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  1. Do you have more images of this violin? Do you know who made it? I didn't knew 'linings let into corner blocks' were used in Paris. Thanks
  2. Sure he is.He have good wife,three children and job he likes:)
  3. My brother is currently playing on my Testore copy with grafted scroll and I have almost finished Linarol viola with neck graft too.
  4. If they respond, please let us know what you find out
  5. I am not quite sure if it is humorous story but one of my violins (first from my bench thread ) was sold on ebay stamped and labelled as Paul Knorr, stating it was heritage and went through 750eur restoration 1.5 year ago (at that time violin was still with me, I sold it about year ago). Violin sold for about triple of my average price. I think it is a bit shame that my violins need to be relabelled to gain value:)
  6. Anyway, I think that OP violin is nice early 19th c. violin and I would gladly exchange it for one of my unvarnished fine example of modern Italian violin making:)
  7. That is what you think you have responded. Actually you wrote it WAS too expensive for free
  8. What would you call instruments from 1800-1830 that are neither baroque nor modern? I understand that 'transitional' isn't exactly correct word but I think everybody understand what is meant by it.
  9. There are many violins that are too late to be called baroque (1800-1830) but still have baroque-style neck angle and wedge shaped fingerboards, not only 'through-neck Saxon fiddles'.
  10. Nice baroque(transitional) violin, hope you don't consider converting it to modern standards.
  11. I have read this Schödler thread but thought it is still more probable option than Sorsana or Seraphin. So stamped SS are not makers initials? If I remember correctly I have read that wax seals under button were used in monasteries or churches. Could it be that violin was ordered by monastery with SS initials? Do you have any idea what it could be? If there wasn't that stamp I would think it to be Viennese or Prague violin c. 1750-1780. I really want to visit you for long time, among other things because of that Jacop Schw... violin we talked about some year or two ago.
  12. Thanks, it looks to have many similarities with Seidel especially in inside work. Would like to hear what Jacob Saunders would think of it.