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  1. I did a quick search for these finger guards, but they don't appear to be currently stocked/available on the Woodcraft site. Do you have any pics to share?
  2. Rest. That's the first step in the resolution of a tendon issue. I had some good time working with an OT resolving the RSI in my right wrist late last year. Holding the left arm up for long periods of time is genuinely tiring. I find that after 2 hours of orchestral practise I am much more worn out than from 2 hours of playing at home, I think because of the vast difference in posture (seated vs standing). I just don't have the same practise time seated as I do standing. Rest, then strength and flexibility exercises. I wish you well on your recovery. Not being able to play is frustrating. Which Gigue are you working on?
  3. Well, there's the howto play, but not howto notate. They're all notated the same - with a small dot above (or below) the note. Unfortunately, as it's the same notation for all (including staccato), the player often has to choose which type of bounce-bowing to use. Mostly it's based on speed, spicatto is slower than sautille, which is slower than ricochet.
  4. Unfortunately, most tests like this require some empirical testing. Here is one example of how dilution affects hide glue strength. http://fixitwithshading.com/2015/08/02/the-ultimate-glue-test/
  5. My current Good Bow has a grafted head, and according to the store that I bought it from, it lost nearly 70% of its value from that (AU$4.5k -> $1.5k). The graft was magnificently done - it's only apparent under good light - but the frog is worn to be point of significant damage, and the button is well worn. That is what 90 years of use will do though.
  6. One of my cats flees the room any time I open my violin case, the other one rushes into the house and flops on my feet and stays there for my entire playing sessions. This is Jellicle, in his usual position. (please to be ignoring my playing, I was still in the early stages of learning that piece and my intonation is all over the place) When I'm in my lil' workshop, however, Yuki transforms from music hater into Overseer-cat and keeps me company for hours on end. (FailBook photos, sorry)
  7. I've started practicing various violin making techniques on other things. Hand jointing cutting boards, inlaying purfling into random things, using scrapers on oddly shaped bits of wood, varnishing various bits of maple and other pale coloured woods. and sharpening everything with an edge. That reminds me, I need to spend an afternoon re-sharpening every blade in my 'shop. I've used them all enough that they've lost their super fine edge. Making tools is also a good step. The Strad punch is a good one, and the pencil thickness gauge/marker is another. Making planes (finger, router, block, scraper, etc )is a good way of doing small fiddly work, without have to worry too much about tolerances. The things I've been practicing on are the ones where I can practice the technique, and the outcome is not that dependent on how good I am with that technique. Practice without penalty.
  8. Three loose strips? I do believe this is the first I've heard of this method. Do you find it any different/easier/??? than using pre-glued purfling strips?
  9. Seasonal ... what does that even mean??? I'll need to go dig out some music to play but I'll do my best to get something in too.
  10. For the price, not so bad. I do prefer the wider array of pieces available from http://www.piano-accompaniments.com/ though. Then again, at a few pounds (UK) per piece, you do get what you pay for.
  11. I'm more intrigued by what's underneath the tailpiece. Is that leather, or cork between the wood and the tailgut?
  12. Indeed. I am intrigued at the chamfers on the top of the peg box - obviously unnecessary now, with those gears on the side, but I'm wondering, would they have been original?
  13. If you're compiling a kernel during any time other than development, you're doing it wrong. furrfu! I can't actually remember the last time I compiled a kernel and I am so darn happy that I don't have to. I never thought I'd see the say when MN devolved into a tech discussion I'll go back to my ad-hoc collection of "nix boxen now, lest they feel unloved. I'll be trying out Win10 at some point (meaning not this month) and see if it does anything useful for me then. CT: Is rolling back to your previous install an option? I've heard that it should be a relatively simple process to do so.
  14. The imperfections? Absolutely. My life is one giant imperfection The chamfer you put on the ferrule feels similar to the chamfer I (deliberately) put on dovetails.
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