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  1. there are thousands of 362mm 4/4 violins.Of course they fit violin cases. I think even some long pattern Stradivari are that long.
  2. I don't know, but you are probably right.I meant LOB of Chardon is similar to LOB of 1/4 violin(but that may be wrong too)
  3. It is original small sized violin, I think it is about size of 1/4
  4. Tops are from Ciresa, Val di Fiemme, he have measured densities and I don't know where he get maple, maybe also from Ciresa?
  5. I like these old threads. When this started (7th september 2000) these were my first days in school
  6. here is same varnish applied on paler wood
  7. I used tannin and ammonia fuming to darken wood.Sometimes it is better to apply thin sealer before tannin to avoid burning. Casein sealer/size/ground(not sure which word is correct) and 1:1 oil to resin varnish with cobalt siccative thinned by turpentine. I applied 4 thin layers (to speed up drying). I use ordinary colophony made for removing hairs from pigs:), cooked about 3-4 days(don't remember exactly, it was year ago) and don't know temperature, it was older electric hot plate turned on maximum
  8. Dakujem, je to olejovy lak bez pigmentu, farba je len z dlheho varenia kolofonie
  9. Thank you for nice comments. I would be also grateful for some tips for improvement on next violin.
  10. if you will ever have done dendro or show it in person to some expert, please let us know results
  11. Sorry I wrongly read your question. I have seen Zimbalist
  12. Thanks. I didn't copy any particular violin, I just tried copy GdG style. I made mould from 'Le Violon du Diable' photos. Also varnish wear is inspired by that violin
  13. I started new thread rather than continue with 'My Linarol' thread. Here is my recent Guarneri violin (before set up).It is my 3rd violin and 9th instrument. I have seen real Guarneri only once and it was from distance about 10m in concert so I will be glad for any criticism.