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  1. Glue strength testing

    Rub glue between your two fingers, thumb and index finger. It's consistency is good if it takes about 20 seconds before it becomes tacky. You can try it on a spruce or maple too.
  2. Can you just play a violin and listen, Or let someone else play and listen? Most ppl do it that way.
  3. Caption this...

    My guess is it is of Chinese origin, but I could be wrong.
  4. Caption this...

    Any info about the maker?
  5. D.I.Why?

    Can you edit your OP so that it is easier to read? My eyes hurt.
  7. Bass bar clamps for sale

    Same bass bar clamps in the pegbox link for sale. Set of three clamps ...$250 (free shipping in US) Thanks, Koo Young Chung
  8. Why purfling has a different contour

    It looks like the edges are worn down.
  9. Looking for spatula

    Thanks guys. I had Holbein brand made in Japan, anyone knows where to get this?
  10. Converting a cello for a fifth string?

    Tostra What is the upper width of existing fb, narrowest part?
  11. Converting a cello for a fifth string?

    I got it, you want to make the fb wider, that means you may not have a smooth transition from neck though, or you have to make neck crosssection more pointy to make a smooth transition to the slightly wider fb.
  12. Converting a cello for a fifth string?

    1- Will the neck be able to take the pressure? Yes, 2 - Will I be able to make the fingerboard wide enough by just "fanning" it out a little from the neck rather than getting it square? I don't know what you meant here, but you may use the existing fb if it is wide enough, just make a new nut, or worse case, you need a little wider fb. 3 - I expect the tone of the cello to be changed, but would it necessarily be to the worse? I'm thinking that the bass bar is positioned for a four string bridge and would sound worse with a wider bridge? Now this is just pure guesswork, I haven't looked much into the construction's affect on tone even though I find it really interesting. Existing strings will sound more or less same, but low F will not sound good, very flubby bc of low tension, also what kind string are you going to use? 4 - If I plug the pegholes and drill new ones, would the pegbox then be strong enough to support an extra string? Yes, but it would be crowded, so you will hit other peg when tuning. 5 - I'm used to four string cellos of course. I expect there to be a very different arch on the strings and a smaller spacing. How should I make that arch for best playability and does anybody know how big of a difference the spacing makes? You can use same arch (curve), slightly smaller spacing, but not too small. You use same width bridge, no need for wider width, just make spacing F to A wider about 55mm. My main concern is the quality of the low F string, it will not sound as good as you imagine in your mind, because the string would be enormously thick and low tension. Cello is not made for optimum sound for C string let alone lower F. My advice is to install F, C, G, A on a regular cello for you to find out how it sounds, if it doesn't sound good, it won't sound good when you have 5 strings. Koo Young Chung

    Some plastic doesn't file very well. I like acetate sheet, which you can file nicely.


    Bending purfling : 330-350 F