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  1. great info.. ..... thanks folks........Evan, i've had different amounts of b note wolf on a few of the violins my wife and i have built,,, as well as old violins in our collection.... think i'll try different tailpieces and varing string adjuster lengths.. for a start www.facebook.com/mtviolin
  2. through the years i have had and made violins with a "wolf tone" on the b note on a violin A string.... drives me nuts.... what can be done to fix it??
  3. my wife and i are getting pretty good at using "store bought" oil varnish on our violins. We are now thinking of making our own varnish. Any recommendations on good books with info and recipes for making oil varnish? Any scoop is appreciated. Thanks Mike Conroy Conroy Violin.. www.facebook.com/mtviolin
  4. so what does vernice bianca mean in Italian? that could be a "shop" name
  5. great advise... thanks a bunch
  6. try as i might--- i sometimes get a varnish tear that dripped down from the f hole when varnishing....any advise on getting rid of them when the coat is set up? i've tried micro- polish,,lightly scraping, and micro-meshing...but it still leaves signs of the tear..
  7. back to my original question- what specific wording would typically be used on a label of a white import violin i varnished and added pegs, bridge, tailpiece, chinrest, strings etc From the shop of xxxxxx violins?
  8. new.member here. i wanted to ask you violin makers about wording in my violin labels.... if you redo a white violin you bought, (oil varnish, pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece etc... how would you word the label? if you are just setting up violins and reselling--any label? and of course one i made from start to finish- what's the wording on it.... thanks mike conroy
  9. ...ken ( from international violin) is sending me some amber spirit varnish to use for a ground color and sealer.... i was thinking of trying sunlight and egg whites on one of the white violins....... would that be any good? mike
  10. hi all...i am the really new guy, just got signed up here to jump into violin making and repairs...... (something that is on my bucket list and i plan to jump in with both feet)... i ordered two nice white violins from international violin.. one is their best chinese...the other their best from Europe... ordered their varnish kit with dvd instructions, but they were out of gamboge. what should i use for a good lookin ground coat? They sent the liguid pore filler to replace the gamboge... thanks mike