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  1. I did that with mine too, but I can’t help thinking that after all these years the manufacturer would have realized that they’re wrong and changed them. I guess they’d have to remake the molds, essentially starting from scratch, and since people still buy them anyway (like me, who didn’t know better at the time), why bother? They’re good after modifying them.
  2. Can you feel a screw head or whatever on the inside under the liner fabric? Anyway, if the objective is to get the remnants of the old fasteners out, you might consider drilling a hole in a steel bar to match the diameter of a small end mill, and position that bar in place over the fasteners using clamps and wood blocks. Then let the hole guide your drill chucked end mill to cut the fasteners out. It’s just an idea. I don’t really know where you’re trying to go with this. Apologies if I’ve completely missed the point.
  3. There are some tools that are so fundamental to the work that we all do that it’s difficult to imagine facing a single day without them. I’m confident that you’ll all agree with me on that point with regard to these tools.
  4. Thanks for that link. It’s all coming back to me now. Reuter very much reminds me of Ed Roman, who was an electric guitar designer/maker/seller and industry critic. Some might find this entertaining, and even enlightening.
  5. Like this?
  6. Is this issue the reason why Vuillaume developed the bow design where the frog “rides the rails” on the stick, later used by the Hills as well? I always wondered why they went to the trouble.
  7. I’ve gotten many bargains on tools at estate sales, some that I kept and some that I resold for a price that made it worth the effort. The garage is always the first place I go. I’ve also found valuable books and sometimes furniture items, some that require restoration, but I have the skills to do that. However, though I’ve seen many violins over the years, I’ve never seen one worth carrying out the door, even if it was free. But it should be admitted that I’m not one of those people who’s willing to stand in line out front waiting for the sale to open. So who knows what they got and I missed.
  8. Yes, you’re done, but the sound tech still has to tinker with the EQ to get your good sound, doesn’t he/she? Making piezos sound good is all about EQ. Without that they’re awful.
  9. How was your IIIf damaged? I had an M4 for a while. I used to shoot pictures having forgotten to take the lens cap off. Not all the time, of course, but it happened too many times. I was kind of glad to see that camera go, though there’s still nothing to compare with that silky feel of winding and releasing a Leica shutter.
  10. I was kidding you when I mentioned a Leica IIIf, by the way. Now everyone’s talking about it like it’s a fact. ???? Did you see the winky winky at the end of my post? That means “kidding.”
  11. Someone should do the dendrochronology on those tops too.
  12. I can see from the reflection in his eyeglasses that he’s using a Leica IIIf, which wasn’t introduced until 1950, so the photo can’t be earlier than that.
  13. Here’s a related question. I was once told this was a four star bow because there’s four stars altogether. But someone else told me it was a two star bow because there are two stars on each side of the stamp. Which is correct? How do we read these things?
  14. I’m going to venture an unqualified guess and suggest that your frog was removed from a stick to preserve it, while a substitute was fitted to take the day to day wear. Then the owner passed away or whatever, and it was forgotten where your frog belonged.
  15. Don’t be poking fun at Mr. Taylor when he’s not able to come and defend himself. Seriously.
  16. No. The Streisand effect refers to a situation where an aerial photographer made a 12,000 image survey of the California coast for an environmental organization to establish a baseline for monitoring coastal erosion, and posted the survey to the internet. One of those images just happened to include a picture of Streisand’s Malibu sea cliff home. She had her attorneys sue the photographer for $50 million in damages for invasion of privacy, and demanded that the photo be taken down. The irony was that prior to her lawsuit the image had only been viewed six times, two of those times by Streisand
  17. This discussion is reminding me of the “Streisand Effect” (You can look it up if you don’t already know it.) There’s too much attention being given to something that just doesn’t merit it.
  18. #Televet Your ahead of me in this venture. I considered a Scarlet 2i2, but wound up ordering an iRig Pro Duo I/O as an interface because the way it’s powered allows it to be used with an iPhone (which is all I have). The Scarlet needs bus power from a computer. The iRig Pro Duo I/O is the newest version of that product, and no one has it in stock, so I’m waiting........ And the only mic I have now, perhaps ironically after I said they aren’t ideal for recording, is a dpa4099v clip on. But I want to get a recording mic and the Rode NT1 seems to touch all the needed bases, including re
  19. Are you certain that the D’Angelico planes are still available? I was just curious how much, but can no longer find them at LMI’s website.
  20. Clip-on microphones are often used for sound reinforcement (amplification) at live concerts. The advantage they have is that by being close to the sound source, they can somewhat exclude surrounding instruments and sounds. Often used examples are dpa-4099’s and Audio Technica ATM-350’s. However they’re not ideal for recording in quiet spaces for the simple reason that instruments, violins in particular, don’t sound their best from that close. Violins sound shrill from that close, which can be somewhat corrected with eq, but recording engineers prefer to move the mics away from the instrum
  21. Wouldn’t hair affect the bow balance, because there’s more of it on the head end side of the balance point than the frog end? The balance point isn’t in the middle of the stick, right?
  22. I think you’re wrong about the origin of this. My understanding (actually recollection because I remember when it was first introduced, I’m getting old) is that it was originally designed by Irving Sloane, who was a guitar maker and wrote a pioneering book about guitar making. And the tool was originally marketed under his “IBEX” trademark, which we still know from the bronze finger planes that Sloane also designed. (I’m pretty sure. I won’t take offense if you tell me I’m wrong.) Warren Condit might have been involved in manufacturing them, but that’s just pure speculation on my part, so don’
  23. It looks like built up rosin caused by an owner who never bothered to wipe it off.
  24. If you’re renting from your high school music program, instead of a commercial shop, there may not be insurance and you will likely be liable. I agree that fixing it well will cost more than it’s worth, but the good news (if there is any) is that it’s not worth much. It might still be somewhat usable as it is now. Or a quick-and-dirty repair that made no concession to appearance, but only function, might be do-able for an acceptable cost. When I was starting out playing, at about 15 years old, I dropped my first bow which was probably worth about 10 bucks. It broke at the tip and was unre