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  1. Hi Melvin Is the reason you leave the plates at 5mm is to help stop distortion with the plates while carrying out the ground and varnish coats
  2. Finished my first Cello a couple of months ago, about to start varnishing my last violin and just started a small viola
  3. I asked the player to play without a shoulder rest and use a shoulder pad instead as this is how she always used to play until recently, thinking that that might stop the back vibrating as much in the lower bouts, but apparently it didn't make any difference. In answer to your question I normally keep the finger board a bit thicker, the intention is to keep the neck a bit stronger and help with a faster response. When I have it back I will try changing the set up as mentioned above. Tim
  4. I will try one thing at a time and see how it goes, changing set up,bridges etc is fine as the changes can undone if it affects the tone, adding more varnish is a last resort because the change would be irreversible. When I get the fiddle back in a months time I will try the changes. The player does wear an ear plug at the moment. Thanks Tim
  5. Thanks for the advise, I will try a heavier bridge and check the sound post, I doubt if it is the plates too thin as they were a bit thicker than normal, I have tried different strings, gut core instead of synthetic but that did not improve the problem. Would string length play a part or the distance from the tail to the bridge, at the moment it has an ebony tail piece Don by outboard I assume you mean further from the centre of the instrument to the outside of the bridge foot.
  6. The last violin I made projects well and sounds good but is also very loud in the players ear, I know a very talented violinist that has played two different Guadagnini violins for a few years each. One almost made him deaf but the other still projects the sound the same but is a lot quieter in the players year. Is there some way to change the set up of my violin to make it quieter in the players ear or is this something inherent in the violin construction that can not be altered by adjustment. My violin is nine months old and the problem seems to have got worse as the violin is played in more, I would be grateful of any advice Regards Tim
  7. Thank you for your advice, Regards Tim
  8. When joining the wedges of the belly together is there any merit in reversing one of them so the grain running through the wedge from bottom to top is in the same direction.
  9. For me its the final set up and listening to it being played for the first time, if it sounds good thinking what you did different form the last one, and planning what you intend to do on the next one, how you can always improve.
  10. Hello not telling I stained the violin first applied the plaster, left to dry dusted off and then rubbed in the first coat of varnish mixed with some plaster to seal the violin. The plaster disappeared once the first cost of varnish was applied. I have done three violins like this and all seems fine. I also tried to made varnish as described by Roger. The violin in the second photo is after the first coat of varnish rubbed in.
  11. Tim H

    Jointer planes

    I also use a Veritas plane with two different blades the 25 degree for soft wood and the 60 degree for maple and it works like a dream
  12. Hi Joe How are you getting on with the cello, haven't seen any posts for a while, where are you at.
  13. I have finished the fiddle and did not build in any deformities, the question was an afterthought. I have just started a cello Vuillaume 1865 model and that seems to be the same with the belly gone down and the back more prounced. Not sure what everyone else does? Regards Tim
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