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  1. I haven't set up them yet since I don't have time for more interesting thing to do, so I only tried one with bad bridge and very bad old steel strings.
  2. They looks nothing like Chinese violins nor they are bought and only finished boxes. If they were, they would look better. I have 6 of them as Shelbow pointed out, and they (and all others from this thread) were obviously made by same person who wasn't properly trained as luthier.
  3. here is ebay listing, sold for $5000
  4. Looking at photos of Pamphillon violin from Benjamin Hebbert page I have noticed that there looks to be channel for ribs on back.
  5. Here is recording of this violin, played by brother (piano by sister)
  6. Unfortunately "tailmetal" is missing. Violin don't have corner blocks if it is of help. Is age around 1800-1820 correct?
  7. mendicus

    Kuljk, Jan

    Yes, it is Czech book, it is quite often available on antiquarian bookshops around here, it usually cost 70-100eur.
  8. BOB and through neck.It is not stamped but reminds me Perry violins. Did he stamp all his violins? Or is is possibly some other British/Irish maker? Or again Saxony 1800-1850? It came with nice tailpiece which I think is baroque Vienese type. Is it correct? Is it original to violin or can I use it on my (possibly) Thir violin? Thanks
  9. Bass have certificate from Florian Leonhard so I wonder if he know of some other examples of Pietro
  10. I would like to see pictures regardless my viola, I just noticed existence of this maker because of it.
  11. Can't say if pins are original, varnish is for sure polished but doesn't look stripped and revarnished to me.
  12. on photo it is clearly visible 1780
  13. In 178? was Paolo Antonio dead so label probably refer to Pietro
  14. I started looking for them because I acquired viola with Gennaro Gagliano label and on rib is hand written or hand printed(letter by letter) label P A TESTORE DI MILANO 178?. To me, scroll and ffs look bit Testore-ish, but maybe it is reason why someone put there that label:). It is clearly BoB, scroll is grafted.
  15. also found this one, but it is only 'probably by'
  16. I was trying to find some photos of Pietro Antonio Testore instruments but without success, I only found one viola in cozio archive and one double bass. Do someone have some photos willing to share? Thanks
  17. another recording of previous violin (from first post)
  18. Thanks, but I would be also grateful for constructive criticism:)
  19. After long time I finally found time to finish next violin
  20. here is video from christmas concert with my violin being played (by brother)
  21. This one?
  22. As I stated already, corner blocks looks to be original in place. I have found photo of Deconet label (in very informative old thread) that looks to have dot on 1 too. But I would like to know if there is anything about this violin that rule out Venice? Thanks
  23. Another wrong thing with label is spelling 'Gio Bapt' it should be Giovanni Battista(t instead of p) or Ioannes Baptista or Johann Baptist. But my hopes for Venice are not based on label(When I was buying violin I thought label is new photocopy of famous Deconet, didn't come to my mind first name is different then) Upper corner block looks to be original and are assymetrical, what I thought was new lower corner blocks are actually spruce reinforcements that partially cover original blocks, also assymetrical. But because of dirt and angle of view I can't tell for sure if linings are let into corner blocks or not. I have noticed open crack under tailpiece so maybe I will have it opened someday.
  24. Linings appear to be not let into corner blocks. Also I can see no evidence of wings to be altered. If it was Mittenwald/Vienna/Prague I think Jacob Saunders would recognise it at first glance:)
  25. Bottom rib could have been possibly one piece originally, looking at grains I can't say for sure. But joint is not in centre of (current) endpin, but, of course, it could be result of repair