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  1. mendicus

    Fake maker - can anyone identify please

    looks to me like scam page
  2. mendicus

    Fake maker - can anyone identify please

    Label says (in Czech language) 'tovarna na hudebni nastroje' that means 'musical instrument factory'
  3. mendicus

    Tell me about this one please

    Looks to me like Salzkammergut with later purfling on top,but I don't know much about it so I can be completely wrong
  4. mendicus

    vintage HILL'S chinrests

    Among various old violin accesories I have found these four Hill's chinrests
  5. mendicus

    calculate wood density

    I think he uses formula 2*weight*1000/((A+B)*C*D)
  6. mendicus

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    There is only written that he was self-taught and worked in Velky Osek, Kolin and Kutna Hora at 1920-1935
  7. mendicus

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    Is there normal bassbar or special as written in book?
  8. mendicus

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    From book Cesti houslari (Czech violinmakers) by Karel Jalovec (translated by me with my english:)) 'Polak Josef, Velky Osek, Kutna Hora, Kolin, 1920-1935. Self-taught that worked after Stradivari; inserted to violins special bassbar of his own construction.'
  9. mendicus

    My Linarol viola

  10. mendicus

    My Linarol viola

    here are sound samples, first is my violin, second is real Storioni, both recorded at same circumstances with Steinway piano, unfortunately with phone so it is not very informative because of low quality of recording Husle_c_18_kubo.m4a Ref2.m4a
  11. mendicus

    Funny fine tuner

    never seen before this kind of fine tuner from Amati auction violin
  12. mendicus

    Could this be Strnad?

    Thanks, doesn't look very similar to my eye. Forgot to mention LOB is 353mm
  13. mendicus

    Could this be Strnad?

    I would like to ask if this violin could be Strnad or something like that? Where remain original varnish it is rich red-brown, it has original neck(neck angle is changed at root) Thanks
  14. mendicus

    My Linarol viola

    Storioni violin.
  15. mendicus

    loss of value in bow after spline

    If you call every spline that break 'badly executed', than you are right. Too bad you never know if particular spline is good, you only can say it was bad after it is too late. And possibly, should you live another 100 years, you will find that all of splines were 'badly executed'