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  1. here is video from christmas concert with my violin being played (by brother)
  2. This one?
  3. As I stated already, corner blocks looks to be original in place. I have found photo of Deconet label (in very informative old thread) that looks to have dot on 1 too. But I would like to know if there is anything about this violin that rule out Venice? Thanks
  4. Another wrong thing with label is spelling 'Gio Bapt' it should be Giovanni Battista(t instead of p) or Ioannes Baptista or Johann Baptist. But my hopes for Venice are not based on label(When I was buying violin I thought label is new photocopy of famous Deconet, didn't come to my mind first name is different then) Upper corner block looks to be original and are assymetrical, what I thought was new lower corner blocks are actually spruce reinforcements that partially cover original blocks, also assymetrical. But because of dirt and angle of view I can't tell for sure if linings are let into corner blocks or not. I have noticed open crack under tailpiece so maybe I will have it opened someday.
  5. Linings appear to be not let into corner blocks. Also I can see no evidence of wings to be altered. If it was Mittenwald/Vienna/Prague I think Jacob Saunders would recognise it at first glance:)
  6. Bottom rib could have been possibly one piece originally, looking at grains I can't say for sure. But joint is not in centre of (current) endpin, but, of course, it could be result of repair
  7. If French, according amati-like ff wings it would be first half of 18th c. would't it? Wasn't those violins made with groove on back with inset ribs? What I think to be original lower corner blocks(and remnants of upper blocks) looks to be assymetrical in 'Mittenwald' way. Letters are clearly imprinted. Could you please tell as what means dot over 1? On cozio archive I have found few large venetian violins: 360mm and 363mm Belosio and 360mm Kaiser so LOB don't comletely rule out Venice, or am I wrong?
  8. sorry for photos, but it have 2 piece bottom rib and saddle was once inset into rib. scroll is fluted to bitter end
  9. mendicus

    ID violin

    no, but maybe someday I will.
  10. 'yes' mean that I am wrong or that those labels don't have imprinted letters? Because this label have deeply imprinted letters. Also colour is similar to rest of wood of back. Anyway violin looks interesting:) to me regardless label.
  11. Shouldn't it be always done this way? I thought I read that one of features of these labels is that letters are not imprinted deep into paper, or am I wrong?
  12. mendicus

    ID violin

    I can see certain resemblance also to ff of this violin
  13. LOB is 362mm, ribs are not let into channel on back, upper and lower bouts ribs go over c-bout ribs so looks to me like inside mould, linings and end block are of hard wood, lower corner blocks are replaced or covered and upper are hard to see if original and shape. f-hole wings looks like what I imagine in Venice( but in many otherplaces up to early 18th century). Label looks that is on place quite long time and letters are imprinted to paper(I think quite deep). I have found nothing about maker named G.B. Deconat. Could this violin be Venetian? I will upload better images if needed later because there is too dark now Thanks
  14. There is nothing under label, only much paler wood than rest of back so it looks like label is on this place very long time. Also it looks to me like old label, I will try to take photos tomorrow. I can't see any ghost on C bout rib.
  15. is this real Voigt as labelled? Age looks ok to me, purfling is painted, abel is almost on middle of back but closer to soundpost. Thanks