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  1. By the way, sorry for not saying thank you sooner. Something wrong with our internet for a while.
  2. Thank you very much Martin. Exactly what think about them too. Maybe my friend knows something I don't but I think it's German with a fake label. It's re-voiced but by who. If it was done by Fiorini then that's great but I can't prove it nor do I know anyone who could either. Thank you again for your time. I always enjoy your post. Honest and respectful every time!
  3. By the way, the Fiorini isn't in good shape. It's been a while since I looked at it. Sorry for misleading. It's more fitting to say that it's in pieces. Thanks, john
  4. <iframe width="480" height="360" src=""></iframe> Hope that works. Again, thank you very much for your help. Especially you Martin! You have a true passion for the violin.
  5. Still haven't learned how to upload pics yet. Have pics ready though. Soon I guess.
  6. I will upload pics as soon as I can upload pics. Guess I need a few more posts. Thank you all very much for your help. I love violins and it's so interesting to learn about them. I've played fiddle over the last many years with several different bands in the US. I have the great privilege of playing guitar with Nate Leath on the fiddle with KrippleKrunk. He's a huge influence in the younger generation of upcoming violin/fiddle players here in the US. While other instruments are our main choices the violin is something we all have in common. Even the drummer. And again pics soon I hope.
  7. Probably because I'm not an expert. In my opinion it's number 123 of 1946 and completely right down to the tailpiece. The Fiorini is very well done inside. You can see the burn marks from taking the top off. Bunch of scribble in pencil on the lower right side. If it was redone by Fiorini himself it shouldn't bring what a model made earlier totally by him brings. How can you not be sure if it's a fake too?
  8. Could it still be a fiddle he redid though? Why would he put his label in it if so?
  9. Re edit to previous comment. I don't think it's a Fiorini either. German plus Fiorini doesn't equal Fiorini. Right?
  10. Thanks Martin. You've said what I originally thought about the violins. Saw something on the net related to masters taking a new premade fiddle and redoing it and putting their label n it for sale. The Gaggini looks twice as nice. It's stamped everywhere P Gaggini. Number 123. Probably made by him. But if the Fiorini is a German redone. That to me is just what it is. I wonder why he was so interested. I'm not to sure how to play it. I feel like I could go back and see if his offer still stands. Sounded too good to be true to me. $25k for anything with the crack this thing has in it has to be ridiculous. I will go back though and see. Thanks. I had to ask. You were dead on for what I thought Martin.
  11. My Fiorini has two crooked lines on the lower right rib. Sort of crossing each other right in the middle of the side. Perfection everywhere else! 1933. Last Fiorini made. It's a German violin too. Completely redone by Fiorini. Label and all. So why would he mark the sides if he didn't make them?
  12. Hi, I'm wondering what I should ask for my violins I'm selling. I have a 1933 Fiorini and a 1946 Gaggini. The Gaggini has a long crack on the left side of the top. The Fiorini is in great shape. It needs some glueing around the lower sides and a setup job. They have both been looked at by one of NC's best appraisers. It's just hard for me to believe what he said. He said the Gaggini was worth $25,000 easy and he wouldn't say for the Fiorini but he offered to trade several $20,000 bows he had at home. Are these violins really worth that? He thought it was the last Fiorini made. It's actually a German violin Fiorini took apart, regraduated, added his corner blocks and end blocks, and then refinished. The appraiser said it was the best workmanship inside a violin he'd ever seen. I am thinking of doing some trading and I'd love to have an idea of what they are worth on the street and in a shop. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.