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  1. Fixing an ivory frog

    I go to Menards, here in Chicago area. Also here KYC
  2. TBSmithy knife

    That will be nice, but most makers don't go there just to buy some tools. I'd like to visit Japan someday, especially tool district. KYC
  3. Fixing an ivory frog

    Super glue, but you have to clean it throughly, using alcohol, xylol and water. Let it dry and apply small amount glue, clean off extra glue. But ivory is white so crack line will show no matter how good job you do. KYC
  4. Bridge Foot Alignment & Tonal Quality

    There are lots of things going on bridge position, yes, don't mess with it. You can ask the repairman, I would just play it unless it interfere your playing, which, I know, never happen. KYC
  5. Electric bass tuner mod for cheap cello?

    Most cellos you find on Craigslist or on Ebay, you have to spend $3-400 for set up. I understand you don't want to spend much on a cheap instruments, but there is no way around you can make it work unless you have the cello fixed by a qualified person. Otherwise you spend $100 and end up not able to use the cello at all. Pegs are important, but sound post, bridge and FB. Decent strings are $100 per set, not the best one. KYC
  6. Violin Making Schools

    Study hard , go to college, get a good paying job, then do making violins as hobby, you will be much happier later. KYC
  7. Neck Overstand

    Yes, if you make new instruments with standard arch height it is hardly an issue,but if you do the neck setting very high arched vn, then this becomes very important issue. I've seen many resetted necks from reputable shops ,which repair wasn't done properly mainly bc they dodn't understand the things we discuss here.
  8. TBSmithy knife

    Do you make knives? Pls give me more info. I find RC62 is too soft for me, you cannot work on ebony ,every other cut you have to resharpen. I like my knives and chisels RC 64-65. It takes longer to prepare, but seems last forever. 5 layer is, of course, for double edged knife, for single bevel, it is 3 layer. I made my chisels 3 layers (adding hard steel to the Japanese chisels). KYC
  9. TBSmithy knife

    Yes, of course, it comes just blade, you have to make the handle. But this knife I made the handle and not removable. ( why? I just wanted to try, I don't need grinding so it is ok.) KYC
  10. Violin Making Schools

    New world school by Brian Derber. Highly recommend him, he is a good friend of mine and he was my teacher when I was in school. If you have a chance to learn how to use a block plane, that will be great help. It takes years to use it properly, learn how to sharpen etc. KYC
  11. Deformed bow

    I would test the strength of the wood, if it's weak, soft then don't bother, but if it has a good stength then it is worth fixing it. Used frog is relatively cheap, many times you can get free, but even new silver mounted frog is not that expensive. It appears to be a good bow, at least it was used heavily, that means it was a good bow. If you cannot tell whether it's worth fixing or not, pls take it a reputable vn shop, then they tell you. You need tip too, it will probably cost $200- $300 to fix everything depending what kind tip you want. (Plastic tip is cheap.) KYC
  12. TBSmithy knife

    Yes, using certain steel is one thing, but more importantly who made is more important. I have several Japanese knives some I knew the names, some I never knew. Somehow Japanese chisels are easy to find here, but not the knives. I don't trust names or what kind of steel they used, I only trust my gut after trying each knife. I know several Japanese violin makers who live in Japan, who helped me find the knives. Japanese chisels, knives are usually good, but I found their quality varies a lot. I tried many different chisels, some are ok, some are great, after I found what I like I try to get more from the same maker. My best chisels are made by Tetuo Miyanaga, but he passed way a few yrs ago, I was lucky to get several sets of his chisels.( I still have a few extra) I prefer blue steel , but white steel works well too.( blue steel last longer, but white steel is easier to sharpen) I suggest that you grind different bevel angle and make sure it doesn't get burned when you grinding, I'm sure you know and do well, but again there are quite wide range in quality and characteristics in these knives and chisels. ( I use mainly Shapton #1,500 grit stone, blue.) KYC
  13. Cleat Dimensions for Post Crack

    Sometimes rib assembly is warped too, if that's the case you have to think about fitting top to the ribs, making top flat does not always works. KYC
  14. Minimum top thickness at sound post

    Because spruce is soft, if you going to reinforce, it makes sense to use harder but easy to work with wood. KYC
  15. Deformed bow

    Leather grip is for preventing this kind of wear, it can be fixed. Long nail, bad habit probably contributed too. It can be fixed easily by mixing pernambuco filings and super glue, you have to clean the surface thoroughly before applying the mix. KYC