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  1. Was the second one also Ficker?
  2. here is another https://spidlen.com/cz-en/obchod/nabidka-nastroju/kjd1929.php?l=en
  3. I have bought from them and color was uniform
  4. I would like to ask if anyone have any data of spruce properties of Gofriller(or his venetian contemporaries)? Interested mainly in density and speed of sound, especially of cello. Thanks
  5. I am not expert at all but I think it is quite certainly alemannische
  6. After almost year from its start(I begun making it last spring) I finished cello da spalla after Johann Christian Hoffmann
  7. Yes, it is through neck construction for that very reason. I don't know what original back is made of but I think slab cut maple is always good choice for this kind of instruments.
  8. Thank you all for support. I just applied some tannin to get rid of whiteness of fresh wood and than varnish but only as much as soaked into wood and rub off rest. But I can't say if it is good or bad.
  9. I have violin that was suggested to be 'Bocquay school' built that way
  10. Yes, there is channel on back, if I am not wrong most or all of old Parisian makers were doing it. Scroll is of course much later but I think it could be French too.
  11. I have bought this violin couple of months ago on ebay. I think back(and maybe ribs) are made by Fleury, top plate looks to me later replacement and scroll is surely replacement. Am I correct? Thanks
  12. Looks to be available here https://sklep.mnp.art.pl/produkt/polska-szkola-lutnicza-2/ I am going to buy one, so if it is not available for you I can order 2 pieces and send one to you together with violin.
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