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  1. What about the casein you can buy at the health food stores. Would this be an alternative? Has anyone tried it?
  2. KevD

    weak d string

    Thanks for all the help guys The new sound post position is now 3.3 mm behind the bridge and about 2 mm inside the foot. The G and D are now balanced nicely. The A is still a bit stronger but not too bad - This is probably acceptable (particularly for me I am not a good player) To clarify a bit on the position. This is close to where the post was before. I moved it west to try to improve the balance but to get it to fit well I had to put it too far back. This was the 8mm position. I did not realize it was that far back until reading the posts and going back and measuring it. I kind of like it, so I'll play it like this for awhile and see how it does. I was just really longing for that perfectly balanced violin. Kev
  3. KevD

    weak d string

    The strings are D'Addaro Pro Arte' The post position is 3mm inside the treble bridge foot and about 8mm behind the bridge. I did not realize it was this far back until I measured. This seems too far back. Do you think it will be OK?
  4. KevD

    weak d string

    Thanks for the replies everyone To answer some of the questions: It is a new violin and was never balanced. The D was always weaker that the G and A I did move the sound post to try to correct the problem as suggested. It was moved toward the G string and had to be placed further away from the bridge. This helped significantly but the D it is still slightly weaker. I'll try Addie's suggestion to carving the bridge heart under the A string next Don Noon, You suggested a heaver D string. Would that be going from a medium to a heavy of the same brand or is there a specific brand with a "heavy" D string
  5. KevD

    weak d string

    Hi everyone I have a violin that has a weak D string. Weak as in volume. What would be the most common cause? I have read some of the posts by Lars on bridge tuning but was unsure if there was anything specific for just the D string. It seems like you can tweek the G and D together and maybe the A and E but how about just the D string?
  6. Hi Jacob Is there any particular feature that says Markneukirchen/Schönbach or is it the general look/quality that gives this impression
  7. Hi everyone I was looking for opinions on this violin. I suppose it is a copy but I thought I had read somewhere that Cesare also sold shop violins. Is this true? and could the violin be one of those? Any opinions on its make style quality etc,.. would be great. I am trying to learn. Link is below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/old-fine-violin-labeled-C-CANDI-1935-geige-violon-violine-violino-viola-fiddle-/141782138647?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=iKvXQSQpYdMS1kjz3pwTyr1uqj4%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
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