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  1. Thanks all. Deciding between Tarisio and Bromptons at the moment. Will keep you updated.
  2. Hi all, Can anyone suggest a good starting point? Whether it's a good place to sell or to get it valued in Australia?At the moment I'm hoping to get a valuation from Lespetts Camden Violins and Raffan Kelaher and Thomas. Many thanks, Jade
  3. Thanks all, will keep you updated!
  4. Thanks so much for your help all. I have loosened the strings entirely to relieve the tension. I live in West of Sydney, Australia. Any ideas on a restorer (and price range of restoration) or a good place to look at selling it would be very helpful.
  5. Thank you Michael. I've uploaded a few more to Photobucket - http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/jadethompson09/library/Violin%202 Thanks so much for your help. Would you have any recommendations on how to find a professional restorer versus a non-specialist? What am I looking for? Many thanks, Jade
  6. Here are about 8 photos that you can look at. I thought it might be a Guillami as well but as the text in the second photo shows GVILLAMI and doesn't look like a traditional label, I'm not too sure. http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/jadethompson09/slideshow/
  7. Hi all, Just hoping you might be able to ID the maker of my violin. I was given it as a child and as it is in some serious need of restoration, I am hoping to ID it before I take it to a repairer. It says GVILLAMI inside but a google search has returned little to nothing! As I am a newbie, I am unable to upload photos. But if you know of any leads, anything will help. Thank you in advance!