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  1. Nicer photo of Testore top(maybe nicer than real:))
  2. If head is made of pearwood it is expected to be much less worn.
  3. Michelli small 'violinists' viola (38cm body but violin-like string length)
  4. Admins, please feel free to remove this topic if it is inappropriate to post it here. Yesterday, in our beautiful town Banská Štiavnica was fire that destroyed seven historical buildings including primary art school (they teach mainly music,but also drama,dance and art). Original roof from half of 18th century, only recently restored, was completely burned down but complete extent of damage is not clear yet. Should anyone wish to help, you can do it here https://gogetfunding.com/help-zus-banska-stiavnica-to-recover-after-fire-on-18th-march-2023/ or here https://zusbanskastiavnica.edupage.org/a/oz-priatelia-banskostiavnickej?eqa=dGV4dD10ZXh0L3RleHQzJnN1YnBhZ2U9MQ%3D%3D website of school: https://zusbanskastiavnica.edupage.org/?lang=en Thank you
  5. But same apply to whole violin trade
  6. I am quite sure he want to buy it at lowest possible price
  7. or maybe „Italian mystique“
  8. Doesn't seem so https://www.bromptons.co/reference/results/list/salustri/page-1.html Action record looks to be $4800 already at Tarisio in 2015
  9. In that case answer simple: his instruments would worth almost nothing:)
  10. Not sure what exactly is your question, but to those here who have ever had Salustri in hand is obvious, that he was amateur, making violins from scratch and not in large numbers. Not that makes them any better or more valuable, there is just not reason to make up theories about his making that are not supported by any facts.
  11. he surely couldn't, because he used some arching or graduating system that surely slowed him down(I can assume it from pencil lines of unfinished ones)
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