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  1. chungviolins

    Bass bar clamps for sale

    New price for the bass bar clamps ---> $120 for the set. You use 3 clamps instead of 7 clamps typically. These clamps makes glueing bbar faster and easier. Herdim clamps are not included. Free shipping within usa. Thanks.
  2. chungviolins

    Bass Bar Clamps

    These clamps are for sale. Pls check out luthiers exchange.
  3. chungviolins

    Alberti Peg Shavers

    Update: I'm told that they are close to shipping out peg shapers at the end of May.
  4. chungviolins

    Utility knife (high speed steel)

    Hi, I have two HSS knives for sale, they are hard (HRC 65-66), strong and wear resistant. 2 x 13 x 160 mm Asking $80 each knife, shipping included within US. Please pm me if interested. Thanks, Koo Young Chung Chicago
  5. chungviolins

    How Stradivari's sound changed

    I'm not asking how Stradivari's sound changed from when it was made to what it is now. Rather I'm asking anyone has insights on how his violin sound evolved over his long career from earlier period to later. Maybe it is futile to speculate because many had been repaired/modified over the years so we may never know how his violin sound evolved during his career, but I hope someone has read or know something about this. Do his later violins sound better than earlier ones in general?
  6. chungviolins

    crack filling

    Ok, thanks
  7. chungviolins

    crack filling

    Is aluminum hydroxide soluble in alcohol?
  8. chungviolins

    D'Addario strings

    Sold, thanks.
  9. chungviolins

    LOB calliper vs over the arch

    Maybe you should count ribs and overhangs twice?
  10. chungviolins

    Top center joint gluing suction gap...

    I use big gap for fresh wood, smaller gap for aged wood. But the distribution of gap is much more important than the size of the gap. I use a strong clamp and use wedge in the center for cello or violin.
  11. chungviolins

    D'Addario strings

    Kaplan, Vivo and Amo string sets for sale. $90 for both (2) sets, including shipping in us. Pls pm me if interested.
  12. chungviolins

    Scroll template (back side)

    I made a scroll back template using thin brass sheet. Koo Young Chung
  13. chungviolins

    Reasons for linings let-in to lower block?

    My guess is this violin was made using outside mold?
  14. chungviolins

    New stop length?

    Wether it is fair or not, we need some kind of standard measurements. I think that current body length was optimised for the sound not for the playability. And interchangability is important even if you just play your own violin for a long time. Are we going to make a bigger (or smaller ) keyboard piano for large hand ( or small hand)?
  15. chungviolins

    New stop length?

    Because full size means full, 4/4. A.S. did it 300 yrs ago, long period, short lived. Why want to do it again?