didnt help, just muted the sound)
  4. Thx everyone, ill try every Solution in the next few weeks and report back!
  5. E and Eb do oscillate madly, machinegun style, C and D its like when playing a crescendo the string widens then stop vibrating for a milisecond and restarts vibrating
  6. No, i didnt play it before, it was really badly damaged, in a unplayable state, restore included a sound post patch and multiple cracks glued - reinforced on the top plate and a neck reset. It sounds amazing but that number of diferent wolf tones is something ive never seen in a cello before
  7. Hi everyone! im wondering if anyone knows whats wrong with my Cello, its an old italian cello recently restored and it sounds amazing but its making strange wolf notes on E, eb, D and C on the G string and its kinda making me crazy, i can only tame the E wolf with krentz or with string weight, the others notes still yell when playing loud. Its 68.6mm string lenght(short neck) with a light tailpiece without tunners about 50g held with kevlar tailgut and Rondo cello strings. I really apreciate any input since my luthier is gone for a few months.
  8. Any info regarding where was it made, how old and a price estimation would be greatly apreciated, i paid about $4000 for it
  9. Without pictures we cant help, try photobucket.com its free and easy to use
  10. I have many orchestra buddies that are really not mentally stable, so im sure music playing mess with our brains
  11. Robotic on my way to carnegie hall!
  12. I think the manuscript articulation is the way to go, it feels more natural, but you would need to change the entire movement
  13. I bought this cello, it was abandoned in a basement and i dont have any idea about it, id would like to know if its worth repairing, it has a few open cracks, and info would be greatly apreciated, if you need any extra photos let me know, Thanks !!!! http://s46.photobucket.com/user/vomitorio/library/?sort=3&page=1
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