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  1. I’m out of town for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pics of this on my phone.
  2. Recently acquired a nice viola. Looking for some thoughts on the scroll design. Looks like nice work and rather unique to me. Any attribution to a certain maker? Thanks for the help.
  3. Looks like it is fluted to 7:00 from the pics.
  4. I’m thinking about putting this old fiddle back into service. The fiddle will need some top plate work but overall not in too bad of shape. The scroll is cut to about 7:00 and it has a cleated back and narrow button which I think show up on some French fiddles? All four corners seem to be blocked and looks like pretty clean work in side with some old repairs and I think a new bass bar. The scroll repair looks like decent work as well. I guess it’s a BOB construction but I’m not good at identifying construction method. I think it will play quite nice after fixing the bass side crack. Thanks for the thoughts.
  5. When I weighed originally it had old hair on it. So it should be a pretty good weight.
  6. You are correct again. The rail is silver. I started to clean the one area and it is definitely tarnished and comes off black.
  7. You are correct. I just got out the magnifying glass and it does have a rail not very pronounced but it is definitely there. Good eye.
  8. I have to laugh, I thought the same thing at first glance. I had to put my glasses on and it does not have a rail.
  9. No…it’s definitely a violin bow. It’s about 59gms and the frog is petite which may be difficult to tell in the pics. I thought adjuster and head leans more French. Why are you thinking German? Thanks for the thoughts!
  10. Here another nice silver mounted octagonal bow for thoughts from our experts. The stick is very well carved and looks to be a nice grade pernambuco with screws for the slide with one being filed down. I cannot find any pins in the adjuster however it looks to have a second cut. Also cannot make out any brand. Thanks for the help.
  11. Thanks Jacob. I was even wondering if the neck is original to the fiddle. The body by wear seems to be older.
  12. Looking for some help on this fiddle. I randomly picked this up on my travels over the weekend. The fiddle is pretty tidy on the inside and out. You will see that it has the saddle notch but is still two piece rib. Scroll is cut to the bitter end and having hard time determining if it is BOB. The fiddle has had the top off at some point for repairs and it looks like it did have an ink brand that is now unreadable. Overall the fiddle is in pretty nice shape, nice weight and should be a good player once cleaned up.
  13. Thanks Blank! Any thoughts on what shop? Bow appears to have the original lapping with design and the adjuster I thought was a bit unusual with the second cut as well as pinned slide? Also the thumb projection appears to have been altered.
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