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  1. I don't think the Patagonia video applies to PhilipKT's situation. The zipper in the video is separable, like on a jacket. The zipper on PhilipKT's case only slides to the open position then stops, with the two sides still attached together. My vote is still for trashing the case.
  2. Since "Most of the clasps on this violin case are broken too," maybe the best solution is just to trash it. Sometimes it can be psychically cleansing to just get rid of stuff.
  3. Eventually the sun will expand and consume the earth. Not much we can do about that. The way things are going now, it seems kind of unlikely we'll still be here when it happens. So live here in the present. Let someone else worry about Maestronet.
  4. Thank you, Martin. I was actually considering getting one of those.
  5. This photo is from "Violin Maker's Notebook" by Strobel.
  6. Here's a mention for Bonn's patent four footed bridge in an 1894 issue of The Strad, and with an endorsement by no less than Pablo Sarasate. (!) double bass bridge patent&f=false If you search for "Bonn's patent violin bridge," several more pages come up.
  7. I'm not an expert, but if I had that to do I'd use this. It has a thick consistency, it's black (duh), and I've used it for situations like yours with great results. I believe that it's reversible too.
  8. He used sharkskin. What's the matter with you people anyway?
  9. And don't forget Willie Nelson's "Trigger."
  10. I'm not sure that this will be any help to you, since this Delta 14" dust collection attachment hasn't been available for many years. I think I bought it back in the 1980's, not long after I bought my saw. It puts the intake right at the sweet spot, so it works pretty well. They had another similar design available as recently as about ten years ago, but I looked for it today and couldn't find it. They might still have something available. They surely should! Anyway, here it is. The only modification required to the saw was to drill and tap the frame for the black attachment knob. (Note: In photo three I opened the wheel cover door for more clarity.)
  11. MarkBouquet


    I was thinking that the Ken Burns series about country music might prompt a run on banjos....... or pill popping and philandering.
  12. I have a unit similar to the one you're considering, but I have the space to hang it up in too. One comment I have is that those are noisier than you might think, and in the small space and close proximity you're dealing with, that might be disturbing. Would you mind wearing hearing protection at all times? Another possible alternative is to get (or make) a "downdraft" table that could be attached to a high quality shop vacuum, and use it when you're doing dust creating tasks. I'm suggesting a high quality vacuum, like a Festool, because they are most often substantially quieter and also have variable speed, so are therefore quieter still. This is in addition to the fact that they are better made in every other way too. Of course they're expensive.
  13. I'm neither a cellist nor a maker, so bear that in mind when you consider my input. But I have to ask, does your problem really matter? We play open strings together when we're tuning, but not vigorously like you seem to be doing. When else would that problem arise in the normal course of things? I bet you could make any cello do that if you were really determined. But if you're not trying to make it happen......?