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  1. some building videos have beautiful background music true. But I love the sound of tools on wood. I like to hear it slice. I only wish there was smell a youtube so I could smell the wood. But thats just me. I find great peace in just standing and planing a piece of wood and hearing the slice slice. So I think I will continue to watch Davides videos and totally enjoy the no music background sound. By the way there is a mute button on your computer if the sound bothers you. Kathy C Croft in ky
  2. I have them downloaded to watch later. If I dont my slow internet will keep stuttering. I love them. I tell my husband they are my fiddle porn. Thank you so much David for doing this. Kathy C in ky
  3. This is my 4th instrument ,3rd violin. Only a hobby I dont sell them . thanks for the pic info Bill. kathy c in ky
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/home/violin%20pics?preview=resealed+back+crack+on+the+alard.jpg dont know how to put a pic in here so hope this will work. Kathy c in ky
  5. Thats funny David. Now theres something I could do consistently well Kathy c in ky
  6. Lurker thanks , I have a carving cradle with the foam and cork . I go past the seams and go gently no mallets. I was stupid and leaned my forearm on the bottom full weight while gouging the top part of the back. I heard it and was hoping it was the cradle but it wasnt. I did it out of stupidity. But Its fixed and lesson is learned. Kathy C in Ky
  7. Thank you all. I let it sit for a day because of how mad I was at myself. it was split clean to bottom corners. not all the way through between the cbouts. I worked in hot water in the cbouts then hide glue. and wiped top clean, for the bottom half I worked in fast tack hide glue . Its all clamped and looks good . Ill cleat it when done with the thicknessing. I learned another lesson for sure, watch your elbows even when its in a carving cradle. Kathy C in Ky
  8. I leaned on my back inadvertently while gouging it out and the seam came open. It is the lower bout all the way to the midpoint. Should I just go ahead and take the two pieces apart or try to reglue the open half. I was thinking maybe the whole joint was weak and its it good thing its open now. It is almost done down to 5 mm most of the way. top side is done purfling is in. Thanks Kathy C in ky
  9. Thanks I have a start point Kathy c in ky
  10. Ok no ideas. So is there anywhere I can look. Ive tried every which way to google it. Is this an impossible task. Kathy c in ky
  11. I have a friend maggie that plays fiddle for Runa,The Vicky Vaughn band and others and she would like some info on the maker of her fiddle. I have no pictures just the info she provided below. Anything you know about this maker would be so appreciated .Or if you know where I can look. "Here is the info for my fiddle. I have nothing on an original label, but I know it was hand made in China by Tausson Lee (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). Here is the new label: The Heinrich Wilhelm Bohle Violin Created Exclusively for Rocky Mountain Violin Company Stanton Seibert Howe Helena, Montana Violin maker and repairer since 1968 Model Master Art Year May, 2000 Stanton Howe is a very good friend of mine. I've known him for about 21 years, and if I recall correctly, the Rocky Mountain Violin Company is his company, but I don't have any info on Tausson Lee. " Thank you she is a very sweet hardworking talented woman and a friend and I would love to at least get her a starting point. Thanks Kathy C in Ky
  12. Oh my . This is the only reason I subscribed. Dont think I will renew then . Sad Kathy c in ky
  13. Happy BIrthday and welcome to the 60 + club
  14. Thanks all. And thanks for the link. No I haven't posted pics yet. Need to. Got all my accessories from IVC already just waiting on the wood from grandpas workshop in canada. I think my biggest stumbling block is the bridge and set up. I can afford to take them to someone in Nashville. I just need to work on it. I learned a lot from the first and second fiddles. I play old time and thought it would be cheaper to build my own while chasing THE sound. My hubby said I should have just bought one it would have been cheaper. Haa .Didnt know I would get so hooked on building. Kathy c in ky
  15. I just finished my 2nd violin and have wood for numbers 3 and 4. I thought I would like to change up and build a viola , so the wood for that is on the way. I am building the strobel viola. It is 15 5/8 which would fit my 5'3" frame better then a larger model . Is there any big difference between the violin and viola I should watch for in this build. Mastronet has been such a big help to me. You will never know how thankful I am that I found you all.I am so hooked on this. Thanks Kathy c in ky
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