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  1. Bach is famous for being either down right crazy or look very simple on paper but then your fingers get into knots. Take it slow and think about how it sounds when other's play it. Maybe try making the task less daunting and go phrase by phrase.
  2. Vethen

    Violin ID

    I noticed the scroll is outlined, so it looks like, isn't that generally an old French tradition?
  3. Thank you ChrisLlana, that was a a wonderful article and very detailed.
  4. I am curious as well about the light purfling. It is very noticeable in person as well. Oddly enough it seems as if the wood between the two faded black layers is even brighter than the rest of the instrument. I look forward to the input of our knowledgable members.
  5. Interestingly enough, I decided to give Dominants another try. Put the same set back on, and even though they are at the end of their lives they aren't too bad. I believe the instrument some up quite a bit. But the G-string is still not happy. I have to question if an older instrument was just designed for lower tension.
  6. Wood will shrink over time. If not aged before cutting and assembly, there is a chance for the wood or varnish to crack.
  7. This is currently my only old violin, claiming to be a Vuillaume copy, but I'm not sold that it goes further than the stamp/fake label. The instrument was recently set up and repaired to be in playing condition after being out of order for a very long time (came to me with open seams and the tailpiece glued to the top!) After being on the forums for a small amount of time (very small compared to the lifespan of a violin) I can guess the most likely answer to where the violin was made, but thought I'd ask anyway, just got my picture posting privilege so might as well use it while the instrument was at my local luthier, the original fittings (ebony) were removed and you can see that the violin has pins holding the neck and tail blocks in place (wooden pins, not nails.) I tried to picture the areas I noticed people normally ask for, if I missed something in my inexpert photoshoot, feel free to ask for it, but I doubt it'll be necessary. Thanks for looking! Also, my apologies that the photos are upside down, guess I'm not 100% proficient with an Ipad.
  8. I have an old violin (about 100 years old) that I had restored at my local shop recently. When in the shop I had them put on a set of Dominants (seeing how they are basically a standard to start with.) but the G was very thin and the instrument overall too bright. So I swapped a set of plain gut strings onto the violin and it was much happier (gamut tricolor.) Now that my guts are wearing, I'm looking into what to put on next, but feel very lost. The violin is smaller than most moderns, very light and narrow. I assume low tension, dark strings are needed, which brands of synthetics would you recommend? Thank you!
  9. Being a left handed person I usually pay attention to the lefty violin threads anywhere online just for fun. From my gathering, and empirical evidence (the violin felt very natural to me, a lefty) it seems like many people believe that the violin is a left handed instrument in its current Italian form.
  10. Try playing your A's on the e string a little higher, also if you're slurring from G to E then I would play an open E to keep it cleaner. Just my two cents.
  11. IMO, a craft is what you do, art is how other's perceive your doings. You craft a violin, I think it's a work of art. I play said violin, you think it's crappy art!
  12. This is a Bourée by Handel. A French dance, lively and care free. Just pointing out that it's not a minuet The second link that is..
  13. Seems like a chance to look into baroque style! :-) could even take off the chin rest for fun.
  14. Is this what you were hoping for? Seems it does exist :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardanger_fiddle
  15. I noticed this on ebay, just thought I'd post it here in case anyone thinks it sounds nice! Have a pleasant day. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Group-of-Violin-Making-Jigs-2-Violin-Clamps-Side-Neck-/310941774830
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