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  1. I don't like them:). I wonder if they weren't originally from some gamba or lute
  2. I forgot to mention that purfling is painted, that is why I thought it is more likely Salzkammergut than Reichel. Did Reichel made violins without purfling? If it is Reichel, which one? I have found on internet that father and son had same name.
  3. Is this late 18th c. Salzkammergut violin or could it be Reichel? or something else? Thanks
  4. year and back/top on direct sunlight
  5. I haven't noticed it neither before
  6. LOB is 356mm, edges are very thin, scroll is grafted, corner blocks are symetrical so I think BOB? flutings on pegbox are quite shallow. Could it be something more interesting or another german?How old it could be? on treble side c-bout rib is scratched to varnish year 1859. sorry for quality of photos but it is dark here nw, I can take better photos tomorrow if needed. Thanks
  7. funny, in slovak language it is 'Hore v hore, hora horí'
  8. this one I am not sure how old it is. Do you think it is 18th c.?
  9. pegs found in box of various accessories bought in England
  10. ex-Bruno Giuranna looks to me it have two (or four if eyes are counting) pieces scroll. Is it true?
  11. Thanks, very interesting even if not 18th c.:)
  12. english pegs posted by fiddlecollector