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  1. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Please help me put a makers name, to a good fiddle, for a good man.

    I don't doubt duane88's assessment. There's a label visible through the bass f-hole. I'm just curious about what that said. And however good of a man the owner is should be entirely beside the point. The violin is whatever it is.
  2. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Violin ID Quiz

    How can a 135 year old violin with a superb sound have so little wear? There's no evidence of wear around the bridge feet. It looks like the bridge was placed there a week ago. Was no one interested in playing this for 135 years? Is this Audinot's "Messiah?"
  3. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    You can download db meter apps to you smart phone, and I'm guessing that, like me, you'll be surprised at how loud your own violin is when just practicing. When the db meter is placed the same distance from my violin as my ears are I can easily exceed 100 db. So yes, a smart player is going to protect themselves from that. I use D'Addario "Pacato" earplugs with good results. Another brand I have but haven't taken out of the package yet is "Hearos" ear plugs. If I'm not using ear plugs when practicing I'll usually use a performance mute. I confess that I was slightly distraught at the realization that I really did need to protect my hearing from my violin, but it's simply a fact that's undeniable.
  4. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Do you use a peghole reamer sheath?

    Clear flexible polyvinyl tubing. I use slightly undersize diameter pieces and slit them open for part of their length so that they slide on and grip the reamer. With leather I'd always be worried that it could absorb atmospheric moisture and facilitate rust.
  5. MarkBouquet clearsky

    V-Drum Sander anyone?

    I have years of experience working in a cabinet shop, and networking with other shops, so that I was aware of how we and everyone else did things, and I never saw one of those sanders in any cabinet shop. Doors and face frames, etc., are sanded flat and to thickness with wide belt sanders. A wide belt sander has a conveyor belt underneath the material, and a belt sander with a platen and a system of rollers above the material. Ours was 42" wide, and they come wider than that. It was the largest machine we had. One problem with using a sander like that is that the sanded surfaces become impregnated with sanding grit, such that when you apply your hand planes to the surfaces they'll quickly dull.
  6. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Ever seen anything like this?

    He has Facebook and twitter accounts. I don't use either. Someone who does should ask him.
  7. MarkBouquet clearsky

    17th or18 century wrought iron vice

    Yes, a blacksmith's leg vise, also known as a post vise. I also had one once upon a time. They all have a handmade character, even though many are manufactured. I don't know why this one is believed to be from the 17th or 18th century. It could easily be from the late 19th, or even the early 20th century.
  8. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Antique Violin

    It looks like quality control was taking a holiday at the Stradivari shop the day they let that one out. They forgot to purfle it! What's the matter with them anyway? Seriously, You needn't worry about the possible loss of a world cultural treasure should your work be sub par on that violin. Have at it.
  9. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Is there arising a crisis in the antique violins market ?

    It's off the main topic but I just wanted to point out that antique furnishings have crashed in value because the generations of people who had an interest in it are too old to collect it anymore, or deceased already. Unlike violins, which are eternally valued by people, antique furnishings are not needed or wanted by younger people, and that won't change. Only true museum quality pieces will retain value. I know many people who spent a lifetime collecting antiques, and they are all reconciled to the fact that they were ultimately very bad investments.
  10. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Soundpost Wood...

    These Lie-Nielsen dowel plates are quick and easy to use, quiet, and they don't clutter up your shop space.
  11. MarkBouquet clearsky

    sharpening plane blades

    I have the Veritas guide that Jackson linked to, but most of the time I use an older Veritas design that's accurate, quick to deploy and still available. I do believe in using guides, and it's certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. One advantage of using guides is that I can press harder without losing control, and with that ability and the use of fast cutting diamond honing plates I can efficiently restore a dulled edge without going to the grinder. (Though I do use a grinder when necessary.),43072,43078&ap=1
  12. MarkBouquet clearsky

    A flaw in a fractional size fingerboard

    Loctite 410, which is a thickened jet black CA glue, might be useful in your repair. It's often used by bow makers to fill in defects in ebony frogs. If your fingerboard crack is resistant to closing it might be better to just fill it in with Loctite 410 without clamping and call it a day. Then there wouldn't be any stress left in the repair to cause problems later.
  13. MarkBouquet clearsky

    New Grinding Wheel???

    Lee Valley offers these in 80 and 180 grit. With bonded wheels 180 would be too fine, but since these reportedly cut so efficiently maybe a 180 grit wheel would make sense. What grit are those who already have these using, and would you buy that grit again?
  14. MarkBouquet clearsky

    New Grinding Wheel???

    I haven't used them either, but I have enormous respect for the integrity of Lee Valley Tools, so I would be inclined to believe their claims about the product.
  15. MarkBouquet clearsky

    Fantastic violin

    I was told that too, but that it was done specifically to practice vibrato. Perhaps our modern support systems (chin and shoulder rests) render such aids unnecessary?