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  1. mendicus

    I bought from him wood for my first cello as he was about 50 km from where I lived then, he have large hall full of wood, he was very nice, made me cup of tea and we talked a bit.When I was leaving, he drove me to bus stop because I haven't had car.
  2. mendicus

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    I don't think you can buy his violin for $25000 you mention in Strad thread
  3. mendicus

    Interesting violin + bows on Ebay

    sold for $5100
  4. mendicus

    Johann Christian Voigt II ?

    because of pointed purfling and also place and period where it could be from looked correct to me. What could you say about its origin or age?
  5. mendicus

    Johann Christian Voigt II ?

    I can't find stamps.There is unreadable remnant of label and repairer's on treble side.Can be stamp under that label? Still not Voigt after rotation? or with worn corners?
  6. mendicus

    Johann Christian Voigt II ?

    I would like to ask if you can confirm that this violin was made by Johann Christian Voigt II and when it was made? It has original neck and bassbar Thanks
  7. mendicus

    Fake maker - can anyone identify please

    looks to me like scam page
  8. mendicus

    Fake maker - can anyone identify please

    Label says (in Czech language) 'tovarna na hudebni nastroje' that means 'musical instrument factory'
  9. mendicus

    Tell me about this one please

    Looks to me like Salzkammergut with later purfling on top,but I don't know much about it so I can be completely wrong
  10. mendicus

    vintage HILL'S chinrests

    Among various old violin accesories I have found these four Hill's chinrests
  11. mendicus

    calculate wood density

    I think he uses formula 2*weight*1000/((A+B)*C*D)
  12. mendicus

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    There is only written that he was self-taught and worked in Velky Osek, Kolin and Kutna Hora at 1920-1935
  13. mendicus

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    Is there normal bassbar or special as written in book?
  14. mendicus

    Looking for info on Czech Maker

    From book Cesti houslari (Czech violinmakers) by Karel Jalovec (translated by me with my english:)) 'Polak Josef, Velky Osek, Kutna Hora, Kolin, 1920-1935. Self-taught that worked after Stradivari; inserted to violins special bassbar of his own construction.'
  15. mendicus

    My Linarol viola