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  1. Wow! I suspect other 3D printing applications will continue to pop up.
  2. You do realize a long waiting list could be a curse for someone who's supposed to be enjoying his retirement?
  3. Based on Annelle Gregory’s spectacular Scheherazade recording posted by Don on June 3, I ordered her recent CD, which arrived this morning. I listened to it on my home theater’s high-end audio system — I’ve never heard a better sounding violin. The unfamiliar Taneyev piece was 45 minutes long; the Rimsky-Korsakov was 15+ minutes. The written insert contained a short bio on Annelle. She’s an award-winning, globe-trotting violin rock star, graduating first in her class, summa cum laude, from USC Thornton School of Music! Since she could be using just about any violin that appealed to
  4. Also available from Amazon. Here Whole album or individual tracks MP3. or here for the CD.
  5. Yes. The CNC machine is a tool, just as are all the other tools used by instrument makers. The CNC tool just requires much more cerebral skill to master.
  6. Oh, heresy! Another option is CrystaLac clear water-based finish coat, sold by Luthiers Mercantile International (and others). Resists sweat (but apparently not rubbing alcohol). Used on high-end acoustic guitars — does not adversely affect tone. Can be brushed or sprayed, with water clean up. https://www.lmii.com/finishes/14786-crystalac-brite-tone-top-coat-16-ounce.html "Brite Tone Instrument Finish is a high solids, super hard, scratch resistant, clear finish with exceptional clarity. Brite Tone will build very quickly due to its high solids content and will not leave a blue cast
  7. Google produced this page from Woodfinishing Enterprises: https://woodfinishingenterprises.com/shop/natural-resins/pontianak-resin/ Not sure if you could actually order it.
  8. Thanks for the photo, Don. I was having trouble visualizing the old bridge's 4.7mm tall "spindly" legs versus the new 6mm+ tall "much thicker" legs. I had associated "spindly" with tall, and "much thicker" with short and squat. The photo helps me understand the quantitative nuances of bridge geometry conventions.
  9. Would it be inconvenient to post photos of the two bridges, Don? Thanks.
  10. I look forward to reading about your adventure! It seems the demonstration tutorials the CAD/CNC people offer are always for projects completely different than the one you want to do. p.s. watched the webcast of the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch last night — nice!
  11. Your forms look like they should be a significant improvement over traditional clamping, or at least take you there within a couple iterations. Impressive! Since you’ve designed plates many times (by carving them), I’m assuming you’re talking about the challenge of translating those designs into a form your CNC machine can understand and execute on. Is that what you meant by “major effort to figure out how to design the plates”? My undergraduate degree was in naval architecture and marine engineering, so I know how to describe a three dimensional form, but that was in a pre-digital
  12. Some of the commenters here seem to equate the use of a CNC machine to "factory made," while "handmade" denotes built by an individual craftsman. This was likely true ten years ago (or more) when CNC machines were very large and expensive (and could only be employed by a factory), but now there are small CNC machines that are affordable by a one-person shop, or even by someone who builds instruments as a hobby. Second, some people suggest that if a CNC router is used, the "machine" is building the violin (a "machine-made" violin). Those people apparently do not know how a CNC router wo
  13. Here is an excellent 32 minute video demonstrating the whole CNC process for making a guitar neck. One-person shop.
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