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  1. Hello, I have 7 files for free. From the left: Grit 0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, bastard Every file is Grobet except the last one (Nicholson), these are old/used, but still a little life left. If interested, PM me or text to: 1-312-909-1450 KYC PS: I have to ask for shipping charge $10.
  2. Hi 1. Cello post setter, German style : $20 each. 2. Cello post setter, stainless steel, heavy, new: $40 3. F hole crack clamp for violin: $20 4. F hole crack clamp for violin and cello, (adjustable): $35 5. End crack clamp : $20 plus actual shipping cost. If interested, pls PM me or text to: 1-312-909-1450 Thanks, Koo Young Chung
  3. Hello Violin or viola repair clamps, 3-piece set, brass alloy, 12x2.0mm crosssection. Cello clamps, 4-piece set, 19x2.5mm Violin set: $80 Cello set: $120. plus shipping If interested, pls PM me or text to: 1-312-909-1450 Koo Young Chung
  4. 4mm,5mm (round), one 18mm FP, reamer , clamp are sold. I still have a purfling marker, 5mm flat and another 18mm round FP.
  5. Duane88, The diagram will help you understand. First, grind the blade bevel less than 30°( 25° or so), then using the jig , make a figure 8 move while pressing down the blade. ( of course you have to hone the other flat side w/o the jig, back and forth) I use Shapton #1500 stone ( regular stone not ceramic)
  6. Hello I have some tools and joined cello top & back for sale. 1. Koen Padding's varnish book, brand new : $30 2. Shapton Ceramic stone 4000 grit, brand new : $40 3. Cello peg shaper, medium , almost new: $50 4. Knives: 1. Small knife: good for bridge or f. hole cutting, 1.4×4.2×125mm: $30each 2.General purpose small knife: 2.0×4.1×135mm :$30 3. GEWA knife : 1.8x15×120mm, $40 4. GEWA bridge knife : 1.5x10x200mm : $100 5. Sharpening jig for block plane blade or scrapers, machined air craft quality aluminum, great for making micro bevels: $30 for 30°, $36 for 36° 6. Cello top and back: old wood, perfectly joined: arch height : more than 30mm Top: grains run out a little bit Back: medium flames As a set $300, local pick up or shipping 7. 4-piece chisel set (made in China), 90,75,45,35mm set) : $30 (free shipping) If interested, pls PM me or text to 1-312-909-1450 Thanks, Koo Young Chung, Chicago
  7. Purfling marker: machined from a solid brass
  8. Hello I have several tools for sale. 1. Purfling marker, machined brass, new, blades not included. ($40) 2. Used finger planes: 4mm round, 5mm round, 5mm flat , 8mm round and 18mm round ($20 each ) 3. End crack clamp: used, $20 4. Used violin/viola reamer: Free ($5 for shipping) Shipping is about $5-10. If interested pls PM me or text to: 312-909-1450 Koo Young Chung Chicago
  9. Hello I have a couple of Biddulph's Guarneri del Gesu books for sale. This is a promotional book for the full size book later. Small photos, but detailed and accurate color printing. Brand new. Asking $30 +( $5 for 48 states ) If interested, pls PM me or text to 312-909-1450. or Koo Young Chung ( Chicago)