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  1. Not impressed, standard violin neck joint
  2. Ok thanks, I will repair it myself then:)
  3. What do you think of this violin? It was ruined like this during shipping(it has 'only' broken off neck and sanded varnish on top before) According corners it looks inside mould, back linings looks to be let into corner blocks, it doesn't have top linings on C bouts(very strange). LOB is 349mm, ribs height 29-30mm. Neck is only little morticed to neck block and not morticed to top plate. It is hard to see shape of ffs but wings I think are quite distinctive and maybe someone will recognise them. Scroll has scratched line in center and Fluting go to bitter end. If it is valuable violin I would consider proper restoration in reputable shop or keep it as is, but if it is 'usual' I would use it for practice of my restoration skills:) Thanks
  4. That depends on if you bow it, or pluck it
  5. mendicus

    Violin ID

    I don't have more photos or measurements, nor I have seen it in person. Is it possible to identify it from these photos? Thanks
  6. In this photo marked to where flutings go. Doesn't materials of blocks and linings says anything? Are there some features that exclude Prague?
  7. LOB is 350mm, linings, probably plum or cherry wood, are let into corner blocks but without pointy ends(would that exclude Mittenwald?). Neck block and end block are made of some hardwood, different than linings(no reddish colour), maybe lime?Corner blocks are spruce. There are no locating pins on back.Dark red-brown varnish I think would match all Prague, Mittenwald or Wien. Fingerboard is ebony vaneered spruce, there is pin roughly where neck root meet block going through fingerboard to neck root. Top is one piece, quite wide grained. Label says Louis Bausch in Meissen. Found nothing about such maker but Meissen is closer to Prague than Mittenwald. Could it be made in Prague? Possibly something like Strnad? What is age of it? ca 1800-1850?
  8. Is that it?
  10. I think that should be used very sharp scraper and run it in right direction, not with much pressure
  11. If I remember correctly, Karel Vavra in Prague have one displayed in his shop as decoration, but I don't know how old or original it is.
  12. Pluck of course, I imagine it sound like viola when you bow it
  13. Since it looks that VdA missed this thread, how does it sound?
  14. Thank you again for nice photos. I think everybody would like to see all step by step photos.
  15. I add oil of turpentine while varnish is warm but not too hot.If it is too hard when cold it doesn't solve well in turpentine(I made 1:1 oil to resin without mastic)
  16. Not sure if varnish is original but I am sure top layer isn't
  17. My recent 44cm baroque tenor viola after Gasparo da Salo.
  18. Sorry I only now noticed your post. Outline is just drawn from photos, I don't have any measurement. I think (maybe I am wrong) Linarol didn't have templates neither and made every instrument little different.