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  1. chungviolins

    Wood ID

    I've been wondering what planatus tree is. Thank you for additional info. (They are everywhere in Seoul, Korea.)
  2. chungviolins

    thin back effect

    You can do lamination patch, no fitting, make a 2-3mm even thickness and glue it with clamps, let the patch fit the inside curve.
  3. chungviolins

    Wood ID

    Thank you, all.
  4. chungviolins

    Wood ID

    Hello What kind of wood is this? This vn was made by J H Snyder in Milwaukee 1932. Thanks,
  5. chungviolins

    Bass size saw
  6. chungviolins

    Stubai Scroll Gouge Set

    Can you tell me what sweep each gouge is? Thank you.
  7. chungviolins

    Bridge Carving Question

    Sound post is much more important for the sound than bridge carving.
  8. chungviolins

    DIY screws for bows. Question for eyelets.

    Nobody makes eyelets or screws, it's just waste of time.
  9. chungviolins

    Your best find on Ebay.

  10. chungviolins

    Electrical question. !ZAP!

    Using lower voltage for an appliances made for twice higher voltage is not dangerous at all, simple physics, but doesn't work as it's expected.
  11. chungviolins

    25 Classical Violas

    Who's Manfio? What is the list for?
  12. chungviolins

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    How much $$?
  13. chungviolins

    Indianapolis Violin Making Competition

    I like the rules, something different than vsa, not judging appearances.
  14. chungviolins

    viola A string weak

    Move the post a little closer (along the string direction) and make it slightly tighter.
  15. chungviolins

    String spacing on 3/4 size violin

    32mm straight across between E and G notch.