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  1. Sorry for the double post. I thought it never posted the first time because it when to another page. Apparently a long day of painting took its toll.
  2. Here are a few more pics under outside lighting
  3. Here are a couple of more shots with outdoor lighting. A better iPhone....
  4. Here are some additional pics in different lighting. Hopefully they’re more clear.Hopefully they’re more clear
  5. Here are some additional pics.
  6. Here some better pics under better lighting. The adjuster is sterling and pinned in two spots. The bow is quite petite and frog height is less then the norm. Definitely will try to save the lapping.
  7. Just started to clean up this old stick and looking for some thoughts. Seems to be pretty well made and certainly played hard over the years and needs some work. It has a stamp that is very faint which looks like maybe two TT’s at the end?? Every time I look at it I start imagining different letters. As always..thanks for the help.
  8. Jacob Here is a better look at the inside. The lining appears to be the same height front and back I think...hope you at least had some lunch. Thanks for the help.
  9. Jacob As promised here are some additional photos. The fiddle is rather petite with body length 351mm overall length is 590mm. I was rather in a hurry when I took the pics so would be happy to take some better shots if needed. Looks like the lining could be walnut. I will try to get some better shots of the inside. Thanks for the help
  10. It’s tough to tell in the pics but I also think it has the so called “Mittenwald Notch”....Which can also be seen in other schools as well.
  11. I only had time to put a bow on it for five minutes and it sounds quite nice.....
  12. Just picked this fiddle up a little over a week ago and looking for some initial thoughts. Looks like it could be early Mittenwald or maybe Vienna School? The front corners have some wear but back plate corners are pretty good. Did not have time to give a good look inside at corner blocks or anything else. I only had a few minutes to look at it before we left town a week ago for our Fall foliage vacation. I can take some better pics and a better look inside when we get back on Monday. Sadly it’s starting to feel like winter In the mountains but the leaves are the saving grace!
  13. Is anyone familiar with a distributor handling replacement brass inlay for pegs. I know a few distributors sell pegs which include the inlay but I have been unsuccessful finding just the brass. Thanks for the help.