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  1. Jul, that's varnish, not glue, around the inside of your ff holes. It's common to find it there, and not a problem.
  2. I don't know what you mean by "front" and "back," but your blade is ground properly as it is. If you try grinding the bevel to the opposite side your only going to mess it up. This discussion has degenerated into a bunch of uninformed and simply wrong opinions. If you don't know that you know what you're doing, then it's best to do nothing at all. Sorry for the bluntness of my opinion.
  3. Actually they do. Though I don't doubt that the blade you have is also worthy of being used. Stanley planes of a certain vintage often had laminated blades. I'm not surprised that Record made them too.
  4. How about the fact that is says tungsten right on it?
  5. I've had a lot of success improving my posture and relieving back pain by buying and using a set of these gymnast rings. I do nothing but hang from them, and relax into the stretch. They're conveniently placed so that I can do it multiple times a day without any particular effort, and last time I saw my doctor he reported that I had gained 1/2" of height! The posture improvement has been effective beyond any expectations I had in making playing the violin more comfortable. If you're overweight, and uncomfortable holding your full weight with your hands, you can set the ring height so that your
  6. Like! Some here might not be old enough to make this connection.
  7. Paraphrasing a comedian I heard on the radio recently, 'with all the environmental problems occurring, we really don't need to bear responsibility for it because we all know that we did our best to stop it. After all, we brought our own bags to the supermarket.'
  8. No one's mentioned a pressure washer yet. Sandblasting is another possibility. Sometimes dogs will cooperate and chew things like that.
  9. I use a GEWA "Bio-S" oblong case for my YEV-104. It works well, but it's a suspension case, which an electric like the YEV really doesn't require. It's roomy, which is good for an electric because you could pack a cable and perhaps a small preamp in addition to a shoulder rest. But it's also dimensionally bulky, though not heavy. I just tried fitting my YEV into my other two cases, a shaped GEWA Jaeger "Prestige," and an approximately 80 year old shaped "Bulls Head," and it fits easily in either one. I believe that it would fit in most violin cases, and I'm not sure why yours is giving yo
  10. They have found that corona virus is short lived on copper. Brass instruments are coated with lacquer, unless it's worn off. Sometimes they're plated, with silver or gold for example. I wouldn't assume that corona virus can't survive on brass instruments. There's not much made of copper that's down where we handle it, except cookware, and what little there is is coated with something, except cookware. Raw copper is found in architectural settings, but it tends to be up high out of reach, or inside the walls.
  11. Two other visual attributes that became industry standards are the double purfling and extra turn of the scroll on "Maggini" models.
  12. What does this look like? A drum sander wrapped with leather? Can you post a picture?
  13. OK, I'll go along with that, I guess. But it kind of seems like not buying a washing machine because you already have a washboard, and you want to use it in the best way possible. Your time and effort practicing are one of your most valuable assets in this equation. Your mute violin is simply a clunker.
  14. How do you presume to hold that thing with your chin/neck/shoulder? I'd try to resolve that first, if you can. Then you could just use a bridge pickup like a Kremona, which is reasonably priced. But in my opinion, making any violin pickup sound good requires extensive experimentation with eq, reverb, delay and amp type to get a good sound. All this effort might be better spent on something like a reasonably priced and excellent Yamaha YEV, than on that device you have. It might be the wisest course of action to to forget about it for playing, and make a wall hanging out of it.
  15. That's all? Where's my freedom of choice? Things ain't what they used to be.
  16. Is the furnace filter soiling as fast as your light box filter? When is the last time the furnace and ductwork were cleaned? I like David B's suggestion for a filtration system integrated into the HVAC. No additional noise. Is it feasible?
  17. I know people who are brilliant in business or sales or whatever, but who are overwhelmed at the prospect of changing a light bulb. (I mean this literally.) And even dexterous people will likely maim a few sound holes while learning to set a sound post. Not to mention sharpening that razor sharp knife. Not everyone can, or should try DIY violin repair. Especially not on my violins!
  18. You did what I was suggesting, for what little I know. So that seems to be telling you that your violin tech was right. The problem is the a-string slot in the nut and it would be easy to fix. Now you can decide if you want to keep the violin. It still needs to be fixed though. You don't just leave the paper in there permanently, of course.
  19. Between the nut and the string, of course. Thin copier paper should be enough. It's just an experiment.
  20. Sometimes the very end of a string extends through the hole in a peg in a way so that it's lightly touching either the pegbox or an adjacent peg, and that can buzz. But if the repair person who glued the rings believes that it's the a-string slot in the nut, they're being pretty specific about it, and probably have some evidence to conclude that. Try slipping a small piece of paper under the a-string at the nut to stabilize it, and see if that solves the problem. If it does, you can decide whether you want to buy it and have your local tech make the fix.
  21. This OP is making the rounds, with seemingly different issues to complain about depending on where he's posting.
  22. Emmanuel with a pretty girl violinist was kind of a boilerplate piece for Chris Botti. Here's another one with a different girl, but the same overdone physical "passion." I wonder why they chose to use pickups on the solo violins, instead of clip-on mics? And why did you post this in the Pegbox, David? Is it because that's the only place around here that anyone looks, or so it sometimes seems?
  23. No, it was Nicolo Amati who survived the plague outbreak and went on to train apprentices from outside the family.