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  1. MarkBouquet clearsky

    17th or18 century wrought iron vice

    No leather. I never thought of that. I think they work fine without it. Set it up first and see if you think it's necessary. It does seem like a good idea. And I'm glad that you were able to find the parts you needed without too much effort.
  2. MarkBouquet clearsky

    17th or18 century wrought iron vice

    Jim Bress, my Emmert also came missing the "stop bar bracket," that you're calling a tilt adjustment mechanism. I got that part from Patrick Leach here. (I seem to recall that he called it a "drag.") He has also manufactured new tilt plate jaws, one of which your vice originally had. You can see that on his website. He doesn't, and never did have the stop bar brackets listed on his website, but he had them (newly manufactured), and I'd bet that he still does. Good luck.
  3. Here's a "do it yourself" project that caught my eye. For a mere $268.00 you could be set up to make your own chopsticks. (!) Imagine the savings over your lifetime, not having to buy them.,77205
  4. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Is this Pernambuco?

    In "A Violinmaker's Notebook" by Henry Strobel, he states on page 7 that "(Pernambuco) is easily and definitely identified by its characteristic "granular" grain pattern." Then he offers a photo on page 8, reproduced here to make the point clearer. If you look at pernambuco bows (or wood) under a magnifier, you'll see this characteristic for yourself. However, people in this trade seem to reserve the pernambuco designation only for dense, high quality sticks. So, is your stick pernambuco? If you can't see this grain pattern on it, then it's not. But if you can see this grain pattern, then it might be the correct species but not of a quality that earns the designation "pernambuco."
  5. MarkBouquet clearsky

    "E. Serdet 1890 Paris" Thoughts on ID?

    It's accumulated rosin from years of being careless about wiping it off. Or it might be a deliberate attempt to simulate age by faking accumulated rosin. (Sorry, but I'm not qualified to identify the violin.)
  6. MarkBouquet clearsky

    While walking my dog in Cleveland

    What is that optical device, and how does it relate to cutting down trees?
  7. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Choosing a Guitar 101

    Cutaways are an acoustic compromise. It doesn't matter if the guitar is primarily meant to be played amplified. But it does diminish the output for an acoustically played guitar.
  8. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Choosing a Guitar 101

    Here's a story of a nylon string guitar. After this, why would you want anything else?
  9. MarkBouquet clearsky

    1940s Roth violin history and grade

    Thanks for posting that, Jacob. The New Yorker is my favorite magazine to this day.
  10. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Bow ID!

    Ivory bans aren't silly.
  11. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Knives deeply discounted at

    Got my two orders today. I'm pleased with the product. BassClef, that's how they come, just a piece of steel with an angled knife blade on one end. We have to make our own handles. And yes, they're out of the 1/8" blades. Buy some 1/4", 5/16, 3/8", 1/2", Western pattern to take advantage of the sale. (As I write this those are all in stock and on sale.) It's a good start. You could make a serviceable handle by wrapping bicycle handlebar tape around it till you're pleased with the girth. Heat shrink tubing is another possible handle material. You've been hanging out with violin makers in NY. They'll show you their knives and how they set them up, I would assume.
  12. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Knives deeply discounted at

    Thanks for the tip about tracking. Usually when they do that UPS to USPS handoff for the "last mile" it's a UPS tracking number they give you. But we'll see. I'm not actually in SF. I'm about 15 miles south on the SF peninsula, in the suburbs. And the fires are out, finally. It was awful. I was wearing filter masks every time I left the house. And the fire was about 150 miles away. But at least my neighborhood didn't burn down.
  13. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Knives deeply discounted at

    I'm waiting too, and I'm annoyed. I got notified a week ago that both of my orders had been shipped. USPS tracking had no record of the shipments until today, when they finally received electronic notification, but still haven't received the packages. Pretty lousy service, JapanWoodworker.
  14. MarkBouquet clearsky

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    "Dad, my bow doesn't balance properly anymore. I don't think I'll take it on holiday."