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  1. Thanks for the info everyone, is it worth getting some better pics done, or is it still going to be hard to id
  2. What so just because it's 3/4 size it's impossible for an adult to play, tosh Take your hands off that parlor guitar sir, it's child size
  3. Its mr foulmouth again(not drunk today), apologies for last night Forgot to mention it is quite small 13 1/8 No cracks or hairlines though Definetly gonna get it set up, as hearing it was the prime focus not money Ive got a hunch its gonna be sweet
  4. Yeah I do apologise, don't know what came over me Not like me at all Just felt like raising my fingers
  5. But thanks for the info, sorry defensive mechanism
  6. Oh Don't be such a *redacted* violin snob "Oh the usual not worth very much" Just tell it like it is It's gotta be worth more than £15
  7. Hi all This was something i found in a house clearance shop for £15 Tag stated broken, but apart from a few pieces missing looks ok to me Has no identifiable labels through soundholes Any help with origin, age or maker would be marvellous Came in an old coffin case I quite like the look of it, but know very little Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info by the way, just an age and origin is what I needed. I didn't think it was anything special I only played £15 pound for it and a nice case, so I think I did alright
  9. Hi, body measures 13 inches
  10. Hi I've had this for ages, but never thought it was any good because of the non ebony fretboard, but looking at it recently, I think it might have some age to it. Don't think it's anything special, but would appreciate some info No label inside Many thanks
  11. Hi, I paid about 120 pound, 40 for the mirecourt one, and 80 for the caussin school violin. I didn't know anything about violins when I bought them, but hopefully get some profit. I bought them with intentions of learning on one of them, so I might try and get my money back with one of them, then keep one to learn with
  12. Hi, I am currently in talks with bromptons about selling two violins in one of their auctions. Both violins have been estimated at 500 - 800 by pictures 1st violin - mirecourt 1880 violin stradivarius 1714 2nd violin - caussin school 1800 violin copie de stradivarius 1721 I am in process of making plans for meeting, and the guy has Said that after he has seen the violins he can take them with him ready for auction But recently I read all the terms and condition on the Brompton site regarding the fees that they take for all manner of things including storage, taking photos, postage. So if the violins don't sell I could end up out of pocket. Is their anyone here who has dealt with them before, and can let me know how much fees they will take, say example the violins sell for 500 each I haven't got alot of money at the moment so do you think this is a good option or not, would I be better selling them on ebay or something Thanks for your help I can post pictures of the violins if anybody's interested
  13. Hi Martin thanks for the great info. I was pretty sure it was a jtl violin because the 1721 strad was a popular model for them supposedly. I found one that looked very similar at the bottom of page with exact same label: http://blog.feinviolins.com/2012/01/mirecourt-france-headwaters-of-french.html?m=1 Would you advise getting a professional set up as I want to learn to play it I just aquired 2 of these types and want to keep one and sell one
  14. Hi, can anyone identify this violin, there's old written marks on the ribs that I can't make out, anybody recognize them On my old post all the pics didn't come out so hopefully you can see these I only paid £80 pounds for it(with orig bow and case) so hopefully it was worth it, there's no damage or repairs http://i128.photobuc...zps1c889490.jpg http://i128.photobuc...zps440f2aab.jpg http://i128.photobuc...zps29811f31.jpg http://i128.photobuc...zps414de4f1.jpg http://i128.photobuc...zps86dff633.jpg
  15. Hi added a few more pics as the top ones aren't all visible, can you make out the writing on the ribs http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/tyler6669bay/8_zps1c889490.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/tyler6669bay/14_zps440f2aab.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/tyler6669bay/13_zps29811f31.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/tyler6669bay/2_zps414de4f1.jpg http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p181/tyler6669bay/9_zps86dff633.jpg
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