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  1. I’m always have issues identifying BOB construction relative to the corners. This fiddle appears fully blocked as well which usually isn’t associated with BOB? Looking for another BOB 101 primer course.
  2. That’s funny...and she would say that...
  3. I acquired two violins recently from a retired couple of which this is one. Both violins belong to their grandfather. Unfortunately, I have the filthy dirty cases to prove it:)
  4. I particularly like the fluted F’s on this one.
  5. Having a hard time picking up the screwdriver antiquing. For what it’s worth, the front plate appears to be possibly one piece.
  6. What time do you have on your clock with this?
  7. May not be quite evident in photos that the fluting goes to the end of throat as well.
  8. Looking for some thoughts on this fiddle. Looks to be pretty well done and I was thinking it could go French? It’s unfortunate the label is all but gone. Thanks for the help.
  9. This bow wins the award for the most filthy I ever had and still have to clean it up. Looks to be another decent German bow which is silver mounted. Unfortunately it is missing the adjuster. The brand seems to read Otto and I think I can make out what looks like Hoyer. Wonder if Hoyer used iron screws on underslide. Should be a nice stick after I get it restored. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks Brad....I know the scratches you are referring to but was looking at possible light impression in it's shadow...also I could possibly be imaging it....
  11. Looking for some thoughts on this bow. Looks to be German to me and pretty well done. Got this one and another nice bow with a pretty nice fiddle a few weeks ago. The brand stamp is all but gone but looks like it could have two A's? Let me know if you need clearer pics. Thanks for the help.
  12. does extend pass the lapping and there are no manufacturing marks to stick or frog.
  13. Philip....forgot to mention that the button is pinned in two places...
  14. Nope. I can't see one. I know sometimes they can be tough to see but pretty certain doesn't have one.
  15. Looking for some opinions on this bow which appears to be possibly French. Not sure if the underside and eyelet are original and it appears an eye was replaced. Also has no distinguishing brand. As always, thanks for the help.