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  1. Thanks Blank. I thought the work looked a little nicer than the standard trade bow. I also thought the absence of pins and the fact it was one of two bows that I acquired with a very nice 20’s Roth fiddle that was dormant for many years made it more interesting. This bow was the older of the two and was pretty much inoperable therefore probably the bow original to the fiddle….although just a theory.
  2. Maybe Nurnberger workshop?
  3. This octagonal nickel mounted bow came with a very nice fiddle a few years ago. Other than the fact it has been banged around quite a bit, I think the work looks much better than the average factory bow and probably worth fixing up. Unless I’m missing something, the adjuster and heel plates have no pins. Any thoughts on what shop this could have came out of for export? As alway thanks for the help.
  4. I found this random silver adjuster in one of my old bow cases that I was getting ready to take to the dump. I hope it wasn’t from one of my old bows from years ago that may have been missing an adjuster. It’s a bit longer than the standard adjuster shown in one of the pics. Any thoughts if it is French. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Jacob and I understand what you’re saying. The book looks interesting.
  6. I picked the bow up a few years ago with a nice fiddle. Recently I have been studying some past threads and to me this bow looks to be an authentic Nurnberger made for export to the United States. Other than the missing pins on the underslide and gluing the eye inlay (that just fell out today) it remains in excellent condition. Any thoughts on bow and which Nurnberger? Thanks as always for the help!
  7. Ok…I’m a little slow today. That you’re referring to was just dirt and tarnish.
  8. If your referring to this…it is some kind of a threaded eyelet spacer.
  9. Yes, It could be BAUSCH. Looks like there could be what remains of an L as well. I’m never that good on wood type. Here is a better pic of the grain. Thanks for the help.
  10. Everything is sterling except for the screw cap brass fitting and nickel underslide. Also brand looks like the last two letters are “on”?
  11. Funny story....So yesterday ..my wife was cleaning out the attic for our upcoming move and found in a box (a box I received a violin in many years ago) what appeared to be a something long wrapped up in bubble wrap. After carefully removing the wrap I found three bows. Two of which were decent student bows and this silver mounted bow. The only thing I can figure is the owner threw in the three bows without telling me and I mistook it for packaging material. Looks to be an old German stick that was played hard over the years taking into account the wear of the thumb projection. The frog is rather petite with a faint brand above players side. I wonder if the brass end cap on adjuster is original? Any thoughts on what shop it came out of? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the input! I always have a hard time on corners and these are quite clean and it’s difficult to see any pinch and file lines.
  13. They look real with the scope
  14. You are absolutely correct.
  15. I thought it sounded amazing tonight. I still have to play around with the best strings to match to it. It would even sound more amazing in somebody’s hands that can play better than myself :-). I’m really a piano/guitar player but a violin collector enthusiast. The problem is I started collecting guitars and pianos and they take too much room up in the house so I switched to violins. However, I do agree with you that this is not the usual and a very nice fiddle. I scoped it again tonight and struck out looking for any type of branding. I could still be missing something inside even with the scope
  16. Looks like walnut linings that are let in to blocks?
  17. Couldn’t resist this fiddle and I was able to sneak into the house undetected by the wife. Looks like a very clean early 1900’s German violin. Any thoughts to what shop? I’m going to throw on some new strings and give it a go tonight.
  18. I recently came across a nice German Stradivarius copy fiddle with the name Ad. Pless. Apparently Lyon & Healy marketed the violins. Anybody familiar with the brand or maker?
  19. Thanks Blank Face. This is just a fiddle that I recently added to my hoarder collection and you answered my question. I will leave it alone!
  20. Thanks for all the comments. I believe it may be an unknown USA maker that looks fairly well done. It looks like the violin was in the heat or direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The rest of the varnish looks OK.
  21. Is there any easy fix for varnish crackle repair. I had A violin a few years ago that I was able to rub out most of it without completely destroying all of the varnish finish. However this looks like a much bigger project. Fortunately or unfortunately the damage isonly on the top plate.
  22. Thanks for the help! When I acquired the fiddle it also came with a very nice fluted French style tailpiece that I really like.
  23. If helpful, here are better shots of the scroll without the pegs.
  24. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. I took some better pics of the corners to help determine if they are pinched.
  25. Sorry for the delay, I was out to town a few days. UB 158mm LB 203mm LOB 355mm and neck is standard.
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