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  1. MarkBouquet clearsky

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    There's two different Seraphin's being considered here. Szigeti's doesn't have a replaced top.
  2. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Flatening a plane

    In my experience with Stanley planes, generally the older they are, the better, assuming they've always been well cared for. I have a Bailey No.8 from the very end of the 19th century and a No.6 from the WW1 period, neither of which required sole flattening, and both of them clearly have the original factory grind. But I also have, and have had newer Stanley and Record planes that tuned up to be effective tools too. I have Lie-Nielsen and Veritas planes too, and yes, they're made to a higher standard, but Stanleys of a certain vintage can be very fine tools, worth the effort to tune up.
  3. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Bass size saw

    The problem with fret saws for your application is that you can't rotate the blade in the frame. I think you need a bow saw, and here's a good, and expensive one. But the maker will sell you parts and instructions to make your own. You could make one with a frame depth to suit your needs.
  4. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Flatening a plane

    duane88 is asking the right question. The blade should be clamped in position but backed up to not contact the sandpaper while you are flattening the bottom. This is because the blade tension distorts the bottom, and this needs to be taken into account while you're flattening. That minor hollow in the sole behind the mouth will not affect the plane's performance. Traditional Japanese planes have a hollow scraped into the sole behind the mouth by design.
  5. I was reading your post on carbon fiber bows, I am thinking about getting one, can I get a reasonably good one for around $400, if so what brand do you suggest , and is it better to try them out or is a home trial feasible, thanks if you find the time to reply kevin   

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    2. saintjohnbarleycorn


      i am not what you mean by this 

      t's increasingly conceded that at your $400 price point carbon fiber bows are likely to outperform wood


      are you saying that its conceded to think they are better ?

    3. MarkBouquet clearsky

      MarkBouquet clearsky

      Yes, at that price point carbon fiber bows are usually better than wood.

    4. saintjohnbarleycorn


      Ok got it. thanks for the help! kevin

  6. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Learning vibrato easier when I don't think about it.

    The chapter on vibrato in Simon Fischer's "Basics" is very helpful, I think.
  7. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Tool rust advice

    I've used a "fine" rotary wire brush for years to clean, and somewhat to polish out rust on tools. It's important to break the wheel in on scrap metal to dull it slightly before use on a fine tool. And commercial phosphoric acid spray rust remover works well for me. And incidentally, here's an old Stanley "Everlasting" chisel that I acquired at an estate sale years ago. It was badly rusted. I flattened and polished the bottom, but wire brushed and then buffer polished the top surfaces, and this is the beautiful (I think) result. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  8. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Rogue Wave

    That's a staple, as often used to attach wire fencing to a wooden post. Someone attached theirs to your tree.
  9. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Fun video about girls building ukuleles

    Some of you might enjoy this.
  10. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Help please - cracked violin worth repairing/keeping??

    Absolutely return the cracked one. Then negotiate the price for the undamaged one. That model is $439 new with a warranty. Such violins are very hard for a private seller to resell, and it's a buyer's market. Really, there's no good reason to look for a "Johannes Kohr K500" specifically. You just need a serviceable violin, regardless of the "brand." And if you don't know how to evaluate the condition and setup of a violin, you're just setting yourself up for a fall.
  11. MarkBouquet clearsky

    New Veritas NX60 Premium Block Plane w/ PMV11 blade

    I've only had it for three days, and I must confess that I haven't used it for anything yet. But when I do it will serve for the same kinds of small trimming tasks as the Kunz plane shown here next to it.
  12. MarkBouquet clearsky

    New Veritas NX60 Premium Block Plane w/ PMV11 blade

    Lee Valley has a new "pocket plane" that's being offered in a standard version and a limited edition stainless steel "40th Anniversary" version too. The "Norris" type adjuster has a superbly fine thread and feed rate. I try not to be a tool "collector" any more, but I couldn't help myself this time. Get one while you can, if you're interested. I'm sure the standard version is fine too.
  13. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Electrical question. !ZAP!

    Isn't there an identification plate or sticker on the tool that tells the range of voltages and cycles per second that the tool can operate on? I'd look there first. AC only motors made for European 50 cycle power will run a bit faster on US 60 cycle power, which is usually not a problem. But it's not necessarily true the other way around, because a 60 cycle motor will run slower on 50 cycle power, and the slower fan speed might not cool the motor properly. But that shouldn't be an issue with the universal motor in a heat gun.
  14. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Orchestral Sheet Music Source

    I can't answer your question, but I can commiserate with you. Years ago we had a sheet music store in San Francisco called Byron Hoyt Sheet Music. When I first went there about 40 years ago they occupied about 15,000 square feet, by my estimate. Over the years it kept shrinking until it finally closed altogether. Regrettable.
  15. MarkBouquet clearsky

    5 string , string height

    Strobel gives a string height for a 3/4 viola c-string (same body size and string length as a 4/4 violin) at 5.5mm, which is the same as for a 4/4 violin g-string. I'd guess you're ok as is.