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Lawrence Furse (b.1951) is an American violin and viola maker.  Since 1973 he has specialized in new, individually handmade violins, violas and cellos.  He started his training in Salt Lake City, then apprenticed to the well known violin and viola maker,  Otto Erdesz,  at Toronto, Canada.  Instruments by Furse can be found thought the U.S. in the hands of teachers, professional orchestra players, and advanced students.  He is particularly known for his violas.

Current sales: A new, handmade violin by Lawrence Furse will be up for bid in the March 2018 Tarisio T2 auction.  This is a copy of a late period Guarneri, made of the finest European wood with top quality fittings and strings.  Anyone wishing to purchase  this violin is encouraged to contact Tarisio Rare Violins and Bows at for information on how to bid.   While Lawrence furse is mostly known for his violas and cellos, he also makes top quality violins when the need arises, or when he needs a break from more laborious tasks.  He follows an authentic late period Guarneri del gesu pattern given to him by Robert Bein.

Violas:  Lawrence Furse has made  200-300 violas,  and pre-owned Furse violas are frequently in the secondary market. Lawrence Furse also makes a limited quantity of new violas for Salt Lake area clients and the Violin House of Weaver in Bethesda, Md.  Contact Bill Weaver for information on price and availibility.

Cellos: Lawrence Furse is not currently making cellos, but may start again at any time, depending on the state of his exchequer.  Since he has made many cellos in the past, pre-owned Furse cellos can frequently be found in the secondary market.

Contact info: cell and text 801-702-9034  email: