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  1. Tuned bells have to be actively tuned, to force (some of) their different partials to approximate a harmonic series. And that is still not a totally exact science especially in the higher partials though great improvement shave been made in the past decades. http://www.hibberts.co.uk/ is probably the best resource for understanding this. I would say that violin plates are different from bells in two main ways, one being they are not circular cross-section so they don't have the rotational symmetry. The second way is that in practical use they are glued all round their edge to other bits of wood rather than hanging free to vibrate.
  2. Actually I disagree strongly that it's a waste of time to refine definitions of technical words. Clarity and precision in language is necessary for clarity and precision of explanation. While Its obvious that in a craft tradition it is a hands-on knowledge so words are superfluous, that's not the case when we are typing messages to each other!
  3. Bell people are quite particular about this; it's considered a basic error to talk about the harmonics of a bell; they call them "partials", and would say that they should only be called "harmonics" when they (nearly) follow a harmonic progression 1:2:3:4:5... like in a string or air column.
  4. bungling_amateur


    Yes, carving the body from one piece was a normal practice in medieval times. The British Museum citole is a great example (later converted into a violin): https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/H_1963-1002-1 In this case, making only the ribs from a single piece seems to be the worst of both worlds, since everything is short grain and so prone to splitting?
  5. This tells us that the excitement of "winning" an item at auction is worth £100.
  6. Do you have to actually listen? Surely its enough just to read the spec sheet of the microphones...
  7. I learned the hand-eye co-ordination post setting from a Scottish violin maker who had a cheap fiddle he had sliced lengthways on a bandsaw. You could practice setting and resetting the post as much as you liked while looking inside... Though I also get the impression that for him it was just an excuse to put a rubbish fiddle through then bandsaw...
  8. Yes and I also suspect that any "improvements" are likely to emerge over the long term from makers who try to copy and do it very well, and accidentally and unknowingly deviate from an exact copy in subtle ways that co-incidentally improve rather than (more likely) degrade the sound, rather than from deliberate changes to the design.
  9. That's not the same fiddle... Are we being shown the Etsy one as a comparison to the OP one?
  10. Reminds me of summer holidays in the south of England, sitting having ice-cream on the beach. Travis and Emery have an enormous basement store full of all the books that are not on display. I went there once having spotted an early 19th century title they had listed on ABE I think. I asked about it and they looked a bit quizzically at me, I wonder which one that would have been? and went down to the basement and came back up with a number of copies, different editions and different conditions at different prices.
  11. Are wives not allowed to use electrolysis?
  12. Very poor form allowing the sail to dip into the water
  13. I am seeing two different approaches to the situation. The first is the search for virtual equivalents - the online concerts, zoom meetings, etc. I understand the urge to swap out virtual things for their real life equivalent but I agree it is an inferior substitute. The second is to try and take advantage of the different situation to do different things. Because no-one is visiting and there are no events to travel to I had whole weeks to totally focus on projects such as reading, making things, practising...
  14. Never mind the bridge, its the f holes that get me!