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  1. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    I think thick back would have opposite effect. I just made violin from .35-.36 SG engelman spruce that ended up darker sounding then I intended (top thickness was about 2.7mm)
  2. manfio viola

    I don't think anyone would be so stupid to sell stolen instrument through ebay, where everybody see it.
  3. Artiom Sinelnikov's workshop

    I find there more music then in most of contemporary music:)
  4. What do you think of this?
  5. Looks like a cheap bow - but gold mounted?

    looks like ivory to me
  6. My Linarol viola

    here is sound sample maybe Violadamore would like to know how does it sound
  7. If it is well set-up and sound good I don't see reason why it would be less valuable than e.g. 'MSV 102 Violin' . Only problem I think is if it is new and is being sold as antique.
  8. My Linarol viola

    It was made thanks to you and your Dilworth's viola.When I first saw photos of it here I thought why he made such ugly f-holes, then I found they are quite exact copies and Linarols became one of my favourite makers
  9. My Linarol viola

    Of course it is copy, I finished neck yesterday, it is my first viola(and second instrument), as you said it is copied from those photos from Schotten webpage. And I would very very very very like to see real Linarol before second attempt.
  10. My Linarol viola

    Photos of my Linarol viola if anyone is interested to see it
  11. Early Polish violin?

    here is next message "Hi again, I have now also tested against individual series from the GERM005 (Abies alba/European Fir) and found the most significant cross-matches with those data, confirming the likely provenance of the wood from the Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald) and the latest ring on the bass side dating from 1743 and on the treble side 1754. This makes a manufacturing date possible from about 1760 onwards."
  12. Early Polish violin?

    Here is message from Peter Ratcliff he kindly sent to me. "Thanks, Dates are not very clear, I will send to a colleague to see whether he sees the same date as me, which are in the middle of the 18th century. .i think they are right as i can see consistency also with Master published references as well as instrument data. All the best Peter"
  13. Early Polish violin?

    lower row of label is almost for sure Anno 1739 (or 1734), first 4 letters of upper row looks to be Repa... or possibly Repari..... so it is probably repairers label. If that is true, I think it can be expected that violin was made in 17th century. I would be very happy if it would prove.
  14. Early Polish violin?

    I have found faint label glued on c-bout rib