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  1. What you probably means are saw marks.
  2. I have came across photos of Nicolas Mathieu in Mirecourt violin at viaductviolins webpage that looks somewhat similar to my violin, especially edgework(at least to me). Could they be somewhat related? Also I think it should be noticed that there are patches on back center seam even though it appears to be never opened, which should point to French.
  3. here is violin with similar inlay listed as Neuner & Hornsteiner, c.1890
  4. I think it could be Polish violin, like Groblitz
  5. In Slovak language is soundpost called "duša", that means soul.
  6. Looks to me to be older violin and that it was originally made without purfling (I have similar edgework on 18th-early 19th c. violins without purfling). But I am probably wrong when jacobsaunders say other thing, or possibly he didn't bother to look carefully:).
  7. Do you have photos of it?
  8. I haven't set up them yet since I don't have time for more interesting thing to do, so I only tried one with bad bridge and very bad old steel strings.
  9. They looks nothing like Chinese violins nor they are bought and only finished boxes. If they were, they would look better. I have 6 of them as Shelbow pointed out, and they (and all others from this thread) were obviously made by same person who wasn't properly trained as luthier.
  10. here is ebay listing, sold for $5000
  11. Looking at photos of Pamphillon violin from Benjamin Hebbert page I have noticed that there looks to be channel for ribs on back.
  12. Here is recording of this violin, played by brother (piano by sister)
  13. Unfortunately "tailmetal" is missing. Violin don't have corner blocks if it is of help. Is age around 1800-1820 correct?
  14. mendicus

    Kuljk, Jan

    Yes, it is Czech book, it is quite often available on antiquarian bookshops around here, it usually cost 70-100eur.