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  1. I remember reading the quarterly "Auction review" by the late Jeremy Montague in Early Music magazine, he would tell you what had been up and how much it sold for. Presumably by going to each auction and writing the prices into his copy of the catalogue.
  2. One of the bees in my bonnet with all this kind of thing is how hardly anyone ever mentions tolerances, or error margins, or uncertainties. This being the real world, nothing is ever going to be an "exact match", it's not physically possible, and so then it is just a matter of qualifying and quantifying how close you want to get. How small do our tolerances have to be before we can distinguish between the different theoretical geometrical constructs discussed here? And how close to the "design" are we getting with our tools? Is the tool accuracy bigger or smaller than the difference between the theoretical models? This can be quantified e.g. ±0.1mm or ±2%
  3. Could you not just put violin strings on a viola? May have to shorten the neck I suppose...
  4. I imagined this was some kind of secret agent sending messages to their handler.
  5. Great idea, could be next season's big new look, with the ripped jeans and "pre-scented" running shoes. You should go into Fashion Design.
  6. Yes - I know that from seeing present day musicians' reactions to 100-year old orchestral or operatic recordings. I suppose I'm wondering about three different options - the modern finish, the antiqued finish, and the original finish. I wonder how different the original finish was to the modern finish, and if that makes a difference to the "it has to be antiqued or it would look horrible" opinions?
  7. Do you think it would have looked strange when it was new? Have aesthetics and tastes changed so much that what looked good hundreds of years ago would make us wince today?
  8. I once went to a model aeroplane shop and they had a whole range of different CA glues, organised and labelled by viscosity.
  9. Maybe different pigment loads have subtly different densities and mechanical properties, affecting the sound in a very subtle way? I think there are two questions. First, whether the aim is to duplicate a specific exemplar, or whether the aim is to make a "good" final product (depending on the definition of "good"). If the aim is to duplicate an exemplar then there must be some kind of hierarchy of influences. Gross shape is fairly high up that hierarchy; arching might be considered part of that. Materials choice is also high up, and then we get stuck because each piece of wood is unique. Varnish colour and tap tones may have a different position in this hierarchy. the law of diminishing returns suggests that some of these aspects are worth putting more effort into than others. I'm actually kind of fascinated by the general and wider scene of making (and purchasing and using) "replicas" of historic objects which concentrate on replicating incidental aspects and neglect gross structural or functional elements. A lot of this must be connected to marketing I think.
  10. I remember once seeing a new instrument with fake wormholes drilled into the wood.
  11. Does the adjustable neck work? Does it have advantages and disadvantages over a glued joint? (thinking that it presumably has disadvantages otherwise it would still be commonly used?)
  12. Ours has a label under the handle, which yours doesn't. Perhaps is it is a cheaper imitation?
  13. The materials and hardware look identical to a rectangular Hiscox case we have here. Maybe an older design? If you contact them they might be able to tell you when they made this model. https://www.hiscoxcases.com/product/ovns-shaped-violin-case/
  14. "Thank you for letting me select six items from this wonderful display of treasures. I will take that, that, that, that, that and finally that". (But I think this one is cheating?) Interesting thread... I do value the quality and calibre of contributors on here. Perhaps I should have signed up using my real name... but I'm shy. And no doubt it would be easier if I hadn't posted rubbish under this name. Anyway I'm here to learn, I have very little to contribute.