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  1. Maybe it isn't a pearl... maybe something different...
  2. Have you ever seen pearl part of fingerboard with the diamond? (glued under the fingerboard)? Do you know anything about this?
  3. Heh... I do not sell my instruments. I am doing it for myself and I play on them everyday, not intended for sale.
  4. "She" , not "He". It is not real Stainer, for sure. It is a copy.
  5. I changed the linked pictures, now you can see the final work of other very old violin. The most important thing is in this work is to get the best quality of sound, and this is possible, only when wood is healthy condition (varnishing is just the step of all work). I will exchange the pics when it will be ready, then ask you again for the feedback. Thank you all for your attention.
  6. I wonder when you will notice that every new generation of people are smarter than the previous one, and don't believe in bullshit about the master violin makers. Many of young people knows the true. Thanks for all you advices, however they are useless.
  7. BTW, varnish on the violin plays a very important function in the preparation of timber for use in the production of sound. If the violin can only view in the museum, it should be should be original, I agree with negligible changes. However, if you want to use it for the game, as intended, you need to make it ready for work. Every violin is different from the others. A method of preparation are different for each timber. This requires knowledge of botany, biology, chemistry, natural, being extremely sensitive and lot of time, because the restoration process takes more than few months, sometime
  8. Yes, it was a joke. Sorry about this.
  9. None of you have thought of the violin before someone painted something that should not be used. Ost old violin does not have the original varnish. Very often people is painted them on their own, sometimes stain, varnish sometimes to the floor. I'm curious, what do you do in this situation? imposes another layer? Thanks for all comments.
  10. Violins were in very bad condition. I am not hurry with their renovation, this is not for sale. I remove old varnish with linseed oil and resin. Only naturals components. I am working to finish my work, but thans for comments about it. The violin were never opened. About CT scan: Inside Is the same oval element. It seems that on the scan image is a mirror image. On the bass bar is another, small, convex dot, I'm not sure how well I can see on the association the letter "A". This is somewhere in the middle of the bass bar, from side the same as the sound post. Another is also pictures of r
  11. Now without a varnish.... wood still has a color, amazing.. Inside is exactly like on a scan:
  12. Red wood hue is achieved in the transformation process of bio-chemical wood for the help of resin (gummi amoniacum, but not only) cooked in linseed oil. What is boiled longer, the darker shade. The intensity of the color is achieved in the process of rubbing the mixture on the wood.
  13. I think that the secret is in the full implementation of logic and sound reinforcement through the preparation of wood to work. Stradivarius violin possess amazing logic in the mechanics of producing sound. All the details are exactly the what should be. Form a whole. Perfection is not the result of one or two parts. Are formed together a great puzzle.
  14. Ok:
  15. I have an old violin, very old. has no label inside. I have a feeling that it Stradivarius. there are a few details, such as color, density wood, asymmetry, insert the pins, button, under the neck, in the middle of an oval shape with "f", various symmetrical additives in the middle: square and oval. in the middle of the black border is marked on the bottom plate, 1.5 cm from the edge. language at the neck is black circuit. on the head seen from the inner side of the selected print, round, with the key inside the hole. on the one hand, the screw letter "G". back plate corrugated, non-planar bac