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  1. Sorry, having great difficulty posting a link or editing useless posts. This is the discussion I was trying to link to: https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/265986-baroque-violin-set-up/
  2. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/265986-baroque-violin-set-up/
  3. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/265986-baroque-violin-set-up/
  4. All of what I have read and seen suggests that things like bridge style is on the level of very minor detail compared to other aspects of historical style and setup e.g.
  5. My understanding was the "pinkie" is a Scots word, related to pink, a small thing, e.g. a pink of light, perhaps derived from Dutch. I was wondering if pinking shears were also related.
  6. David Pye, in his book The Nature and Art of Workmanship, discusses this kind of thing very eloquently and articulately
  7. Perhaps in a few generations there will be scientific and technical studies and breathless press releases about trying to analyse what is the secret to E. H. Roth's success.
  8. Do you mind me asking, how is the insurance valuation calculated, if it is not simply the expected market value of the item?
  9. Is it not possible to measure the grain lines for dendrochronology, from a CT scan?
  10. Yes the stamp has curly things at the top 2 positions and the bottom 2, only the left and right pairs are star-points. It would be lovely to see a much bigger closeup of the stamp (though I guess it won't make a difference to the ID given above)
  11. Thank you Andrew for posting this. Do you know Herbert L Edlin's book, "Woodland crafts of Britain"? He documents a lot of this kind of thing from a similar time period, with lots of b/w photos. He describes materials, concepts, etc. but it is great to also see the handling of the tools and the speed of working (I know the film is speeded up... I mean the confident accuracy and efficiency)
  12. I thought conductors hadn't been invented yet in Bach's time?
  13. A pound of gold is lighter than a pound of feathers: Gold is measured in troy pounds (5760 grains ≈ 373.24g), but feathers are weighed in avoirdupois pounds (7000 grains ≈ 453.59g). Now an ounce of gold is heavier than an ounce of feathers...
  14. There's a difference between using a word to describe a particular sound, and using a word to describe an instrument (and its potential or variety or potential sounds) If we are using words to describe the sound then presumably a chocolatey sound being produced on a violin E string has something in common with a chocolatey sound being played by the kettledrums. Its not the drums themselves that are chocolatey (unless the timpanist has too many long rests and an addiction to sweeties). As David Beard says a good instrument should be usable to create a wide variety of different kinds of sounds. The only words I would mark down are "old" and "new". I don't have an idea what an "old sound" might sound like. Perhaps a bit faint and scratchy, like a shellac 78 played on an antique hand-cranked portable machine; and a new sound could be the same recording played on an iphone through slightly tinny bluetooth speakers?
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