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  1. Thanks guys! I went ahead and made a light box today using 4 24" black light fixtures from Walmart (cheap at $11 each including the bulb), placed in a large cardboard box which fit both violas easily; to be honest I wasn't expecting too much, but lo and behold the varnish dried within 5 hrs! It was incredibly satisfying and just short of a miracle for me! Prior to this I had made a test piece of maple with the different colored varnishes and after 2 days still hadn't dried to touch-I placed it in the light box and was dry within 4-5 hrs! Thanks again. So next question is can I keep it in there TOO long? And over-dry?
  2. Hi all. I'm in the process of varnishing my first viola using Robson's greek pitch and that stuff seems slow to dry (although I am a little impatient). I'm here in Columbus Ohio where I haven't seen the sun in over 2 weeks (we get 260+ cloudy days a year!) So I'm considering building a light box but in the meantime thinking of hanging it outside to get more UV exposure. Is this ok-it's 30 degrees right now, but I wonder if the cold weather would be detrimental to the wood as far as cracking etc. I've seen multiple pictures online with violins hanging while there's snow on the ground. Anyway thanks for your advice!