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  1. Hi! I don't know if anyone who participated in this thread four years ago (holy cow!) are still around-- but. Update. I finally bought (a version) of the OP violin (a guarneri model from the same maker). It hasn't arrived yet-- but it is super exciting to have found this post as I was searching for reviews about ifstrings! And as a second update-- the violin that I eventually bought (Ma Zhibin M20) turned out to be a very good violin with quite a nice tone. If only my playing has improved at the same rate!
  2. Does the bubbling show up on a picture? I'm just curious to see it!
  3. Hi and welcome! I got so excited reading your intro because I can totally relate to coming back to violin after a hiatus (except I'm on a slightly smaller scale). The funny thing about violins is that, as you acquire them, each one kind of has its own history with you and it's really hard (at least for me) to let go of any of them-- even if they're total rubbish! (I did also loan my first one out, too... but it was to an ex boyfriend, who mailed it back a year after we broke up.) I'm not an expert on violin set ups by any means, but I've noticed that four fine tuners are usually installed on the crummier violins. Even though my old violins only came with an E, I had to install fine tuners on all the strings because they would be a pain to tune otherwise. A recent violin that I've acquired doesn't seem to need them at all-- it holds tune well, the pegs stay put, and it's easily tuned to the exact pitch without much issue. In conclusion, you should be the one to decide whether or not to use fine tuners based on your violin, instead of judging your violin by how many fine tuners are installed!
  4. Bwahaha, Terrini, your signature...
  5. I know you're right, Rue. I'm going to give it my best shot and hopefully it won't be too bad for too long before it starts getting better. I just wish I was confident that this new change is definitely for the better in the long run. My hands are tiny and I just keep wondering, what if the way that works for most people won't work for me after all?
  6. So I just finished my second lesson with the new teacher. I'm feeling a little bit frustrated, and I was wondering if anyone has some insights. So it seems that he's trying to get me to completely change the way I hold the violin, fingers, shifting hand shape, bow arm, bow arm fingers, everything. I know he has fantastic technique, and I kind of have my own crummy self-taught technique, but I've gotten really used it and so far I've really haven't had a problem. This lesson we spent half the lesson just trying to get my fingers and hand to look the way he wanted it to, and my fingers just don't seem to want to stay put. I wonder if, by my history of "incorrect" playing, if it's pretty much set in its ways-- is it really worth it to try and force them into a new way of playing? Also, my knuckles keep locking up in the new position, kind of like robotic joints without grease. I don't know if this is a common problem among people, or maybe just older fingers?
  7. Thank you, Mr. Swan! *salute* He is a silly seller for copy pasting the same exact description between different auction names
  8. I'm not really looking to buy another violin, but I still couldn't help but browse around on ebay. I just came across this one, which for no particular reason, caught my eye. Also, perhaps this would be suited for a certain someone on the forum who's been looking for a dark violin for his 3 year old to thump around Anyway, I thought this violin is just beautiful, and was wondering if someone may be able to identify it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-1760-violin-VINTAGE-FINE-LOOOOK-Superb-Antique-/151248813233?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233721bcb1
  9. Bwahahahaha! The thing about the cats cracked me up! I've heard that having a few potted plants help stabilize the humidity level of the room. I'm not sure if that's true, but it does make sense! I've personally been hanging up wet clothes instead of putting them in the dryer (I live in a very small studio-ish apartment). It's so dry in the air that the clothes don't take long at all to hang dry, while humidifying the room at the same time! So much win.
  10. Thanks, violadamore! Now I'm beginning to have another problem with the violin. It's almost too loud. I don't know how it sounds to anyone else in the room, but to me the sound is so loud that it hurts my ears. I remember reading a post by someone recently who hinted that it's a sign of bad construction, but I couldn't find any related articles about it. Is a too-loud violin a common problem? I know that some violins may not sound so loud next to the ear, but will project really well through a room. How does this work, exactly? (Maybe I should be posting in the pegbox instead of bumping this thread) -- definitely "italian-made". I would actually love to have a violin-shaped anchor, especially if it means I can have a boat too! :3
  11. I definitely used to cram practice in right before a lesson. I think that a lot of kids who aren't intrinsically motivated to do something will approach it in a half-assed way. Now that I'm older and I've personally made the decision to spend my own (very limited) money to take lessons, I feel that practicing daily is much easier to achieve than it used to be. Instead of thinking about it like a chore, it gives me a break from daily life and it becomes fun. I guess that's why I wondered if lesson teachers tend to welcome adult learners rather than dissuade them on account of our general shortcomings (lack of time, lack of agility, or lack of learning responsiveness?) I definitely agree that keeping mental acuity is really important for adults! Too often in our daily lives, especially when we're working a regular job, the days start to blend together and we end up going on autopilot. There has definitely been some evidence that increased brain activity (such as those in intellectually-active professions) delays the onset of alzheimers and other age-related dementias. I really think that music is another really great way to keep your brain and body agile!
  12. I wouldn't mind a person who thought that's okay, because I think it is okay. From the impression I get, the instrument owner probably didn't care much about the instrument and just wanted to trade it in for some fast cash, so that instrument wasn't worth anything to him/her. The question "Will you give me $1000 for it?" was a careless one, and probably was about as much as the owner wished to get from the instrument. Had the dealer been asked anything else about the instrument at all, or been asked "how much do you think I can get for this?" -- that would be a whole different matter. The honest answer to "would you pay $1000 for this?" was yes. He isn't obligated to offer his assessment when the owner didn't care enough to ask. In these situations, I wouldn't be surprised if the owner wouldn't have taken $500 for it. Or less. I am sure many valuable things, commodities, or even pets have been pawned by people who didn't give two hoots about what they had in their hands aside from the money they can get from it.
  13. Is it the angle of the camera that's playing tricks with my eyes or is the fingerboard/tailpiece completely lopsided?
  14. Thanks!! Maybe I'll get the guts to put up youtube vids for advice and critiques. This forum seems like such a great resource of all sorts of expertise
  15. Hehe, next up, is a centuries old, italian-made violin-shaped water pail... ! (You should make a list of violin put downs and for every new instance, use the next one on the list. It would be an entertaining way to track your forum exposures ) I think I should better save for a legitimately good instrument now. In switching stuff between my two chinese made instruments, I discovered that with the same bridge and strings, they pretty much generate the same quality of sound, although the new one sounds fuller and stronger. Also I've realized that the Glaesel adjustable bridge makes the sound very harsh and almost scratchy on both instruments -- even an old, warped bridge sounds better than the adjustable on either instrument with all else held equal. I almost want to try a lower bridge (just ordered a set of five for self crafting) with high tension strings. I wonder if that'll produce a sweeter tone.
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