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  1. Bow with Tortoiseshell frog ID

    These are the only images I have so far, but I will upload better images after I receive bow.Is it possible to say something about what it is based on these images? Thanks
  2. partly repaired violin id

    I think on ebay it would sell for at least about $500
  3. Opinions on this bow?

    If it is pernambuco price is good.But can't say from photos, more likely isn't
  4. Vintage Cello

    I think photos can be added by new member by Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v
  5. Selling an expensive violin

    Now that violin is sold,could you tell us what violin it was? Thanks
  6. Large bassbar with thin top on cello

    Thanks for your replies and sorry for my english,I probably didn't wrote it correctly.Maybe it is not called dull.It feels like sound stay inside instrument. It is actually not cello but 5 string basse de violon, set up with gut string.What can be also problem is low bridge made from too hard maple. But I was mainly interested generally how bass bar have how effect on sound when there is thin plate
  7. Large bassbar with thin top on cello

    It is cello that exist with thin top and large bassbar, and it sound bit dull, so I was thinking whether remove some material from bar could help to resonant more freely. It has also thicker back and is high arched
  8. What kind of sound would you expect from thin top with long and high bassbar on cello? Would it be dark and responsive or rather damped?
  9. Am I allowed to like this violin?

    I like it too
  10. Refinishing

    It looks much better than revarnished instrument
  11. My violins and violas ID

    Here is other violin for ID. LOB is 355mm. Is it cca. 1750 German violin?
  12. Hargrave's imminent demise?

    You can begin to give wood for free.I would take some:)
  13. How to play with long fake fingernails

    finally some valid suggestion after 15 years:)