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  1. I really enjoyed this movie and wanted to share: "A charming tale of a young man from Bulgaria forging a path in the historic craft of violin-making. " "A young apprentice leaves a comfortable life in Bulgaria to follow in the footsteps of the great Stradivari at Italy's famous Cremona violin making school. So begins a journey to overcome the language barrier, homesickness, and the inequities of the violin making industry. This warm film gives a charming insight into the world of people grappling with tradition and competition to turn their musical passion into a profession." https://www.amazon.com/Cremona-Fan-Jian/dp/B078JQFV2M/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1546042498&sr=1-1&keywords=cremona
  2. I found this interesting and wanted to share. An old HDD re-purposed as sander: pros: 1) less noise compared to some other grinders 2) cheap(free) and small 3) DIY satisfaction 4) saving the environment by not dumping the old computer hard drive cons: the time spent building would've been utilized much better building violins instead what do you guys think?
  3. I believe the button area looks like it is scratched because that area has been "shaded". The upper back has an area that has started to change I think because of my hands touching it. I think it has micro surface cracks on the varnish that make it look white. That is happening probably because the sweat from my hands is acidic. Perhaps my sweat is killing the varnish. Took more photos of the areas.
  4. What do you mean? What happened in what sense?
  5. The maker's name is Dimitar Iordan Danchev. The label can be seen on the attached pictures. Should I assume that spirit varnish was used because it is a Bulgarian violin?
  6. You say that most of the time the varnish identification with this test works but how can you tell if it really has worked? Lets say that the test indicates that a spirit varnish was used. How can you verify the result - is there are a way to tell with 100% certainty in order to verify the test result and prove that spirit varnish was indeed used ?
  7. The violin is from 2004. Made by Bulgarian maker. What do you mean by "shaded" ? Is this some kind of antiquing?
  8. I want to know if a spirit or oil based varnish was used for the making of my violin. Is it possible to tell just by looking at the violin? I want to know because I like my violin a lot and if my violin was made using spirit varnish then I'm going to focus on learning spirit varnishing. Are there any ways to identify the varnish?
  9. I followed your advice but I forgot to warm the wood. I used "Kwik-Fix SUPER GLUE". Look at the picture. I kind of like it. It's mine. I made it. Feels good.
  10. You mean treat the inside of the pegholes with instant glue? Wouldn't that hinder the contact between the peg and the peg hole?
  11. What are the advantages of using instant glue versus hide glue or wood filler?
  12. I will finish this first then start with the replacement. I feel I need more practice before the next one. I'm not sure about the graft. My enthusiasm is evaporating because it is not going to be as easy as I was thinking. But I may try just to see what happens.
  13. I plan on finishing the scroll at least for the sake of practicing. I'm also tempted to attempt a graft repair. And if all goes well then why not use it on a violin? There are countless violins out there that have suffered much more but have survived and are doing well. As far as I know there are violins with multitude of grafts and repairs that are producing amazing sound. According to my understanding having a graft on the scroll should not impact the sound. And what really is "perfection" anyways? There are examples that the most striking beauty created by nature is actually perceived as such because of small imperfections. The man made machines are the ones that create objects with 0.00009% defects. But there is no beauty in that.
  14. The pegbox is not scooped. Not sure I understand why to do bushing? Wouldn't replacing the whole area with a graft be the best choice(provided that I want to practice doing repair). I know that doing grafting at acceptable level will not be easy for me but for the sake of practicing it seems like a good idea.
  15. I emailed Ken. He replied that he will send a replacement. He is a very nice guy indeed.
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