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  1. When making a decision on possibly re-graduating a back plate, should it be based on thickness or on the weight and density of the wood used for the back plate? If the plate is a lower density wood would it need to be thicker for structural integrity?
  2. I have enjoyed reading all the comments! I was thinking about fixing it up a little bit and see what she sounds I think I’m going to send it to Jacob up so he can hang it on his wall
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. Th is a better angle photo.
  4. Thoughts on fiddle? Looks to me to be possibly American or stripped late 19th century German, however, label reads LM Wood Sardinia New York 1917 which could be a repair. Note the high arches, pinned back and scroll fluting carved to end of throat. Unfortunately the last person who worked on the fiddle should have stopped before he started.
  5. Thanks for all the thoughts on this bow. I thought I would bring into the discussion the possibility of these bows being the type exported for distribution for Sears and Roebuck. The Sears and Roebuck Company advertised authentic Nurnberger's in their catalogues late 19th early 20th century and were quite pricey for the time This particular bow is stamped GERMANY which would indicate it was made for export. I'm still looking for a clear picture to compare.
  6. I recently acquired this stick and it seems to be a well done silver mounted bow. There was a thread a few years ago about similar work. Hoping that somebody may have some additional information relative to the script on the frog as it relates to Nurnberger. Also interested how you think this bow compares. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks for the input. Here are some better pics. My only doubt about the frog and adjuster is the quality compared to the stick which seems pretty good.
  8. Yes, I know what your looking at but It’s not a crack and appears to be in the finish. I don’t think it’s repair either after looking at it again....but I could be wrong.
  9. Looking for some thoughts on this bow that came with a very nice fiddle. The bow seems to be a pretty well done pernambuco octagon stick and is a player. Not overly impressed with the frog and adjuster, maybe not original but they seem to fit and work properly but need some restoration. The tip plate looks to have been replaced at some point. Who ever made the stick seemed to know what he was doing. Can post some better pics if needed. Thanks.
  10. Here is another photo. Not quite sure of the material.
  11. Thanks to everyone for all the great thoughts! I’m throwing up a few more photos which may be helpful on the frog area and the head. The lens is very unique but the image is missing. Too bad...
  12. Brad...what are you identifying as messed up on the projection.
  13. Looking for some thoughts on this bow. Appears to have some age and looks like a decent pernambuco silver mounted stick with some interesting characteristics. The stamp is illegible very faint and could have 4 maybe 5 letters. The mortise sits back a little further than the standard. Thanks for the help.
  14. Sorry for the double post. I’m working from a remote location and it didn’t appear that the first post uploaded.
  15. Just picked up a decent violin for a project repair and this was thrown in as well. Never had a violin from this part of the world and have no idea of the workshop. Looks pretty enough....any thoughts of the maker? Sorry for the poor pics but this is all I have since I’m not at the primary residence at this point.