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  1. Hi Bruce, Nice picture. Is this not the lower belly of the 1740 ex-Otto Senn, also once owned by Lutti and Nicolo Paganini?
  2. Don't know if the label pictured is in "undisturbed" condition or not, but it's certainly a black letter ticket. If original to the maker's hand, he certainly wasn't "illiterate".
  3. Hi Jeff, Please delete my previous replies, if you wish. Mr. Rosengard and Mr. Ruening deserve better treatment, and I apologize for any disturbence to the theme. JoeG
  4. In my opinion, nearly all of the information alleged to concern Lorenzo Guadagnini's life and work is complete speculation. As far can be determined the back of this instrument appears to be made of oppio, bearing a rather wild looking figure. JoeG
  5. "....Greedy dealers did the rest by re-labelling other Piacenza and Milanese violins as Lorenzo Guadagninis over the years...." duh...wha...?? Cut it out!!?? ROFLMAO!!!!
  6. So... the current claim is that Lorenzo Guadagnini NEVER made a bowed string instrument and that his own son concocted a story to the contrary, long before he was even born?
  7. One will find something much more "troubling" if one investigates Kass' "investigations" into certain workmen's work whom once worked for Nicolo Amati.
  8. JoeG

    Violin ID

    Hi Bruce, I could say much more about that Guarneri and certain other circumstances after Ron's passing, but will leave that for a later time. The fiddle in question wasn't made north of the Alps. Here's more eye candy for the general public. Joe
  9. Likely made at the Karl Herrmann factory.
  10. JoeG

    Violin ID

    Thanks Bruce, was hopin' you'd do that. What you talkin' bout Roger!?! This thread is hotter'n a two dollar pistol and getting hotter by the second! Your treatise is a nice read, but it has nothing AT ALL to do with the issue. No one has YET answered my direct question with a direct answer. Why not? Thousands of readers (besides myself and the usual Mnet regulars) want to know!
  11. JoeG

    Violin ID

    Your Guad was prolly made by wunna them ever so clever Vollers, or Jack Lott. Is that what Florian told you? Articles online indicate that they were "the greatest 19th ct. makers England ever offered". Well what about T. E. Hesketh? Now THAT man knew how to make a fiddle; could set one up right the first time and make it last for more than 60 years!
  12. JoeG

    Violin ID

    Thanks Bruce, for confirming the initial expectation of so many viewers: Here's another outline comparison that's not so blurry, which I will add to the above post for the benefit of those who are as blind as I am. Joe
  13. JoeG

    Violin ID

    ..."the plate pins are rather large and "un Italian"." Thanks for your input, Mr. Goldastini.
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