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  1. It’s quite a fine old English cello circa 1830 in completely original condition with the original fittings. My guess was that 551 was the lot number and 3158 was the consignor number. But then again it could be an inventory number or a customs thing, etc? Then again, did the old major instrument auctions offer over 500 lots? My worry is that it’s from a provincial general auction and then I’ve no chance of tracing its provenance. I was hoping someone had seen an old auction sticker like this maybe remaining on an instrument case or something...
  2. Yes, it’s a long shot but this is what the Maestronet hive mind is for!
  3. Does anyone recognise the origin of this ancient auction sticker? Puttick and Simpson? Sotheby’s? Philips etc? (Or early Bromptons) I know the early Sothebys catalogues had this kind of green colour and styling for the catalogue covers, so I’m wondering if they may have used this type of sticker? Do any of you knowledgeable folks have any thoughts?
  4. Hi Glenn I have several fine and interesting early violin cases including a beautiful double case which once contained a Stradivari. Do you have an email address I can contact you on and maybe send some photos if you are interested in seeing them? Best regards Adam
  5. What do you think of this saddle? Is this the type of ornamental thing the Saxons did? http://s7.postimg.org/xx48ktyjf/IMG_2656.jpg The violin has a Swedish repairers label from 1799. Many thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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