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  1. Today I finally found the time to take some photos: Photobucket Please take a look. I'm looking forward for your opinion. Mike
  2. Hi there. I did not realise you already saw this thread. I live in St. Pölten. We (my grampa and me) would be happy to meet with you, if this is possible. I'll send you my contact details. I think it would be great to speak in person. I understand you live and work in Klosterneuburg. Not much of a road trip. Mike
  3. Thank you very much for this many responses. First, I do not really think it is a genuine Vuillaume. But my grandfahter insists on it. And where else would I turn to follow this up? I guess this forum is my best bet. A member pointed me to Jacob Saunders, a luthier living in my region. I will make an appointment there soon. Problem is, the violin is not in the best shape at the moment. I had to order strings, a bridge and fine tuners for my grampa. He want it to be in the best condition possible. He inherited the instrument himself from his uncle in the late 1930s. His aunt playd a lot on the instrument, and it shows. But even if it is not genuine, it was worth every second we invested. As i mentioned, he is fatally ill. The last few weeks weren't easy on him. Physically and Psychically. Have him at least distracted from his disease eases my mind a lot. I had not seen him smiling for month now, and he usually smiles and laughs a lot. And now, he starts smiling and dreaming again when we talk about the violin. And who knows, maybe it is genuine... I will upload the photos next monday at the latest. I am very intrigued what you will say about it. So, thanks again, I keep you posted. Mike
  4. Hello everybody. Since I am new to this forum, I think it is appropriate to introduce myself: My name is Michael, I am from Austria and I am 29 years of age. Last week I visited my grandfather, who is fatally ill. He played something for me on his violin. Afterwards he showed me the instrument and told me that it is a genuine Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. At first, I did not understand the meaning of this, since I had no idea who Jean Baptiste Vuillaume was. Google fixed my lack of knowledge. He said that I should go and sell it. There is a stamp on the inside of the back. I looked through the f-holes with a flashlight and was able to read Rue Demues-Ternes and TBV or something similar. How can I be certain if it is a true Jean Baptiste Vuillaume? I read that there is a high number of phonies around. If it is genuine, where would I go and sell an instrument like this? What would it be worth? It seems, sometime in the past it was repaired, because it is also a stamp of the violin maker present on the back. I think it is not in the best shape though. There is a tiny crack on the bottomside. It looks very old of course, but I think this is pretty normal, because it is in fact a pretty old instrument. It looks like it has been played a lot. I will add photos later on. But at the moment I do not have any yet. I would be very greatful for your help. Thanks in advanced, Michael