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  1. Hope springs eternal. That’s why they still sell. But didn’t Michael Darnton say the secret was to spin the peg fast, and then they can be made to be functional and useful for non-standard tapers?
  2. Tightest mouth I’ve ever seen on one of these. Thanks for the photos.
  3. Can we see the sole? I’m curious about how tight the mouth is. Thanks.
  4. I have this marking gauge, made by a craftsman in a small town in Quebec Province, where the screw slots are aligned. I confess that I never understood how that was possible because screws stop when they are fully seated, don’t they? Maybe they’re not really screws, but only pins made to look like screws.
  5. More and more I find myself at a loss for words when I hear about things people are doing in this time. I can only wish you a speedy recovery, physically and psychically. I’m so sorry that happened.
  6. Ha ha!
  7. Was the person with the ruler looking for a refund? Sometimes people fall into financial difficulties and start flailing about looking for any possible source of funds. Certainly not fair, but it happens.
  8. Here’s the spoon bottom version of the Condit plane. I inserted a hex wrench in the last photo so you could see that there’s a set screw there to lock the blade. But of course mine and Brad’s are planes and not scrapers. Condit did make scraper versions of these same planes with the cutters positioned vertically in the body, and someone could make one out of a hard wood like rosewood. I don’t have one to show you, so unless someone else does, you’ll have to use your imagination and creativity.
  9. The measurement that would be most revealing here is the fingerboard projection. That’s measured by laying a straight edge on the middle high point of the fingerboard, sliding it up to to touch the bridge, and measuring the height of that contact point from the instrument top. 81mm is a standard number for a 4/4 cello.
  10. Very annoying that the English subtitles so often disappear into the background, so that I found myself endlessly struggling to read them and was relieved when it was over. Couldn’t the producers see that? Perhaps it’s my fault for being a typical American and only knowing one language.
  11. Unless you’re a very high volume seller, it costs nothing to list items on eBay. You only pay if/when your item sells. So there’s no disincentive for such sellers. It’s a similar situation for the people who fill our email inboxes with scams and lurid proposals. They can send 10,000,000 emails with the click of a mouse at no cost to themselves. And it’s a numbers game. Get 2-3 people to fall for their scheme and it will have been worth their small effort.
  12. Don’t forget to leave positive feedback for the seller!
  13. I have no particular reason to believe that this would work, but how about treating the plane sole with phosphoric acid rust remover to see if the reaction will stabilize the metal in some way and stop the problem? If it works I want the Nobel prize for chemistry. If not, you didn’t hear it from me.
  14. Your photos are not very clear, but the staining you’re referring to kind of looks like spalting, caused by a previous fungal infection in the wood. It may plane away, and even if it doesn’t, it’s not a deal breaker. Are you having this problem everywhere you use the plane?
  15. I feel that you’re overthinking this. I don’t believe that you can rely on any plane to “automatically” produce a perfect straight jointed edge, except perhaps on short pieces. But with a well tuned plane, which entails having a flat sole and a geometrically correct, truly sharp iron set to shave .001” to .0015”, you can use your powers of observation to trim where needed and get the required outcome pretty effectively and quickly. It’s getting the plane tuned to that degree that seems to be the stumbling point for many.
  16. A lot of electric violin designs that attempt to be caricatures of an acoustic violin wind up being cartoonish, dare I say silly, and quite a few are flat out ugly in my opinion. This is true for the cheap ones, and some that are very expensive too. Weight is a design failure for many as well. I was going to photograph my Yamaha YEV for you, but I soon realized that I couldn't come close to showing it as well as it's done here. It's a design that leaped out of the mold, won numerous international design awards, and is ergonomically and functionally excellent. It's one of the most reasonab
  17. That's a small collection? I have a small collection - I have two violins and it seems like plenty. There's just something a bit "off" to me about having 50 violins and calling it a small collection. Some people filled their garages with toilet paper recently, and felt that it was a small collection given the present circumstances. Pretty much all of them have come to regret that now. But whatever, to each his own.
  18. I also have that Veritas pocket plane, and the supplied instructions specifically warn you that the 20 degree bevel might be too fragile for some difficult woods. Also, 20 degrees plus the 15 degree bed angle make a total 35 degree cutting angle, which I would expect to be highly prone to tearing out the grain on some woods, unless, of course, you're trimming end grain, which is what the factory setup is designed for.
  19. It looks like varnish to me. And it has too much color to simply be shellac. I don't see anything wrong with it, and I'd urge you to leave it as is.
  20. This is thickened black ca glue, right out of the tube. If I had your problem I'd consider using it. Life is short, time is valuable.....
  21. Where you're seeing 100E, I'm seeing 1905....
  22. Wow! #2! Sounds great with your daughter playing it. Thanks for sharing this.
  23. For most of my life I've collected, sorted and organized all sorts of fasteners. It's hard for others to appreciate how valuable these things are to me. A saved trip to the hardware store for a few screws can save a meaningful part of a day. And I often have fasteners that I couldn't find at the hardware store anyway. I recently lost two of these plastic trays that contained a huge assortment of small machine screws; flatheads, roundheads, brass, nickel plated steel, stainless steel, etc. etc. etc., collected for many, many years, and I still feel like I'm almost fighting back tears when I'm f