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  1. Could it be beech purfling?
  2. shunkpenn

    Odd one ID

    Looks like Nippon to me.
  3. Merry Christmas! Sharing pics of my new photo studio Received this from Santa this morning. Seems to eliminate all the shadows. Too small for a fiddle but great for bows. I still need to do some more experimenting with light settings but the pics are not too bad with my old iPhone. Need to try a better phone next time.
  4. I’m sure your grammar lesson has has piqued, peaked and perked the interest of everyone
  5. You peaked my interest as well and your analysis does make some sense. However seems like it would be more difficult making a phillips head by hand versus a single score for flat head screw. Didn’t Peccattes use a flathead screw similar to this slide?
  6. To be honest, I really don’t know what the screws are. Clearly they still show rust even after cleaning and the one screw groove has rust damage.
  7. Yes, it really is a pretty bow and the screws are steel.
  8. I added several better quality pics for review. Hopefully helpful. Thanks.
  9. Looking for some glancing thoughts on this octagon bow I recently acquired and still needs cleaned up. Unfortunately I’m failing to distinguish a brand. In my novice opinion, looks to be a very nice 1880’s silver mounted German bow? I thought the adjuster and frog look similar to some of the works of Weichold or Knopf? The head looks extremely well carved. The frog slide is sterling and screwed. The pearl slide is tapered which I believe to be a French characteristic. The weight is 58g and the frog is rather petite. I apologize, the pics could be better. Need to upgrade the phone. Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks Brad….I don’t like the way it looks and I thought it could maybe be trimmed as well but I would be afraid to attempt it myself. Thanks for the confirmation!
  11. Philip intrigued my interest in cello bows and I decided to throw up some pics of a bow that I recently put some new hair on. It looks like a decent factory shop bow and my son thinks it plays nice on his cello. The problem whoever did the tip replacement must’ve been blind. Any thoughts if I should scratch this tip and go for a new replacement? I’m also confused on the type of wood. Thanks for the help.
  12. I did follow up on your recommendation contacting Metropolitan and not really that helpful. They believe from the pics that it appears to be authentic Master Art Juzek fiddle but stated the label is rare and the date was interesting. They indicated that there are a few identical labels are out there but did not elaborate on when it could have made it into the USA. Although I have not found a similar label online. I thought the in-house record keeping would lead to better results.
  13. Looking for some information on Merson. Apparently they imported violins and violas into NYC out of Germany in 1930’s in different grades. I have a nice student grade viola and would be interested if anybody is knowledgeable to what workshops they were using in Germany. Here are a few photos of my label on the viola. Thanks!
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