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  1. Thanks Jim. Andreas. I'll keep that in mind about the patchiness. May even fix it before it sets. This is my 9th instrument. It was time for some experimentation. I'm still not happy with a few characteristics of the overall appearance of my varnish in general...the flames need more contrast, the sheen(after polishing) is too glossy, film not transparent enough...etc. And I'm trying out different methods to see what's what. Thanks, Andreas, for the critique.. It's nice to have someone to tell me what Im aiming at.....things I wouldn't naturally think about, things I've yet to study about. Anyh
  2. Thanks Jim. I've been studying varnish recipes. The Michelman recipes are pretty intriguing at the moment. Within the next few instruments, I'll be trying some of them. Not sure I'll be ready to put one on this one. So it will probably be the Hargrave recipe from the bass book. I hope to make it on Friday. And I may antique it a little. Hope you've been well
  3. Last night I cooked an oil varnish. Very small amount with some "dance rosin". Just an experiment really. Seems to be a good all purpose clear. This morning I brushed on a rather strong instant coffee stain. I then mixed a pumice mineral paste using my new varnish(very small amount). The paste was then rubbed vigorously into the pores. It's in the light box now.
  4. I've been doing some varnish/ground research lately and am experimenting with some new techniques. I'll probably post some various images of successful and failed processes and results therefrom with both good and bad outcomes. This is, of course, a running record for me and possibly other learners like myself. I'm rather inexperienced in almost anything involving raw materials. Feel free to critique my methods and products. That is, after all, why I'm here. So far, I've kept it simple and achieved mediocre results at best. My usual sequence would be something like this: Sun bath Cof
  5. Here's a video of Joe thrift's brief summary of violin building on the pbs show "the woodwrights shop". He bends ribs at about the 4 and a half minute mark. Since seeing this method and putting it into practice, I'll likely never do it any other way. Hope this helps. Season 27 ep 7 if that won't pull up
  6. Thanks mike. The pleasure was mine. Today I set the neck. Glue's drying now. I'll have to send you an mp3 so you can hear it.
  7. It was very nice to meet you too. I hate im missing out. I can't wait to see you all next year for varnish week.
  8. Hello maestronet. I am a violin builder currently living in Greensboro NC. This is how it all began. In 2015, having played the violin for a number of years, I was looking to upgrade my instrument. I came to the realisation that I was going to have to spend a large sum to get what I wanted. I also somehow knew that not just one fiddle could ever satisfy me. So instead, I read the Henry Strobel book, bought some good tools and tonewood, and started the project. My first violin was finished sometime in the spring of '16. I will be assembling #6 this week. I've poured a lot of time ove
  9. i have an rt 26 that i know absolutely nothing about except that it sounds great. can anyone tell me year, price range etc?.. i payed $900
  10. I recently purchased a Roman Teller 4/4 violin for $900. My fiddle teacher had or still has one and it was his pride and joy of fiddles. I am really not a very experienced violinist nor do i know a lot about modern quality violins, but i do know one thing. My Roman Teller sounds wonderful. A world sight of difference between it and my old Sam Eastman. I would love to know more about it but so far here in Greensboro, no luck. The model number is RT 26. Serial: S 5036 Can anyone help me? Thanks Jordan