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  1. Is the bow I just picked up a possible Voirin it’s stamped F.N. Voirin A Paris, it’s 56.2 grams without the hair, having it rehaired tomorrow , I was told French bows after 1860 have silver pins in the slide which it does but the stamp is frog side down, has an ivory tip plate as well, it came with a Lupot violin that’s definitely French from which I was told that is currently being restored
  2. It’s sounds good, lots of power the g is very strong, still being played it, it was recently restored, played it today and it’s getting better
  3. Lob is 35.5 from what I remember it is was either 35.5 or 35.6
  4. So I had bought this violin a few years ago and am still trying to hunt down a maker for the new owner of this violin who has not been able to track down who made it either, David Stone, Chris Reuning,Warren & Sons have looked at the instrument and said it’s Italian but no maker came to mind just looking for opinions because I’ve done just about all the research I can do