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  1. I'm interested in German gold steel knife, If it's available, pls PM me. Koo Young Chung Chicago
  2. How much does this damage/repair affect the value of French bows? Koo Young
  3. How many do you need to buy? I buys Milo Stamm bridges from Mr.Holfter , I picked each one. Pls PM me if you need some. Koo Young Chung
  4. I'm looking for used set of these books. Thanks, Koo Young Chung Chicago
  5. Joiner plane modified from German plane. (Superb workmanship , custom made) Wood is very stable (aged), plane surface properly dressed, and tested ready for use. Very nice Sandusky blade (thick) included.(shipping actual charge) $200 + shipping Pls PM me if interested. Koo Young Chung Chicago
  6. (Jeff : Sorry about posting this here, pls move this to the luthier's exchange, thanks)
  7. I have two Iwata air guns for sale: RB-2 , 88 wide: $200 RG-2, : $100 Very lightly used, in new condition. Pls PM me if you are interested, Thank you. Koo Young Chung
  8. Thank you, duane88, Thomas I remember the time when it was like $60-80. KYC
  9. Hello I'm looking for very good quality ebony cello finger board. Where can I find them? Thank you. Koo Young Chung Chicago
  10. I've been wondering what planatus tree is. Thank you for additional info. (They are everywhere in Seoul, Korea.)
  11. You can do lamination patch, no fitting, make a 2-3mm even thickness and glue it with clamps, let the patch fit the inside curve.
  12. chungviolins

    Wood ID

    Hello What kind of wood is this? This vn was made by J H Snyder in Milwaukee 1932. Thanks,
  14. Can you tell me what sweep each gouge is? Thank you.