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  1. Looks to be available here https://sklep.mnp.art.pl/produkt/polska-szkola-lutnicza-2/ I am going to buy one, so if it is not available for you I can order 2 pieces and send one to you together with violin.
  2. Thanks, I am glad you like it.
  3. Thanks, I am glad for any criticism. Could you explain more what do you mean?
  4. You still have chance to join my secret sale, Linarol viola don't have buyer yet
  5. It is same varnish,just linseed oil and cooked colophony without pigment, only antiqueing is little different(as always) and mainly different light conditions
  6. I hope it is not, do you think I should stop making them? BTW this one was made for our fellow member Televet.
  7. New violin finished, first time I used same piece of maple for all ribs,back and scroll which had to be grafted because piece of wood wasn't large enough.
  8. Body looks to me more like 1820ish, maybe Jacob S. didn't looked carefully, or maybe I am all wrong:)
  9. Do you have more images of this violin? Do you know who made it? I didn't knew 'linings let into corner blocks' were used in Paris. Thanks
  10. Sure he is.He have good wife,three children and job he likes:)
  11. My brother is currently playing on my Testore copy with grafted scroll and I have almost finished Linarol viola with neck graft too.
  12. If they respond, please let us know what you find out
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