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  1. Shop made F hole drills

    Here Davide: However I'll repeat that these cut too crudely to be used as f-hole drills. My post was about the guide system.
  2. Shop made F hole drills

    These are double ended screw extractors designed for removing broken off wood screws, to be followed with a dowel plug to fill the resulting holes. I'm not suggesting that anyone use these as f-hole drills because they make a too crude cut, and the sizes are limited too. But I wanted to share a strategy I use for guiding them. In two of the photos is an acrylic block with a hole sized to accommodate one of the drills. Because the block is transparent I can position it accurately. Just a thought, because I haven't done it myself, but blocks like these could allow you to create f-hole drills without the center pilot, simplifying making them.
  3. Run over violins - whos fault?

    That's the City of New York Supreme Court, not the United States Supreme Court. Where I live in California the only Supreme Court we have is the California State Supreme Court. I'm a bit surprised that any city has its own Supreme Court.
  4. White glue drop on paper label- removal

    And our OP, Stephen Faulk, is a longtime and respected participant here on Maestronet, and is always welcome to ask any questions.
  5. White glue drop on paper label- removal

    I'm uncertain what VdA means by a "microplane," but I think I'm going in a similar direction when I suggest carving the glue away with a profoundly sharp chisel or flat gouge, with the objective being to make the glue spot ultra thin, and therefore transparent, but not to remove it entirely. And I wonder if heating your cutting edge somewhat would make the glue more "plastic," and easier to pare away.
  6. Do not use cork please.

    Bohdan, that was a great article, by the way. Every bowed instrument played should read it. It confirmed what I've long believed about the detrimental effects of using solvents to clean strings, and enhanced my understanding about why not to. I'd bet that the other major violin website would be happy to post your article as a front page feature.

    Isn't that what the apprentice is for?
  8. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    I don't know if it's relevant here, but paper, like wood, will change dimensions with differences in moisture content, as brought about by differences in relative humidity.
  9. Not quite right

    How else are you going to darken the tone?
  10. Slip stones

    I'll quote from the product instructions: "BREAK IN PERIOD - Initially your Diamond Whetstone will seem especially rough. It will smooth over time with gentle stroking. You need not to exert extra pressure - let the diamonds do the work!" And I'll add from my own experience that I've had diamond sharpening products like these for many years and used them extensively. All of them are still performing effectively for me. I've never managed to wear any of them out.
  11. Slip stones

    If efficiency is what you want, then these conical and wave shaped diamond tools are the answer. You can quickly reshape an inside bevel gouge, then finish the job with the slip stones you have.
  12. Grizzler 10" wet grinder - my TORMEK is not working

    I have a Baldor grinder too, and it's a beautiful tool, but it's not equivalent to a Tormek. The Tormek takes you all the way to a honed edge, at least that's my understanding. I've never used one before. Re: Grizzly, I believe that all low end Chinese machines are full of design and manufacturing comprises. I've been passionately trying to avoid them for my whole life, and the result is that I have a shop full of fine equipment now. The extra cost is always worth it, I think.
  13. Need help with mechanical pegs

    Are you certain they're plastic? The part that fits into the pegbox kind of looks like machined and anodized aluminum. Either way, I don't see why regular peg dope wouldn't be perfectly suited to the task.
  14. Need help with mechanical pegs

    Maybe they're not mechanical, but simply have a reduced diameter for the string wrap, allowing a more sensitive tuning. (?) Try holding a magnet near to them to see if there's any ferrous metal present. If they're nothing but plastic you might be able to drill through them with a small diameter drill bit first, then slowly increase the drill size looking for a release.
  15. Opinions On the Shelf Life of Bow Hair

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that hair lasts a very long time. Have you ever been walking in the woods and come upon the desiccated remains of some animal, and noticed that the matted fur is still largely intact? And what about grandma's fur coats, a century old and still good to go? As long as hair isn't damaged by insects, or mold from careless storage (?), it's likely still fine, I suspect.