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  1. After rabbit-tracking onto older Maestronet threads about authenticating Roths, Ebay spam below appeared in our Inbox (obviously we're being tracked!). We are NOT interested, just curious if this would be one of signed-label G.del Gesus by Roth. Google search popped up two newspaper entries from 1928 about Mr. Yehle, violinist in Missouri, commissioning Roth to make instrument; and census data, names and dates, line up with current Kansas sellers. Again, not pursuing, only curious.
  2. Missouri relatives, who know we're looking for a violin upgrade, enthusiastically alerted us of a March 14 "fine instruments" auction in St. Louis, sending us TV news clips, catalogue links, offers to go look, etc. Just curious why almost everything remained "unsold" (lots #40-118.. couple instruments went at or near "opening bid.") Were the estimates so far off on account of the wares? Midwest venue?
  3. That's so good to hear! Also, this seller did honor the stated return policy and gave a prompt, hassle-free refund.
  4. Same vendor, new product line: YCL681 sells new for $4K. The branding on this clarinet appears genuine (last photo has model #), but the targeted audience (well-intended parents of beginners) may not know additional features to check for authenticity. Should this happen to be another replica, "criminal simulation" of a registered trademark would seem to be riskier business than forgery of labels and stamps of deceased luthiers.
  5. RE: "It's back" (post immediately above) : ( Gasp! 'Need to get our buyer feedback written, and who knows what else. But first, here're remarks written before we noticed Alfredo Contino's reappearance on eBay. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ REFUND was credited was Pay Pal!!! Very thankful that seller honored 14-day return policy rather than pressing the issue that we read more into his Ebay listing than was literally said. Hope to keep our genuine appreciation for the prompt refund from standing in the way of our leaving helpful feedback for future custome
  6. THANKS FOR THE REPLIES!! The violin is on its way “home”! We want our money back, but certainly don't like putting an imposter violin back into the hands of a seller who doesn't describe it as a copy. We won't yet give up hope for a refund. Another seller--who just might be the same as ours, judging by goods, descriptions, photo lighting and background--gave a refund a while back to a similarly disgruntled buyer. Hate to pander to our seller via “Positive Feedback” since high ratings led us to make assumptions. Looking through eBay feedback, found instances where some accusations of forgery/c
  7. I'm having a problem creating a direct link, but the following can be copied and pasted on a search engine to open the auction page: Thanks for input!
  8. With two violinists in our family both in need of instrument upgrades, our family bought an ebay violin that needs to be returned by Friday. How should we document our dissatisfaction with this instrument in case the seller doesn't follow through with refund? In rush to get off on week-long trip with five children, trusting seller’s 14-day return policy, we bid on what we thought might stand chance of having nice voice since seller’s only other current merchandise was a “quality” old bow, leading us to suppose that instrument had once been used by a sincere musician. We've politely communicate