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  1. Haven’t tried the UV light..
  2. Maybe…any reference to when he was alive and in business?
  3. I posted this bow for some help few months ago and at a time that I could only decipher the letters or name of OTT0 on the bow. Now after some careful cleaning and the right lighting I’m seeing OTTOMON?? or OTTO MON with two words. Looks like some additional letters present as well. Any thoughts or good eyes appreciated! Also would be happy to post more pics of bow. Thanks as always.
  4. Brad…I figured it was probably a Suzuki. Finish is original but could be tough to tell from the pics. I thought the button looked interesting with the ebony. Have you ever seen that?
  5. I just received the violin of the tailpiece I posted last week. I know this may be a stretch…but hoping we have a couple of Japanese violin collectors that might be familiar with this shop symbol or brand. Don’t make fun…it’s my first Japanese fiddle and is in great condition and it sounds quite nice
  6. It was Grandma and I think she was joking!
  7. Forgot to mention that the diamond is real
  8. I think it’s either or….However, I’m not going to remove it to do further evaluation!
  9. I think it’s either or….However, I’m not going to remove it to do further evaluation!
  10. Hi everyone….any thoughts on wether this inlay could be ivory on this tailpiece. Thanks for the help!
  11. I thought so as well. Better pics of corners.
  12. The back is not cleared. This is the only evidence of a possible pin as shown in pic. The linings looks like willow or beech and blocks willow? Also included and a few more pics under the hood and some rough measurement pics.
  13. Just picked up this new fiddle. The workmanship looks pretty clean. The LOB is 352mm and not quite sure if the scroll is a match. The fiddle is older than looks in pics and has had some shoddy touch up work. The corners have some characteristics that lead me to think inner mold?? Thanks for the help.
  14. Thanks....I guess crappy antiquing is better than crappy woodworms!
  15. Am I looking at woodworm damage? I think so? Thanks for the help?
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