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  1. Hello These tools are for sale. 1. Diastra chisels, German, New 16mm. $25, 6mm. $25 2. Japanese chisel, Best quality, New ( great chisel for rehairing, for mortises : 3mm. $70 3. Finger Plane: 5mm , Flat , Brass (TA) $25 Finger Plane: 18mm , Round, Brass (TA) $25 4. Mitutoyo Dial Caliper, New, Stainless Steel Range: 100mm, 1 turn = 5mm. $75 5. Graduation/thickness Dial Caliper. $120 Custom machined Aluminum Frame, Depth = 330mm, With New Kafer Dial 6. Joiner Plane an
  2. Hello Custom made dial caliper is for sale. Dial is new Machined aluminum, depth 33cm. $100 + (shipping $10 for 48 states ) If interested, pls text or email ( no PM ): 312-909-1450 or Thanks! Koo Young Chung
  3. OK, thank you everyone. It worked fine before the makeover.
  4. To Jeff, (moderator) I sent you a message, but I won't be able to read your reply if you send me a message...
  5. I don't see any envelope sign. Mistake by web designer??
  6. Is it just me or we don't have message box anymore?? I hope moderator sees my post and tell me what's going on?? Koo Young
  7. Where is it?? I'm using Samsung phone. Koo Young Chung
  8. Violin tools for free ( Pls pay for shipping $20.) Koo Young If interested, pls PM me or text to: 1-312-909-1450
  9. Hello Dial caliper is for sale. Käfer brand, frame is old but dial is replaced a month ago. ( see the pics ) Like New condition. $150 + shipping ($20 for 48 states ) If interested, pls PM me or text to: 1-312-909-1450 Koo Young Chung
  10. Hello Dial caliper over the rib assembly is for sale. This caliper measures back graduation over the ribs. Custom made with Kaefer dial. $200 + shipping ($20 for 48 states ) Pls PM me or text to: 1-312-909-1450 Thanks! Koo Young Chung