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  1. @uncle duke Thanks! @duane88 It never crossed my mind that they would forge the label of such an unfamiliar maker. The effect on the photo is largely due to a photographic artifact, but I must admit that there is a small stain that could be suspicious. Also, the inside of the violin is rather clean apart from some dust (is this normal for a nearly 70-year-old instrument?). On the other hand, the violin was bought from a reputable dealer and the varnish at the upper treble side has almost completely worn off by playing in higher positions and under the fingerboard the varnish has
  2. Hello everyone, For some time I have been playing on a nice 1946 Anton Wilfer violin made during his stay in Mittenwald. Because I'm interested in the history of my instrument('s maker), I was wondering if some of you could help me out answering the following questions: Is there any information available on Wilfer's career other than in Brompton's Book of Violin & Bow Makers? It seems that Wilfer's later shop was renowned in the Montréal area. Is my violin (see link to pictures below) a typical example of his craftsmanship? Does his work fit in a specific school? Is this violin